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When you hear us use that word this morning be caller 12 at 252-44-WATER (449-2837) to qualify to win Country Megatickets! A report Business Insider generated through the domain database Whoisology last week showed that 3,153 web addresses were registered to the Trump Organization's general counsel.
The email also registered sites with the names of several of Trump's children and grandchildren. Trump's son Eric, who is executive vice president of development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization, said the company acquired "thousands" of domains each year. Eric Trump said the Trump Organization did not privately register these domains, because it was "proud" of its various holdings. He said the Trump Organization was able to take domain names from squatters and other people who might take addresses with the company's trademarks through the UDRP process set up by ICANN, the nonprofit that regulates the internet's domain-name system. Many of the addresses registered by the Trump Organization contain negative statements about Trump and his businesses. It's a relatively common practice for businesses to buy web addresses that could be used to host attacks on them.
The report showed the Trump Organization also had registered web addresses that could be used for Trump's political endeavors. These projects include current ones like Manhattan's Wollman Rink, which is operated by the Trump Organization. For example, in 2013 Trump was outbid at an auction when he tried to purchase the Versace Mansion in Miami. Check out some highlights from these URLs for actual, defunct, and hypothetical Trump ventures below. Obviously, the web addresses listed in this post are just a fraction of the thousands registered by the Trump Organization. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
It took a long time and the invention of some new forms of detective work, but the concerted effort of the world’s security, narcotics, and cyber-crime police departments were finally able to take down Silk Road, the flagship of a rather fringe online anarchist movement.

I might be wrong but I’m not sure Ross was the creator of Silk Road, he was just the CURRENT DPR. I have felt curious about venturing into the deep web, to see what the fuss is all about but I don’t dare to. A simple way to do it is to take the HDD out of a laptop, then boot it from a USB stick containing Linux.
As an addition, when you make the USB your bootable drive you can make it read only, to stop anything being written back to it. I know if I wanted to do something like that Linux would be the way to go, but how safe it is to navigate down there?
Why do I feel like this article is promoting the sort of free wheeling market place that Silk Road was? You think that telling people that this was shut down that it’s was going to stay shutdown? Everyone should be extra carefull when looking for the silk road as the cops are watching it like a Hawk.
Many of these sites are not actually online, but they provide glimpses into Trump's business plans and his company's anxieties about its brands. According to the report, these domains were all still registered to the company as recently as March and April of this year. He described the practice as "a very forward-looking domain strategy" and said many other major companies had similar policies. UDRP allows trademark owners to seize domains taken for "abusive" purposes through court proceedings or an arbitrator.
The general-counsel address also retains URLs that seem to have belonged to Trump businesses that no longer exist, such as Trump Airlines, as well as addresses for ventures that never came to be.
After all, it was the FBI’s own internal documents that expressed frustration that Tor was so secure.
It might be risky and I don’t have the right knowledge of safety to venture down there. This may also not be 100% foolproof but good enough for most people to safely browse deepweb.

He said the more than 3,000 domains registered through the general counsel's email address were just a fraction of the "tens of thousands" of URLs owned by the company. Eric Trump, however, said dealing with a UDRP could be a "waste of time" compared with preemptively acquiring domains. With the fall of Dread Pirate Roberts and the Silk Road, the denizens of the Deep Web lost the ability to fool themselves into thinking that they are beyond the reach of the law.Up until recently, there was a sense of security below the surface of the Deep Web, an assumption that with a bit of vigilance any online action could be invulnerable the law. As we know from various government documents relating to the case, Ross Ulbricht was felled by old-fashioned detective work and an accumulation of small personal mistakes. The Tor browser lets users access and even host websites anonymously, Bitcoins allow payment, and an ever-more efficient global postage system will even deliver. It seems that NOD was a victim of the same.Ross Ulbricht was undone mostly by police doing some fairly rudimentary online investigating into his above-ground actions, including those promoting the Silk Road itself.
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He need not have been caught, but a series of obvious mistakes connected his online persona to the real one. A major child porn bust in August ignited renewed controversy over just how safe the Deep Web really was. These were ultimately child pornographers, however, and their downfall had a muted impact because, quite simply, people hated them.
In an announcement earlier this week, the FBI named the first alleged drug dealer nabbed for his traffic over the Silk Road. Known as NOD, along with three alleged co-conspirators, the seller was a big fish, and an important second blow to a community consoling itself that the worst was surely over. In the last few days, a total of eight Silk Road users have been arrested, mostly in the UK and Sweden.

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