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If your going to enjoy the story and get anywhere in The Secret World you are going to have to complete some missions.
What Funcom have done to make life easier for you to enjoy yourself though is that they have split them into types. Funcom has released a developer diary video for the hotly anticipated MMO The Secret World. The Secret World is a next-generation massively multiplayer online game for the PC platform, where players are given total freedom to create and progress their characters, unbound by the restrictions of classes and levels.
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Follow Us!About FandomaniaFandomania is a blog and weekly podcast about entertainment and pop culture — video games, TV, movies, comics, music, books, collectibles, conventions, cosplay, fan creations, and more! These types give you an idea of what you are about to have to do before you even accept the quest.
You truly do have to go off and investigate, if your not paying attention you will miss a clue – some will even require some research outside of the game. Check out the video below to see the developers delve a little into the story behind the game, as well as some of the unique missions players will encounter.
Players will get the opportunity to join one of the three secret societies and fight for power over important locations throughout our own world. We get to see some of the gameplay shots that at least I’ve never seen before, along with some of the footage we have seen.

Filled with hundreds of voiced characters, The Secret World will offer a rich and immersive gaming experience that contains a storyline that dares to go deep into the realm of myths and legends. Still, not too much about the actual plot of the game has been revealed beyond what we already know (there are factions and every myth and conspiracy is a reality).
Being able to see that the game is actually a reality and may some day be released and isn’t an urban legend is enough for me right now.

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