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The book takes you into a world where Kevin, a 14 year old white boy and his mother, move into the Appalachian town called Medgar.
On the surface, The Secret Wisdom of the Earth looks like a book my personal taste would agree with – its Appalachian characters, environmental themes and coming of age storyline. I don’t know if it’s because I tend to prefer the economy of language, and the dialogue in “Secret” was excessive to me. I like things edgy and out of the ordinary — for instance, I’m fond of the novels West Virginia native Giancarlo DiTrapino is publishing. Most everything about “The Secret Wisdom of the Earth” was predictable to me – the Appalachian plot and characters, the “modern” twist with “diversity” in a gay character, a black family, and the ending.
But while I’m telling my truth, I need to tell you why I persisted in the book and why maybe you should too. Rooted in narrow rock, hard set to the crest, fused in the folds and braes where the white water races. I was encouraged to keep reading by thinking about how others might read this story and take an activist stance, how others might see Appalachia and the devastation of mountain top removal, how others might see the region in all its beauty that is both of the land and its people. When he used humor in the dialect, this is where the author’s understanding of the region stood out to me. I have a hard time recommending this book; however, John Grisham is recommending the book, and to everybody. Christopher Scotton’s debut young adult novel The Secret Wisdom Of The Earth is a lush coming of age story with zero romance, only the inner workings of a small town.

After the death of his little brother, Kevin and his grieving mother move to a coal town in Medgar, Kentucky to be with his grandfather. Good is a writer poet, Affrilachian homecoming queen, TEDx Talker, tunk player, Mom of three, author of “Valley Girl.” She is currently entangled in Charleston, West Virginia. I saw all the plots and turns coming like an Andy Griffith show episode– except for what I’m calling the ‘Ode to Deliverance’ canoe chase. Their earliest recollections manifested to primordial, wild and feral, then become tamed with people. The book is set in 1985, but mountain top removal is still happening today, right now somewhere in Appalachia. All visuals are used in accordance with the Fair Use Law (Per Title 17—United States Code—Section 107) and remain the property of copyright owners. Over the summer, Kevin becomes friends with Buzzy Finks, a spunky kid who teaches him to appreciate to appreciate the woods that surround his summer home. Twining social justice and environmentalism, Kevin’s coming-of-age-story makes for an unforgettable summer that will leave you enchanted. Through the narrator, Kevin readers start to uncover the hard facts of the region: prejudice, mountain top removal beside the intimacy and challenges of family. I just don’t understand why a sentence such as “As he defecated, I turned to the travois.” is needed. And, the section doesn’t stop there it keeps going with throttle and truth, and there are several of these nuggets.

Appalachians tend to find humor in most anything but it’s a raspy type of funny, often during the most inappropriate times. But as Kevin matures from young boy to teenager he begins to experience the downsides of living in a small town.
Philosophyhumanism management rational inquiry success team building Eric Mumford July 30, 2010January 9, 2011 Related posts What is “Quality”? The reader is guided along the same path as many of Germany's most enlightened men were in the years immediately prior to the French Revolution.
These italicized passages that preceded a few chapters were my favorite sections of the book, and of my reading experience. Not only is Medgar torn to shreds when their beloved mountain is torn apart by a greedy mining corporation, but during the aftermath of a hate crime the town is awash in racism, anger, and suspicion.
Sure, it has all the elements of craft, and the author, Christopher Scotten, spent years of his life writing and doing all the things a good writers do to birth a story, but it was a slow, a very slow read for me. Defining Quality-Driven Development (QDD) Mentorship in QA and Software Development QA as a Change Agent in Defect Prevention Agile Manifesto Values Driving Testing How to Build a Software QA Process in Two Minutes When To Hire A QA Manager What does QA do? Specification and Guidance Documents April 21, 2016Is the Workplace a Zombie Breeding Ground?

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