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Award winning author Eric Metaxas, features snapshot biographies of great heroes and role models of the past in Seven Men and the secret of their Greatness. It's one of the secrets of strength: We're so much more likely to find it in the service of others than in service to ourselves. A secret, like a chore, always seems to lead to another, one even more troublesome than the first. All registers which, it is acknowledged, ought to be kept secret, ought certainly never to exist. Perhaps it is one secret of their power that, having studied the fluctuations of prices, the [bankers] know that history is inflationary.

When you have learned God's secret of trusting, you will see that a life yielded up to His working is one of rest and power.
There is a difference between your parents' not reporting to you everything they do and keeping secrets from you. It's no secret that my process is a little bit loose and can be a little bit infuriating to a studio if they don't know what they're signing up for. Bridging the Gap: A Road Map to Success for Veterans GLM readers, this is the year for us to dive into topics about family, about leadership, about vacation, about success….about EVERYTHING! Malcolm McCrae, better known as “Airbrush Assassin”, was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and currently lives in Sikeston, MO.

He is a full-time artist, educator, speaker and author that embraces creativity and art as a lifestyle.
Zach Braff doesn't have anything to hide - Zach Braff lays it all out there for everybody to see.
I had the distinct privilege of being a panelist for the Richmond Veteran Economic Community Initiative Roundtable.

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