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Secret Valley Seeds specializes in creating connoisseur quality strains suitable for the harsher outdoor environments in northern climates. This hybrid of the Purple Pineberry that we have made with our male is a great hardy plant that boasts a pine scent and fast flowering time.
Jessica has a meeting with Coach Laufeld, who tells her if someone hadn’t told her Jessica was sick, she’d have been really worried about her when she didn’t show up for the pep rally and probably would have kicked her off the squad.
At lunch one day, Maria insists on sitting with Conner and his friends so she can show him how over him she is.
There’s some guy named Jeremy Aames who goes to Big Mesa and works at House of Java with Elizabeth.
The concert sucks because Maria spends the whole night trying to make Conner jealous by flirting with his friend Evan, who spends the night trying to get Liz’s attention.
Jessica goes to the high school Saturday afternoon for the football game and sees Jeremy in a Big Mesa football uniform. Melissa’s in a bad mood because she got a message from Will asking her to meet him after the game because he wants to talk.
After washing her face, Liz gets in the Jeep to leave Andy’s party, and Conner jumps into the passenger seat. The Cover: Ew, horrible kissy face cover that looks like just about every teenage girl on Myspace. When Connor laughs at Elizabeth after she’s thrown in the pool, I totally thought Connor was going to be laughing because her top came off. Shannon I am amazed that you have actually read 4 of these books- I only read one of them and wanted to vomit- I couldn’t even finish it!
My problem with this whole thing is that Maria was actually kinda cool in the SVH books- sophisticated, gorgeous, cool girl from NYC- and then Senior Year starts and all of a sudden she’s a big nerd who does nothing but fill out college applications and moon over Conner- that is not the Maria I know.
There’s a proud history to this rural village which can be soaked up by a stroll down Church St which is stuffed with examples of 18th century Cape architecture, ending in the picturesque church where sunbeams dance through the high windows and Thine be the Glory is chimed out by an antique clockwork musical-box. And a few minutes out of town, Tulbagh Wine Route’s terroir has been recognised as amongst the finest in the country. 4 x 4 tracks, spas, fishing, and horse riding and, not to be forgotten, tasting Moniki’s chocolates up on a hill overlooking the village, backed by the omnipresent mountains. Very dependable outdoor strain with a delicious flavor, finishes with a purple hue in the last few weeks of September. We are working more with this plant so watch in the future for some earlier more hardy versions of this strain. Melissa insists she didn’t do anything wrong and tries to cry on Will’s shoulder later about how mean Tia’s being, but Will says he overheard Melissa and Cherie planning to sabotage Jessica.

She says she has a big crush on a guy who treats her like crap, and Tia says she should kiss him to find out if there are any sparks. Conner says his guitar teacher is the lead guitarist in some band that’s opening for Silver Chair on Friday (I don’t know if that’s supposed to be Silverchair or some other made up band), and he’s given Conner free tickets and backstage passes.
His dad lost his job a year ago and Jeremy hasn’t told anyone because he wants everyone to think his family is perfect or something. Liz doesn’t notice Evan because she’s too busy noticing how sickening Maria is being and hoping Conner isn’t jealous of her flirting with Evan.
He invites her over to hang out at the pool and says everyone will be there, including Maria and Conner.
They talk for a minute, and then all the other cheerleaders show up and start whispering when they see her talking to a guy. When Melissa never comes outside after the game, Will goes back inside and finds her surrounded by her friends, crying. She moved back to Sweet Valley in the original series and suddenly she was Liz’s bff.
Especially since the skimpiness of Liz’s swimsuit was reiterated over and over again. She’s kind of like how Liz would be if she was the person everyone thought she was (intelligent, kind, thoughtful) instead of the person she actually is (self-obsessed, bitchy, interfering). I mean, they’re obviously not the best books ever, but a lot of other Sweet Valley stuff is so much worse (ie.
I am impressed at your fortitude for not, like, going into diabetic shock, or hurling the book, Shannon. When I stayed there recently, it seemed appropriate that, in this TV-ad-perfect place, the next person to slip into my bed (so to speak) was the Man from Del Monte.  Tulbagh? Northern Lights, Thai, Grapefruit, and Hawaiian Sativa make up this variety in our own secret combination. The consumers always choose this strain when given a choice, it smells so dank and packs a big punch. Jessica hasn’t spoken to Liz since the night before at the Riot, so Liz calls her mother and tells her she’ll pick Jessica up. He asks why she can’t stop being so mean to Jessica, but Melissa just starts sobbing and asks Will to take her home. While Liz sits there fantasizing and wondering if she would ever have the guts to do that, Tia hopes her advice helps Liz and Conner get together because of course she knows that’s who Liz is talking about.
So Melissa calls over there and he blows her off, saying he forgot about dinner and now he’s promised the guys he’d play basketball with them.

Anyway, Liz has told him about Jessica covering for her so he can help her out Friday night, but she apparently didn’t tell Jessica she told him. She doesn’t get home until like three in the morning, and she calls Jessica to ask her to cover her morning shift at the coffeehouse. Liz can’t stand the thought of Maria and Conner being in the same place at the same time, so she dolls herself up with a bunch of makeup and puts on a skimpy bikini and goes to the party. Jessica runs away and the other cheerleaders go meet the coach, who has promised she’s going to announce who she’s assigning captain. Liz drops her keys between Conner’s seat and the center console, and they both reach for them at the same time.
Bruce was a senior in the original series so I guess he’s off at college, but neither he nor Winston are ever even mentioned in this series. On clear nights, the stars are so bright from here that it is possible to make out the centre of the galaxy.
After practice, Liz runs into Tia, who offers to hang around and explain herself to Jessica. Melissa is furious, so she makes him hang out with her and her friends on Friday at House of Java, which pisses him off because it’s the night before the first football game of the year and he wants to be hanging out at Todd’s with the rest of the team.
She gives the title to Tia, and Melissa and her friends assume she and Jessica must have told the coach they lied to Jessica about the pep rally. Will starts to say that doesn’t make sense, but Melissa starts crying harder and saying Jessica’s trying to steal everything from her. Very few days to veg before flipping to flowering (4 days veg), clone plant stretches 12-16 inches in first 2 weeks with many tight bud sights in between. Jessica doesn’t want to hear it at first, but Tia tells her Melissa and Cherie lied to her to make sure Jessica didn’t get to the pep rally. Jessica, who decided to just skip the game, wanders over to Healthy, which is I guess the name of the place where she works. Will knows that if Tia and Jessica tattled they would only be telling the truth, but he thinks it’s his fault that Melissa has become such a bitch and he decides he has to stay with her. Good yielding Jamaican sativa hybrid that has been selected for better yields and sweet fruity flavours.

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