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Aunque Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 se estreno apenas esta semana, los rumores de que se trata del final de la saga no se han hecho esperar, sobre todo con una imagen que aparece en el sitio oficial de su creador, Scott Cawthon.
Scott ha vuelto loco al mundo (al menos al que gusta de su juego) al publicar una imagen en su sitio en el que solo aparece el sombrero del animatronico de Freddy.
Al final del juego, podemos ver como la botarga de Springtrap asesina al Purple Man y las figuras de cinco ninos llorando desaparecen. Ahora, si completamos exitosamente todos los minijuegos durante las cinco noches, podemos ver un final diferente en el que las cabezas se encuentran apagadas y la pantalla despliega "The End" junto con una musica triste. Ademas, existe otro final secreto, que aun no se sabe si es el final "bueno" o el final "neutral", en el que se nos muestra un recorte de papel de periodico que menciona que la atraccion Fazbear's Fright se incendio durante la noche y que lo poco que se pudo recuperar sera subastado publicamente. En la misma hoja de periodico, podemos leer un relato del mismo Cawthon en el que nos explica lo que fue crear el juego y su experiencia en cada paso. Scott Cawthon lanzo la trilogia de FNAF en tan solo dos anos, despues de haber dedicado gran parte de su vida a la creacion de juegos para ninos asi como algunos juegos biblicos que no tuvieron exito. At this time I am currently out of stock for all hidden compartment tables, but am working to get some new tables completed ASAP!
Bigfoot is visible for a frame in the intro in a pose reminiscent of the famous Patterson footage. Pausing on that split second image that flashes at the end of the credits reveals what seems to be a page from Dipper's book that has, besides a few other unusual scrawlings, the Konami Code◊.
The book tells Dipper to trust no one, and one of the taglines for the previews is "Do you believe?" Both are similar to taglines used in The X-Files. The Pines twins' last name is possibly a stealth reference since the mall in Back to the Future is called Twin Pines Mall. The series was also originally going to be called 'Twin Pines' as an outright Twin Peaks reference.
According to Alex Hirsch, Bill Cipher's voice is "a bad impression" of David Lynch, or, more specifically, of Gordon Cole, the character he played in Twin Peaks.
Norman giving Mabel a wreath of daisies is a twofer - a reference to the phrase "pushing up daisies", and to Frankenstein's monster picking flowers with a small girl in an important scene. The gnomes tying down Mabel is very reminiscent of a certain scene from Gulliver's Travels. The black-and-white tabloid Dipper is reading in the beginning of the episode, Wacky News, is another clear shout-out to Weekly World News. While the wax statue of the woman with the axe is never named onscreen, it's clear that she's meant to be Lizzie Borden.
According to Alex Hirsch from this Twitter reply, if we look close enough, a monkey can be seen stealing Dipper's pen. A wax figure of Nixon does a jowl-wiggling howl-growl thing that recalls his portrayal in Futurama. Wax Sherlock Holmes melting at the end reminds of the Nazis' demise at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
According to Gideon's voice actor, Thurop van Orman, he's a parody of tent-revival "miracle healer" televangelists like Benny Hinn. When Gideon confronts Dipper in the warehouse, he appears holding a doll of himself, much like Sabrina, another creepy psychic child. Mabel takes a page from The Three Stooges' Curly Howard, spinning around on the ground saying "Woop! Mabel's Demonic Possession is a clear-cut reference to The Exorcist, complete with the rotating head.
The strange blue flying creature with arms in Mabel's Mushroom Samba is named Aoshima, after one of the show's directors.
In the same scene, she says "The future is in the past", which is the title of an episode of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.
The puma and panther shirts that Tyler compares resemble those of The Mountain T-shirt brand. Dipper's favorite song is "Disco Girl" by Icelandic Pop Group BABBA, the tune of which is nigh-identical to "Dancing Queen". During the Training Montage, the Manotaurs pin Dipper down and force him to look at motivational posters to condition him towards manliness. The first thing Dipper says after looking at his clone Tyrone, is that he has a large head. While exploring the secret cave underneath the angel statue, Mabel accidentally steps on a raised stone on the ground, activating a trap that shoots darts out of holes in the wall, à la the Mayan temple scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The document indicating that Benjamin Franklin was a woman is a historical reference to Franklin's alias "Silence Dogood", which he used to secretly publish newspaper articles under the guise of being a widow. Quentin Trembley has a device (the President's Key) which can open any lock but doesn't work on wood (because there's nothing to unlock in a piece of wood). When the twins travel into the past, Dipper asks "When are we?" Mabel is about to ask the same question. At one point in the episode the twins walked out of a blue, rectangular mobile toilet that looks suspiciously like another blue box related to time travel. Waddles, Mabel's pig, tackles Robbie into a table, and a pot of hot water splashes onto Robbie. At one point when Mabel and Dipper travel back in time, there's a shout out to The Oregon Trail. Blendin isn't the only Time Traveler who has a shoddy cloaking system and uses a screwdriver.
There's an arcade in Gravity Falls, so there are lots of video game references and shout outs to be made.
The titular Fight Fighters itself is a reference to Street Fighter, so there are tons of references to it.
For a split second there is a character select screen including characters like Beastor (Blanka), Suggessica (Chun-Li), N.Buffalo (M.
The code that Dipper has to input into the arcade machine is a reference to the Konami Code. The eye is a reference to Stroenheim from Jojos Bizarre Adventure as Guile is an Expy of his. When Rumble first comes out of the game, one of the moves he performs is Terry Bogard's Crack Shoot. Rumble breaks into a barrel factory and starts throwing barrels at Robbie, who has to dodge them a la Mario in Donkey Kong.
Rumble about to "finish" Robbie and the music that plays during Dipper and Rumble's fight are both nods to Mortal Kombat. One sequence features Rumble destroying scenery like streetlights and fire hydrants before a flashing "GO" arrow appears, allowing him to proceed to the right. Rumble also picks up a pipe and a katana, both of which were Guy and Haggar's weapons in the original Final Fight! While mentioning the "traditional power ups" while looking through the refrigerator, Dipper mentions turkey legs, pizza boxes, and gold rings. The entire feel of the episode is also very reminiscent of Scott Pilgrim, which makes sense since the pixel animation was done by the same artist. The green-with-wood-trim station wagon on the Gleeful's car lot looks very similar to The Family Truckster. The Summerween Trickster's design seems to have been inspired from No-Face from Spirited Away, at least, when he goes One-Winged Angel.
With a healthy dose of the Batman villain Scarecrow (In the hat and jacket) for good measure. Stan trying to scare trick-or-treaters by having Waddles pretend to burst out of his chest is an Alien reference. The scene where they hide from the Trickster in the Summerween store is highly reminiscent of the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park.

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Copyright © 2016 End Of The American Dream - May all of you be blessed with good work, health and peace - If you came here looking for hope, you just found it. New Orleans artist Dan Tague has been using money to bring to light the same social issues Eisenhower lamented in the quote above. Dan’s current body of work — photography of folded bills displaying written statements like “We need a revolution”, “Don’t tread on me”, and “Trust no one” — is some of his best known. Further explaining his art, Tague explains: “Military aggression costs billions of dollars and often leads to economic strain resulting in job loss, decline in education, and further restrictions in medical resources for citizens.
In his artist statement, Tague also includes a quote by Charles Sumner, an American politician and statesman in the 1800s, which surely served as inspiration for the series of folded bills. Bill Cipher is a triangular dream demon formerly existent only in the mindscape who wished to gain access to the real world.
Trillions of years prior to the events of the series, Bill originated from the 2nd Dimension. Bill "liberated" his dimension by taking to a higher plane of existence, the 3rd Dimension. One day in the late twentieth century, a young man named Stanford Pines came to investigate a mysterious town in the same location where the Natives had encountered the demon.
When Ford accidentally stumbled into a strange cave, he discovered the painting about a "being with answers." Desperate and naive, Ford ignored the warnings and read the summoning inscription, but was confused when nothing happened. Ford seemed to idolize Bill and decorated his home with various images of him and a similar symbol, the Eye of Providence, which can be seen scattered across Gravity Falls. Bill and the symbol he's based on, the Eye of Providence, appear frequently in Gravity Falls. Once inside Stan's head, Bill confronts the trio and brags that he knows what they're all thinking.
Dipper returns in a timely manner and tells Mabel and Soos that while they are in Stan's mindscape they can do whatever they want.
Bill Cipher appears again in "Sock Opera," when Dipper is trying to figure out the password for the laptop from "Into the Bunker." He offers the laptop's password in return for a favor he wants, but Dipper refuses the offer.
In "Northwest Mansion Mystery," he appears on a tapestry hovering over a forest fire with two men either begging for mercy or worshiping him while skeletal corpses are underneath them, foreshadowing bad events. At the end of "The Stanchurian Candidate," after a prison-bound Gideon fails to get his father elected mayor, he is shown to have drawn Bill Cipher's zodiac on his cell wall and hidden it behind a cat poster. In "The Last Mabelcorn", Bill Cipher appears in one of Ford's dreams, taunting Ford and telling him to keep the interdimensional rift safe, lest terrible things happen. Bill then appears in multiple flashbacks revealing his past with Ford as Ford explains his time spent with Bill to Dipper. At the end of the episode, Bill watches from the Nightmare Realm as Ford and Dipper manage to block him from entering the Mystery Shack.
He summons the Fearamid afterwards and begins "redecorating" the town, welcoming Weirdmageddon. In the middle of the party, Time Baby and the Time Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron attempt to arrest Bill but Bill simply destroys them all, except Blendin who time travels away. In "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality", Bill learns that Gideon, Mabel's jailer, has failed him and Dipper, Wendy, and Soos had entered the bubble to rescue her. In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," Bill returns Ford to normal and demands that Ford explain how to reverse the boundary on the town. Bill fights the Shacktron, but is prevented from attacking due to the Unicorn hair barrier.
He changes all but Mabel, Dipper, Stan, and Ford into tapestries, traps the men in a cage, and angrily chases Dipper and Mabel through the Fearamid after Mabel puts spray paint in his eye to distract him. While the demon was distracted chasing Dipper and Mabel, the brothers devised a plan to destroy Bill once and for all. De igual manera, los jugadores han descubierto que FNAF3 tiene varios finales, dos de los cuales podrian apuntar a que este es el juego final. En el final malo, aparecen las cinco cabezas de los animatronicos con las luces encendidas. Sin embargo, su creador no ha desmentido si continuara desarrollando estos juegos o se tomara unas merecidas vacaciones.
The name "Gideon" is therefore most likely a reference to the Bibles published by Gideon International and distributed in hotel and motel rooms. Gideon (white hair, blue suit, white shirt) is even a Palette Swap of The Man From Another Place (black hair, red suit, black shirt).
Upon reading the jerky's slogan ("You're inadequate!"), Dipper replies, "You said it, brother." Hulk Hogan is famous for using 'brother' a lot.
This is a reference to Back to the Future when Marty asks "Where the hell are they?" and Doc Brown replies with, "The question is, when the hell are they?" Dipper said the line Mabel was about to say, as she expected him to start with, "Where are we?", thereby copying the exchange word for word. The three games seen in the arcade, aside from "Fight Fighters" listed below, are parodies of Frogger, Pac-Man, and Dance Dance Revolution.
Rumble comes along and starts to punch the car, in reference to a bonus stage in the Street Fighter games.
These are shout-outs to the Beat-Em Ups produced for arcades and home consoles in the late 80's and early 90's, like Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and Double Dragon. These pieces are a hybrid of sculpture, photography and found art in which his strong political statements are at once familiar and serve to trigger our conscious thought of injustices we already know to be happening. He has been running amok in Gravity Falls, Oregon since being summoned by Stanford Pines over thirty years ago. However, Bill despises living in that dimension, describing it as a "flat world with flat minds and flat ideas." He favored chaos and destruction over anything else, and made it his mission to spread it as far as it could go. Among his targets were Natives who lived in what would become a town called Gravity Falls, Oregon.
Ford discovered countless anomalies and secrets in Gravity Falls, but eventually hit a stumbling point and became desperate for more answers.
Once Cipher had tricked Ford into befriending him, he told him that to build a great machine which he claimed would create knowledge to benefit all mankind. Later, at the moment the laptop is on countdown for complete data erasure after too many failed password entries, he appears again and Dipper accepts the deal of trading a puppet to obtain the password.
He then follows Mabel to her puppet show in pursuit of Dipper's journal, which is being used as a prop in the show.
8 Ball returns to tell Bill he and Teeth failed to eat Dipper and worries about Dipper freeing Mabel. Bill continues to show little concern, confident that the very nature of Mabel's prison will not allow them to succeed. He tries to tempt the man by telling him the power and glory that would await the person who "frees" the dimension. Recalling that his uncle mentioned a secret weakness right before Bill petrified him, Dipper successfully rallied the survivors to rescue Ford and save the world. Bill eventually discovers that the barrier doesn't extend to the robot's legs, so he exploits that weakness to destroy it. After recapturing the twins he gives Ford an ultimatum--let Bill into his mind, or Mabel and Dipper will be killed. They tricked Bill into going inside Stan's mind instead of Ford's by changing their clothes and impersonating each other and then Ford would shoot Stan with the Memory erasing gun, which would completely wipe away Stan's mind and erase Bill from existence. If you take the two stars on the far right of the 'bowl' (Dubhe and Merak), draw a straight line between them, and continue the line out the top, you reach Polaris the North Star.
Their uniforms resemble the one worn by Lundgren's character in Universal Soldier, which he starred in alongside Van Damme, who starred on Time Cop. Bison's outfit and Kano's distinct red cybernetic eye, and is named after a character from The King of Fighters.

Grunkle Stan completes this by immediately saying "I'm slower, but I jump higher!", in reference to Luigi. He came to learn of a prophecy that stated he could bring his chaos into the alternate universe, and Bill manipulated countless humans over the eons to find a way into the Third Dimension as a physical being to "liberate" that dimension as well.
The people discovered that Bill was too dangerous and found a way to temporarily defeat him using a zodiac with ten symbols.
Bill recognized that Ford's brilliant but cocky and insecure nature and near-friendless background made him an ideal pawn. Bill deceived the man, telling him that he was a muse who chose one incredible person every hundred years to inspire.
However, when the time came to test it, one of Ford's human friends, Fiddleford McGucket, was sucked into the machine and discovered its true nature: a portal into Bill's world that would allow the demon to bring his chaos and destruction into their universe.
Snappy Dresser." There are various notes scattered about the page, such as "Is he watching me?" and "Bill has proven himself to be one of the friendliest and most trustworthy individuals that I've ever encountered in my life. Gideon tells him to steal Stan Pines' safe combination directly from his head, so that Gideon can steal the Shack's deed.
He tricks Mabel and Soos into looking for the memory of Stan's safe combination first, knowing they'd lead him straight to it. And just as though it seems he will be forced out of Stan's head, he puts a stop to everything instead.
After Mabel has been informed of Dipper's body having been stolen by him, he finds her with the journal as she is retrieving it for Dipper. Gideon tears down the poster and completes the drawing by drawing Bill's eye before telling it he's ready to make a deal.
Bill (as Blendin) convinces Mabel to give him the interdimensional rift, which he says can be used for making a "time bubble" that can make time stop. When Bill and his friends prepare to cause havoc, Ford attempts to shoot Bill back into the rift but misses.
By this point, Bill has been in power over the town for four consecutive days, has captured almost every person in town and changed them into stone, and intends to spread his insanity across the world. While Bill and his hench-maniacs are distracted fighting Old Man McGucket's latest invention, a rescue team consisting of Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Soos, Wendy, Old Man McGucket, and Pacifica Northwest sneak into the Fearamid. With aid from the captured Gideon, the rescue team saves Bill's captive statues, including Ford. He is the main antagonist of Gravity Falls, although he doesn't play a central role in the series until season 2.
The people left behind a painting of their encounter with the demon, including how to summon him, and more importantly, a warning never to read it. He told Ford that if he sided with Bill, they would unlock the greatest riddles in existence. Horrified and betrayed, Ford shut down the project and hid the instructions on how to operate it.
Most notably, when he appears physically for the first time, he refers to Dipper, Mabel, and Soos, as "Pine Tree, Shooting Star, and Question Mark" respectively. Bill agrees once he knows it's Stan, but in return, Gideon would have to help him in his own plans, which are not revealed to the viewer.
Impressed, he decides to let them go, and after warning them of a mysterious darkness that will change everything they care about, he tells them that he'll be watching them. However, after Fiddleford came out of the portal, traumatized by the horrifying things he saw, which were Bill's actual plans, Ford realized Bill had lied to him. Bill notices Ford and Dipper and blasts the clock tower, he then approaches Ford and thanks him for helping with the creation of the rift. However, this is soon hampered by a strange force field-like energy dome that keeps his chaos and himself stuck in the town. He then tries to enter the man's mind to take the answer for himself, but Ford reminds him the rule of the mindscape - Bill is free to haunt a person's dreams, but the only way into a conscious mind is for the person to shake Bill's hand and agree to let him in. After a happy reunion with his niece and nephew, Ford explains that the way to thwart Bill is by using a zodiac with ten symbols. However, Bill is shocked to realize that he, master of trickery and manipulation, has been deceived.
He begs for his life and promises Stan anything he'd ever want, but nothing can sway Stanley Pines, not even losing his own identity in order to save his family. Bill, however, could not be so easily deterred and has been patiently biding his time for the portal to reactivate.
The entry also makes special note of the glasses symbol, the author of the book seemingly having been alarmed by this.
He leaves in a representation of the zodiac, almost identical to the one that appears in his entry in Journal 2.
He ends up losing because Mabel uses Dipper's physical weakness and exhaustion to her advantage. He confronted Bill, who revealed his plan to merge the Nightmare Realm he comes from with the real world, causing the apocalypse. Bill reveals himself and leaves Blendin's body, knocking out Mabel with a snap of his fingers and initiating Weirdmageddon.
Each image represents a person, and once all ten people are gathered and holding hands, Bill can be defeated once and for all. Once Stanford shoots his brother's mind away, Bill's form grossly distorts until Stanley punches him and Bill vanishes from existence while his physical body is turned to stone permanently.
Not evil in any way, Bill is a true gentleman." However, the latter note is crossed out and below another note reading "Can't Be Trusted!" can be found written in red ink. Unbeknownst to Gideon, Mabel and Soos witnessed the deal in the forest, and get Dipper's help to follow him into Stan's mind. But while he reads the combination out loud to Gideon (to whom he was connected), Mabel shoots the memory door into another memory of the bottomless pit with a nyarf dart. Ford broke off his partnership with Bill then and there, despite Bill's warnings that he couldn't stop the rift from happening.
For a moment, it seems that Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Wendy, Gideon, Old Man McGucket, Robbie Valentino, Pacifica, Ford, and Stan will be able to do it, but at the last moment, Ford and Stan break into an argument. On the next page, a diagram of a human head and various aspects of its mind is shown, its top being opened up for a drawing of Bill to enter it. In the lower right corner of the page "DO NOT SUMMON AT ALL COSTS!" is written in large, red letters. Bill turns his anger toward Mabel and Soos by bringing their nightmares to life and killing Xyler and Craz. However, Mabel activates the pyrotechnics of the play, destroying the puppets and removing any vessel Bill could use to talk to the kids. Dipper attempts to stop Bill using the journals but Bill simply burns the journals to ash and taunts Dipper. He introduces himself to the people of Gravity Falls, claiming to be their new ruler as well as introducing his friends to the people. Bill then offers 8 Ball and Teeth Dipper as food while Bill and the rest of his friends party at the Fearamid. The townsfolk refuse to submit, but Preston Northwest welcomes him instead, offering to be a "Horseman of the Bill gains a physical form.

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