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This next series of posts is going to discuss some of the secret weapons in the architect’s arsenal to pull off great designs.
Since my company, Visioneering Studios primarily works with churches, I’m going to aim most of this discussion in that direction.
On your next project, turn color loose and don’t be afraid to let your interiors person fill your building with a palette of perfection. I am the national Vice President of Operations for Visioneering Studios, an architectural, urban planning, construction, design, and development firm based out of Irvine, California with other offices in Phoenix, Denver, Austin, Chicago, and Charlotte (which is where I’m located).
This group parisioners decided to protest by only putting a dollar a week in the collection.
This reminded me that if I pray and I try to do what I believe God is telling me to do, God will take care or me and my people.
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.
The exciting thing I’m going to share about each of these is also that they can all be done without busting the budget…in fact this first item probably gives a project more bang for the buck than anything else you can do. Your typical church architect faces a dilemma when it comes to color…the church building committee.

Look at the ads in any magazine (especially architecture or interiors magazines), or just pay attention to the “rooms” shown on any TV show or commercial. Color can create environments that can be bold and playful, elegant or rustic, comfortable and uplifting. The most incredible thing happened, during the weeks they were protesting the parish collection went up by over 5%. Subtle, delicious and ideal for cereals, hot drinks, or on its own, Recommended for all ages and safe for vegans. You may have never noticed them before because they are usually the “backdrop” for the product being sold or the entertainment show you are watching. Your project can have so much more impact if you find a good interiors person and allow them the freedom to infuse color into your building (inside and out!). Now as any pastor can tell you all collections fluctuate, but while people are deliberately trying to hurt the parish or more to the point hurt me, this was a blessing. Most people don’t know the answer to these questions, but they know a good building when they see it. Result 1: the building committee doesn’t want to “offend” anyone with color so you get three shades of gray, white and beige throughout the building.

But if you pay attention you will find a carefully coordinated and selected color palette in every environment, not plain white, not wildly clashing colors, but complementary, well-orchestrated colors and textures. Maybe it costs you a few hundred dollars extra for a little more labor “cutting in” between the colors and having to buy smaller quantities of multiple colors instead of one big batch of “white”, but where else could you get more bang for your buck on your next project? They may not know why they like it, or what specifically makes them like it…they just know it’s good. Result 2: the building committee lets everyone have an opinion and they pick 325 colors that don’t match with anything. You won’t regret it, but even if you do, you can always go buy that “white” paint and have a painting party.

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