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Alors que Brian Michael Bendis travaillait sur les series Ultimate (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men) Alias et Dardevil, Marvel lui offre l’opportunite de raconter une mini-serie impliquant les plus grands heros Marvel. Le recit eparpille en flashbacks est ecrit par un Bendis en pleine forme qui arrive a maintenir le suspense tout en developpant une ambiance sombre et mysterieuse.
Il faut dire que la serie a accuse de nombreux retards, ce qui a donc palit a sa notoriete malgre la popularite de ses heros. Vous desirez en savoir plus a propos de MyScreens ou vous souhaitez contacter l'un de ses administrateurs. The Second World war is riddled with stories of mad scientists working for the Nazi’s and the Allies, developing technology which was much far advanced than any of the technology seen today. Michael Surbrook maintains an archive of source material for the Hero System role-playing game on his site, Surbook’s Stuff.
The gallery displays some of the allegedly secret weapons used during the Second world war, like Gundam style megarobots and Starwars style battle ships.
Today Laos is known as Lao People's Democratic Republic (Sathalanalat Paxathipatai Paxaxon Lao). The Mekong River, flows from 17,000 ft above sea level, in the Tibetan Plateau, southward through Laos 2,600 miles (4,200 km), to the South China Sea.
This page only takes a 'tiny peek' at a roughly 20-year 'Secret War' in Laos that can trace its origins of requested American involvement to around 1955 and its end 'Officially' to 1974. So, in some vicinities, allegiances also attributed to lasting perplexity of everyone concerned.
Tribal identities were also sometimes confusing, especially to 'outsiders' hearing similar sounding Tribal names and then assuming them to both be the same but only pronounced slightly differently, as in the case of the "Hmong and Mong", for one example. These, and other honorable Tribal identity peoples of Laos, produced self-sufficient men, women and children of great courage, who survived the hardships of poverty, drought, isolated lifestyles, who sacrificed and suffered the attributes of generations of war-after-war thrust upon their peoples by other Tribes of their own countrymen, and even by other Clans of their own Tribe, and by hundreds of years of foreign invaders. One of those Tribes was then and now noted for providing the highest numbers of manpower supportive of their Royal Laos Government and supportive of our American Government objectives. Well, NOW is your chance for a little peek inside that war, because our government's cloak of secrecy was finally lifted with the 'okay to talk' announced by one of our former Commanders, USAF Air Commando Brig.
Most of the warfare problems in Laos were the result of combatants being supplied by or recieving support from War Lords, bandit gangs, neighboring nations or military hardware delivered from distant global powers. As a result of the aspirations of global oriented Communism, warfare broke out in nations around the world with countless innocent people murdered by Communist rebels, newly armed bandits and power mongers who were provided guns, training and psychological stimulation to become focused angry anti-establishment pawns inside their own nations to compliment the Communist objective of world conquest headed by the Mainland Communist Chinese and Soviets. The CIA with USAF Air Commandos got the job of setting up air & ground operations, which were secretly under the authority of the U.S.
There were NO simple Baseball game rules for understanding events in Laos, which also composed some of the protective 'Secret War' actions that couldn't be acknowledged to the international community, or even to our own families or fellow Americans, for over 30 years. NOTE : Prince Chao Souphanouvong is half-brother to Prince Chao Souvanna Phouma, who is full-brother to Prince Chao Phetsarath, who was opposing his half-brother Prince Souphanouvong. NOTE : In 1964, following several coups, the Pathet Lao were on one combatant side that was then being opposed the Neutralists and Royal Lao forces.
NOTE : Communists also supported by and forced the support from villages belonging to several tribal groups, to include villages belonging to same tribal groups supporting Royal Lao Government.
Hmongs with Free French against Japanese invaders, and later against Viet Minh - North Vietnamese Communists.
A lot of cargo would need transported, so Civil Air Transport _ (CAT) and (its secret owner) Air America was contracted as a primary air cargo hauler. The shared tail number system also posed a bit of a problem if one of the 'non-existent' T-28's were shot down and the enemy recorded a 'borrowed' tail number before the aircraft remains got 'wasted'. The urgency to save Laos, and prevent a World War Three nuclear holocaust, dictated such urgencies and the secret nature of the missions and the manpower shortages of dependable skilled labor requiring 'non-military identifiable' cargo hauler or combat Pilots to be recruited from USAF (personal records "sheep dipped" --made non-existent via a clandestine manner of being mustered out of the military to perform paramilitary duties as a civilian ), while others were 'civilian' Air America Pilots (a CIA front organization asset using civilian employees of several 'nationality Passport origins' performing tasks for various 'clients'), while T-28's were also flown by 'contracted individuals' from various origins, including 'on loan' foreign militaryi??s (such as Thailand) with no (or bogus) personal identification carried while inside Laos.
Recruitment of needed personnel included using 'existing aircrews and ground support employees', plus foreign mercenaries, as well as recruiting others with essential skills from the ranks of the military.
Due to the highly secret nature of the missions, and the potential international repercussions for America if captured, each American 'volunteer' realized they would NOT be there in any 'official military capacity', hence the need for only civilian clothing and the risk of any capture not included in protective agreements applicable to 'military prisoners of war' as established by the International Geneva Accord Agreements. The existence nor extent of the 'secret war' in Laos was supposedly NOT even known about in Washington, except by our President and only a necessary small number of 'trusted' Congressmen.
Unknown is the history about the 'Secret War', and those who fought it, which includes heroic mountain tribesmen, who's roles were the least known about by wars end.

The Kingdom of Laos was being attacked and villages invaded, leaving dead and mutilated civilians as the communists expanded their historic intrusions into Laos territory, while better armed than ever before. Ho Chi Minh Trail" jungle infiltration corridors leading southward through Laos into South Vietnam.
From one of those Hmong villages came a barefoot teenager, who would years later become known as ANTI-communist Hmong General Vang Pao, who became the leader of the 'Secret Army', which was later based at Long Tieng (Longtiang), completely surrounded by hills, where regional 'conditions' provided cloud cover & fog on many days, blocking view from Soviet spy satellites. NOTE : T-28's were the first American built Counterinsurgency fighter used during the Vietnam War.
Wattay International AirportVientiane -(Capital of)- Laos, 1967 NOTE : Soviet aircraft, lower left of photo.
NOTE : Used Gun Barrels were in short supply, so Water Pipe was 'rounded up' from more modern locations and provided. NOTE : The bombs in 1967 sometimes required lug repositioning etc as they were often from 'old stocks' manufactured during the 1950's Korean War or 1940's World War Two, as were some fuses, and some of those antique bombs simply did not explode with only one fuse installed for "Daisy Cutters" instead of the two normally used. We Will Always Remember Laos Many of us did not want America to leave Laos until all Lao people were safe, but Washington ordered an end to assistance in Laos & South Vietnam.
Foreign Assistance Act of 1974, which cut off military funding supporting American military objectives and support of allies. In recent years Americans have been allowed to return, to provide humanitarian aid for refugees & hill tribes of Laos. Rarely have the dynamics of a loving yet unhealthy relationship been explored with such tenderness and insight. Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common. A report from a panel at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival about diversity in the light of the 2015 Oscar ceremony.
There was a capacity crowd Saturday night, when I saw it, and there was even laughter at some of the worst stuff.
Une nuit, certains super-heros sont attaques chez eux par des ennemis qui leur declarent se venger. He has collected images from the internet and has supplemented his photoshopped images with amazing stories.
Especially when the elements of war arrived on their door step, leaving them no other option but to flee, suffer, die or resist.
That particular Tribe consisted of people respectfully 'then' known to us Americans as the "Meo" (Miao), but who in recent years prefer to be called "Hmong". Most of our fellow Americans don't even have a clue about the secret war fought in Laos or that thousands of American lives were saved due to the elimination of enemy manpower & supplies that never made it through Laos, to attack some 500,000 American military and civilians in South Vietnam. Situations inside Laos worsened in intensity during the late 1950's and early 1960's when The Soviet Union and Red China sought to establish worldwide Communism by stimulating anti-government revolution in nations around the world, where weapons, warfare training and other support was provided to fuel rebellion.
So to seek peaceful solutions for various international problems, the major world powers met at Geneva, Switzerland in 1954 and again in 1962.
Many aircraft were needed, with emphasis on vintage aircraft that were cheap to operate, already available, whoi??s identities were already 'controlled', which flew low and slow, hence better suited than high-speed craft for dense jungle warfare and counter-guerrilla operations. To safeguard 'special' aircraft, many were customarily removed (flown) from Laos during the night (in case of attacks) by border crossing most T-28's in 1966 & 1967 to Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base in Thailand, where Weapons Troops and other ground crews maintained them as the Thailand end of "Project Water Pump". I wondered whether the audience had seen a really funny movie recently; perhaps it didn't know what it was missing. You will receive a weekly newsletter full of movie-related tidbits, articles, trailers, even the occasional streamable movie. This is a new title in this highly acclaimed series, this time looking at concepts developed by the US aircraft industry in the years immediately prior to and during World War 2.This book includes and describes the major fighter and bomber proposals form the American aircraft industry which embrace various fighter and interceptor concepts, medium, heavy and intercontinental bombers, attack aircraft and anti-submarine aircraft, both for the USAF and US Navy.
Le scenariste arrive egalement a cerner tout de suite ses personnages et les implique dans cette histoire d’espionnage sans les trahir.
The mid-1950's the French were engaged in the Indochina War, afterwhich Laos had gained its independence from France but followed by a subversive militant Communist uprising that drew the country into an agonizing civil war.
Due to the wide geographic dispersion of villages, some from the same Tribes became separated and resulted in villages of the same Tribe supporting opposition sides, at times, during the many wars in Laos.
At Geneva those world powers agreed on many global issues, which included the 1962 agreement that Laos was to remain neutral of foreign military intervention.

Several 'cloned' aircraft built from 'spare parts assemblies' could multiply the capability of a single 'legal' aircraft, by 'kind-a borrowing' it tail numbers belonging to Royal Lao Air Force (Geneva Convention Agreement restricted Laos from getting 'more' military aircraft). After which, some blame the disastrous outcome of the war on outraged Congressmen suddenly learning the existence of a half-billion dollar a year Secret War in Laos, being fought without Congressional consent, so some went about on a witch-hunt, then laying scapegoat blame on the CIA, then hurtfully dismantling decades of extensive essential national security asset securement and expression capabilities of our nations Intelligence community, .
At times the actors seem to be in pain, and the movie itself is down-at-the-mouth and desperately boring.
But in a year that has already given us "The President's Analyst," "Bedazzled" (1968), and even "The Party," it is a terrible irony that "Harry Frigg" is considered a comedy.I know nothing of the film's history, but from the evidence on the screen I would guess that Paul Newman and director Jack Smight got trapped in it against their better judgment.
And Newman plays his part with an almost insolent indifference, as if the movie were something to have a go at during lunch hour. Particular emphasis is placed on 'Circular Proposals' - a system of submitting designs against requirements circulated around the industry by the Army Air Force in the 1930s and early 1940s.The illustrations show drawings and photographs of unbuilt designs merged with the history and photographs of real aeroplanes. Seul Nick Fury a la reponse, car un an auparavant, il a envoye secretement une equipe regroupant Captain America, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Wolverine et la Veuve Noire accomplir une tache que le gouvernement ne cautionnait pas mais qui etait pourtant la seule solution a un acte terroriste imminent. En nous rappelant que chacun a une dette envers Fury, raison pour laquelle il les recrute, il depasse le cote artificiel de cette equipe regroupant des pointures de l’univers Marvel et rend credible leur mission que tout diplomate aurait refuse. Car la fuite de Fury se ressentira ensuite jusqu’a Secret Invasion en passant par Civil War.
Meanwhile Laos Hill Tribes also produced manpower for a 'Secret Air Force' and countless other manpower help provided to covert U.S. Then, less than a year later, in August of 1960 the 'Neutralist forces' under the command of General Kong Le attacked the Capital of Laos (Vientiane) overthrowing US-backed General Phoumi Nosavan during a coup d'etat. Such an arrangement provided a constant pool of available T-28's assembled at the Air America hangers in Udorn from 'spare parts assemblies' etc, and created a surplus of identical Tail Numbers. A day or so later his drinking buddy, RLAF Airman at L.P., gathered the needed materials for the R & D prototype and started welding used aircraft gun barrels directly into the nose fuse cavity of bombs ! Very little has been published previously about American projects from this time period and much of the material will not have been seen widely before.
Aujourd’hui, sans le savoir ils en payent le prix et doivent livrer une bataille epique aux abords de New-York qui ne sera pas sans consequence.
Si la dynamique des cases n’est pas son fort pour le story-telling, on reste tout de meme bouche-bee devant certaines planches exposant de nombreux heros en pleine bataille. Rewards paid in gold to any villagers (or paid to corrupt 'secretly cooperating' Communist military officers) for the return of American civilian 'employees' or related aircrew members, . Well armed Chinese gold and opium Smugglers following old prehistoric Salt Trails southward into northern Laos and others traveling southwest through Laos, . Poachers harvesting rare animals for skin and Ivory, as well as bone and organs to be dried for international herbal sales, . Armed Non-Lao Asian & European Mercenaries dedicated to private adventures or others paid by unknown sponsors for special recruited assignments, . Souvanna Phouma who had been in France as the Laos Ambassador, returned to Laos to then serve as Prime Minister. So to gain a brief glimpse into some of the noteworthy complex nature of that environment 'a FEW examples' include ; .
In December of 1960, General Phoumi Nosavan's"> 'Rightist forces' attacked Vientiane and Khong Le fled from Vientiane into the countryside and joined the Pathet Lao Communist 'Leftist forces' and North Vietnamese stronghold in Xieng Khouang Province. French Mafia maintaining a dominate permanent position during 'opium harvest season' to defend arrivals by other international organized crime groups wanting to purchase opium they also seek, .
Royal Lao Air Force being attacked by or launching attacks against Royal Army during power struggle coups, .
Eastern Laos villages invaded by an opposition group from another village who eliminates the old or sick villagers, then those who remain healthy are led away to be sold to North Vietnamese Communists for forced slave labor work along the Ho-Chi-Minh infiltration Trails so war materials can enter Laos to kill more Lao people, . Swapping or removing of all national identification markings on our vintage 'non-existent' aircraft so they can 'blend in' to appear to be identical aircraft engaged in combat 'elsewhere', or to remove all identity when providing 'assistance to civilian corporation clients' in another nation, .

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