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To help you new players out there figure out this order here is an entire list of all the items you're able to make and the order the items need to be in order to make them. Now for something so vital to the game, I have received a load of tells in game from people asking how to use the crafting menu, how to open it up and how to manage it.
In order to disassemble an item the first thing to do is to open your crafting menu and your inventory. You will note that the button that usually says “Assemble” will have changed to “Disassemble”. Now that you have disassembled your item, it’s time to get ready to upgrade the gained materials.
Please note that while I have stacked only 4 of the item required, you actually need five of the item in order to move on to the next step.
From my very limited time playing TSW open Beta in Kingsmouth I have been able to determine that these are correct in most cases. It’s also important to note that there are many different types of materials used in crafting. Please note that while I compiled single pictures of each and every crafting pattern it seems that we have a genius amongst us and that genius has a name.
While I have given a brief description of runes above it should be noted that runes are used a tad differently.
Please note that I am just using items from my characters inventory in order to show you the way in which its done. I have received an amazing response from players just like you all over the world asking for more information on crafting, and while I had the answers (Most of the time), I strongly felt that I really had to provide a more in depth guide for you all.
Let me be the first to say, there are no tutorials directing you to the crafting window so don’t feel bad. In order to do this you will need to break the pattern your disassembled weapon is in and stack the materials on top of each other.
I have not really had that much time to explore the game in between work and the game itself crashing on me every 10 or so minutes.
Mostly though I want to thank Senior Producer Ragnar Tornquist, Lead Designer Martin Bruusgaard and Lead Content Designer Joel Bylos. Those people are ThunXa, Admittance, Yalexy and of course every single one of you forum junkies!!

They are the easiest things to make in the game primarily because gathering the materials and the toolkit itself is so easy for crafting pots. It doesn't matter if you're at the Blue Mountains on Soloman's Island, you can still buy QL10 Consumable Toolkits here! You are usually paying a little under a thousand Pax for each quality level you want the potion to be. You need all of the same materials in the window and in the right order in order for the potion to work properly. You have to put the proper metal materials in the Crafting Window (Y) as well as the proper toolkit and then on top of all of that have them assembled properly. I’d like to state that this guide is not intended to be the be all and end all of Crafting in The Secret World.
It also helps at this point to open your inventory by pressing “I” in order to see which items you’re going to be placing in the crafting box.
Using your base materials (Or upgraded ones), form the specific pattern you want and then click assemble. It should also be noted though that Runes are the main quality affecting your Prefix and Suffix traits on a weapon or item. The way a Glyph is attached is either in front of or behind the weapon in the assembly box. I would like to state however, that I could not have put this guide together without a lot of help from other people.
Consumable Toolkits can be purchased from any Chemist NPC vendor located in almost every single main hub's town in the game. At least until QL 10 when they take a huge jump and you're paying exactly 1k Pax for each QL. The second part to crafting items, as aforementioned, is putting them into the window in the right order. It's almost easier than searching through hundreds of different items for the one you want to make! We are currently in Beta and there are an immense amount of issues that still need to be addressed.
Click this and you will note that in your stack, (FIVE pieces) of the metal will have vanished and in your inventory an upgraded form of metal will have appeared.

Why not instead of attaching 12 or so single pictures of me running around figuring out the patterns…. I will try and update this guide when the game goes live but I can’t really do much as I am only an Open Beta Tester, not a Closed Beta Tester.
It may seem like a total rip off to spend this money on just a single consumable but each and every combine to make a potion rewards the player with 3 potions instead of just one! The level of the toolkit you're trying to use will also be directly tied into the level of materials you need. Much like every other item you craft in the game you have to kind of make a picture of what the item looks like.
If you're now curious what materials make what through crafting, luckily I've got a quick little cheat sheet for that too!
I have heard many reports from players stating that their crafting mats were eaten or simply vanished or the crafting simply didn’t work ect.
Each time you deconstruct you can get more materials in order to make stronger metal or other items for talismans and such. If you're using a QL 10 toolkit you'll need Pure materials, the highest level materials in the game. Below is a list of every single crafting material in the game and what type of potion it will make when combining it together in the crafting window. I cannot promise it will work perfectly every single time but what I can promise is that you will all have the basic skills to understand this really simplistic and beautiful crafting system should you take the time to read the guide.
I am saying right now that I in no way own this picture, it belongs to Yalexy and I would have asked his permission but for some odd reason I cant message him. The guide is not just my work, but a compilation of some twenty other people’s experiences as well.

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