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Some guys at a well known Secret Spot in Yorkshire beg to differ, and argue there’s still waves out there to discover on your own or with a few carefully chosen buddies. The Yorkshire coastline is geologically diverse with many points, reefs, coves and beaches. Next time the surf is on – instead of jumping straight in, study a map, look at Google Earth and go exploring.
I personally don’t know (honest), but the crew at Secret Spot surf shop in Scarborough will. A carriage which has not carried passengers for 50 years has arrived at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. However, instead of being scrapped, it was earmarked to become one of BR’s most secret carriages as it became part of the Easter Region Control Train.
23896 was extensively altered internally, given a special number – DE321008 – and was painted black with windows whited out. The years rolled by until 1979 when the government decided that all these secret carriages could be dispensed with. Railway preservationists has a field day and many of the 16 Gresley-designed carriages were snapped up. It will be restored to as-built condition with number 23896 and the LNERCA hopes to have it carrying passengers once more in time for its 80th birthday in 2015.

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is a registered charity that exists to bring the experience and excitement of past rail travel to today’s generation. Over 200 men in the East Riding of Yorkshire were recruited into Churchill's Secret Army, and threatened with death if they ever revealed their secrets. Coupled with a 180 degree swell window, it provides many different spots that fire in the many different weather conditions. 23896, was built in 1935 by the Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon company to a design of Sir Nigel Gresley, arguably Britain’s most foremost locomotive and carriage designer. The government had ordered all regions of British Railways to make provision in case of war to ensure it could operate the railway system if the headquarters’ office were put out of action.
The world had moved on – and the carriages were seen as obsolete compared to modern air-braked rolling stock.
Their purpose was to prepare for the German invasion of our shores, an occurrence which at the time felt imminent. Coach Association which restores the vintage carriages which run on Britain’s most popular heritage railway.
It ran throughout the 1930s, the war and the austere 1950s until it was withdrawn from passenger-carrying service in 1961 after 28 years use.
Each region would have a 4-coach train which could be shunted onto a remote branch line to become the railway’s control.

A rise in rent has seen this remarkable survivor moved to Pickering where it is to jump the restoration queue in view that it is externally restored in varnished teak. Only in the last few years has this special branch of the Home Guard, begun to be revealed. These carriages were converted to form a generator carriage, telecommunications, office and stores. If the terror of a Nazi invasion of Great Britain ever arose, the secret soldiers would return to their underground bases to await the German landings.
Soldiers of the Secret Army were expected to shoot anyone who was suspected of collaboration with the Nazis, or even labelled as too inquisitive. Even if they got the chance to carry out their duty, they were expected to survive no longer than two weeks behind enemy lines. Yet another top secret part of the war revealed to the public after seven decades of silence, people are left wondering how many more clandestine operations are left to be uncovered. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this historic revelation, vital to the security of Yorkshire, and Great Britain.

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