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Anyway, anybody reading this who plays the game: yes, they moved the Blue Ridge Mine Lore 2 location to 470 575. As per recent changes in FTC guidelines, please note that I am an Amazon Affiliate for Maryland and that I receive a commission on items purchased via Amazon links on this site. The background is from Maxfield Parrish's Ecstasy, and is (to the best to my knowledge) in the public domain.
? 1 of 6 Expand Bill Lea Hay Bales In recent years, round hay bales have replaced the old square ones. In 2005, the Wabanaki council of elders disbanded after the majority voted to sell part of their land to a multi-national corporation to fund the construction of a casino. TRANSMIT - initiate New England signal - RECEIVE - initiate dream frequency - WARNING: DO NOT EXPOSE TO OPEN AIR - initiate the trilobite lullaby - WITNESS - The Blue Ridge Mine.

This decision sparked a bitter arguement within the tribe - the old legends the dividing chasm between those who still believed and those who had forgotten.
That specific area is also a dead zone for monsters, so you should have plenty of time to get it right.
The schism still remains.Those who still believed knew that their ancestors did all in their power to stop strangers from disturbing the earth. In 1879, during the great mining boom, a dig opened outside of Kingsmouth, excreting valuable ore and wealthy lust. A fog recently arrived in Kingsmouth, and strangers come in the murk, some interested in the closed down mine and nearby quarry. There was laughter and jeers and denouncement of superstitions and cried of "Mumbo jumbo!".

The digging continued in the Blue Ridge Mine, It was not long before the accidents, the mysterious incidents, and the fearful things whispered in darkened saloon corners, when terror and drink eclipse embarrasment. The government tried to remedy the embarrassing situation by granting the Wabanaki ownership of their holy land, including the Blue Ridge.

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