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As you can obviously see, dark cookies, brownies or anything with chocolate is a food photographer’s worst nightmare.
You and I must be on the same wave length, I just posted last Friday a Nutella (and Pretzel) No-Bake cookie! I have made cookies like this before with peanut butter but had never thought of using Nutella. If the idea of baking perfectly-shaped sugar cookies in time for Christmas is an intimidating prospect for you, you can make your own no-bake holiday treats simply using a microwave and a few simple ingredients.Want to make gourmet-looking candy cane bark? Our 100th post, which was supposed to get published last week was postponed because the weather has been so nice and gloomy, we had to wait for the Sun to show up to take a bright-clear picture!
In another bowl, beat the cream cheese, sugar, salt, lemon juice and vanilla extract until smooth and well combined. Transfer the cream cheese mixture to whipped cream and beat till both are well incorporated. Fill the pan with the cheesecake mixture and refrigerator for least 7-8 hours or best over-night.
The recipe will work good with mini cheesecake pan, cupcake liners, larger pan or disposal cups.
A common idea we share is - Eating is about feeling good and not just following the rules of cooking.
On a fateful evening in September this year, I was at the ConnectOC event and not in the mood to stand in line to battle the crowd for a taste of the hot food. I was hungry and it was better than nothing, so I carefully looked at all the labels and selected a chocolate peanut butter cupcake and took a small bite. A few weeks ago, Meringue Bake Shop’s cupcakes started offering their delights at the newly formed Irvine Farmers Market at the Great Park and I was there like a lightning bolt, buying all the flavors available, including red velvet, orange crush (which won at the OC Cupcake Camp), and pumpkin vegan. My absolute favorite was the red velvet, and I ate frosting and all which is something I never do.

What sets these cupcakes apart is how moist the cake portion of the cupcake is and manages to stay moist even a week later. Sea salt caramel, one of the flavors I’ve been waiting to try is as audacious as it sounds. Right now, Kristin is featuring her holiday selection and the photos I’ve posted here reflect how pretty and festive they look. As my friends will tell you, anyone who can get me to love eating their desserts, and leave me wanting more is a master dessert maker in their own right, and Kristin Ausk definitely is that woman! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This blog is a journal of mostly my eating adventures, but also, other things I'm passionate about, including travel, the arts, and also, necessities to complete my life. So a new addition to our assets marking the 100th post is a mini studio that is going to be built in a corner of our patio! I detest to make butter-cream at home, we don’t prefer so it stays in refrigerator for decades. In fact, I usually pass them over and wouldn’t give them a second thought unless I have a friend with me who insists on getting something to finish off the meal. They weren’t readily available for retail sales so that kept me at bay for a while longer. Orange crush was a tad too sweet for me, but I devoured the cake portion without any trouble at all. It reminds me of the Asian-style sweets which generally uses a touch of salt to off-set the sweetness. The idea is genius and they travel really well so you get the same delicious taste without making a mess. Had I not been too lazy to stand in line that day, I would never have tried these cupcakes and never would know how much I do love cupcakes.

But then again, it takes an extraordinary person to make me view things in a completely different light and Kristin Ausk is that baker extraordinaire!
So I found it quite funny that on day 4 of my juice fast, I scrolled through her recipes only to tempted by sweets that I can’t eat right now. The most amazing part was one of the orange crushes were hidden at the back of my fridge for an entire week and I found it on Saturday evening thinking it probably wasn’t going to be good anymore, but I was wrong. I was immediately taken by the salty sweetness of this phenomenal mini cake and since then, a new salty sweet addition has been added — the bacon cupcake. The chocolate peppermint push cake is also beautiful and travel so well if you want to bring them to a party! I was surprised that I actually liked the egg nog, as it's not a preferred taste of mine, but for some reason I loved this cupcake. Though I couldn’t taste test them, my 3 girls devoured them over the course of 2 days. All you need are corn flakes, marshmallows, red hot candies, and other basic ingredients.Click on image to enlarge. He nodded all the while munching on the cupcake without pausing for a second to verbally explain to me how they tasted. The frosting ranges from perfect (for my taste buds) to a little too sweet for me, but highly palatable and never grainy or sickly. To make sure you don’t miss a post or recipe you can either follow Creative Kitchen on Facebook or Pinterest.

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