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Things might be kind of dicey in the futuristic world of but in the movie, at least, one aspect is a hell of a lot easier: the tattooing process. Brad Wilder, head of the "Divergent" makeup department, gave MTV News the scoop on how tattooing works in Veronica Roth's dystopian world. For anyone who has ever sat in a tattoo artist's chair, feeling the thousand-hornet-sting of the buzzing needle searing into your flesh for hours at a time, the above certainly sounds like a dream. Wilder and his team's real-life application process was a little slower, however, but likely less painful. Original designs — which were inspired by a '20s art movement called Russian Constructivism and tattoo artist Nigel Palmer — were applied to paper and mixed with glue.
Four (Theo James) sports an impressive back piece in the film — representative of all the factions — one that took three hours to apply.

James, who likes jazz, would listen to music during the process, during which he had to stand — shirtless.
Katie was born and raised in southern Maine, and attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst after graduating from high school.
The interesting college hub, settled in the Pioneer Valley, opened the door to other venues of alternative lifestyle. She specializes in illustrative, colorful neo-traditional tattoos, as well as custom lettering. But is more than equipped to handle most tattoo requests including black and grey, fine line, tattoo flash and custom designs.
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Once dry, they were cut out and applied to skin cleaned with alcohol, soaked in water for 20 seconds, then coated with sealer. After becoming fully licensed in early 2009, she moved back to Amherst, working in local custom shops for the next four years.

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