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Anyone already successful knows these “hard” scheduled time facts are the easiest to master.
But what really separates the masters is the ability to design and capture maximum use of their personal and business development time. Being truly effective in your own business requires proper hiring and staffing procedures, but most especially, making the most out of your own planning and business development schedules. But to pull this off, you MUST have focused quiet blocks dedicated JUST to marketing and executive tasks where there are NO distractions!

During marketing and executive time, vow to work off lists, and learn to work on a countdown timer.
They are straightforward, and as long as they are implemented a private practice will flourish. In the corporate world some experts say average workers get just 45 minutes of real work done in a an 8 hour day due to constant interruptions.
For example, I ask my students to limit social medial time intervals to 5 minutes at a shot.

Just by learning a few key strategies, you can drastically improve your income through simply developing every day better marketing and executive skills.

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