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Today's write-up on The Secret World(TSW) was supposed to be a full-fledged discussion on why I enjoy Investigation Missions. The End of Days event actually had prizes for people who decided to kill the most spawning Mayan enemies. One problem that didn't seem to have been anticipated by the developers, who were probably enjoying the holiday break, was that an exploit had been discovered that dealt with specific safe zones in the game.
Simply put, you can basically lure Mayan undead into a safe zone, automatically killing them and, so long as you dealt damage to them first, you would get points or credit for the kill. I'm guessing that by the time Funcom's log-watchers noticed the aberrant behavior, it was too late, as nearly everyone who felt sufficiently invested in winning the title or pet was finding some kind of way to farm the points, either through that method or through some other means I haven't heard about.
I'll let Funcom's statement on their implementation of rewards for the event speak for itself:During the course of the contest however we noticed that some players were able to exploit the mechanics and reach impossible amounts of points, which in terms altered the rankings to unrealistic results. Everyone who participated in the "End of Days" event receives both the title as well as the pet today. I'm going to speculate that there might be a couple of ways for players to look at this, including pleasant surprise (for those who participated without worrying about the rewards), justified gratitude (participated and actively worked towards earning the reward without exploiting), and a mixture of annoyance and anger (people who spent a little too much time killing Mayan undead for a pet and a title). My personal take on this is that Funcom perhaps chose the most sensible, positively framed option out of their available choices, and I think it will work well in their favor in public perception.
I call the choice to give the rewards to everyone a sensible response to the exploit because the exploit itself did little to no damage to the in-game economy and the overall rewards, while cool, weren't highly expensive to produce. Everyone who participated (Funcom wasn't clear whether you had to kill a Mayan undead to count or simply be logged in during the event.) got something good for playing, and the experience of getting something without meaning to from Funcom serves the game company as a means of reinforcing good customer service in the minds of its playerbase.
All in all, despite the hiccups on Funcom's part, Santa Claus did come to town, and he managed to leave a horrible demonic creature in every player's claim storage in-game. After a number of delays, first because of company restructuring and then because of a serious potential exploit, The Secret World's second update is finally live and ready for players to experience. Digging Deeper is a big update which introduces the first of many Auxiliary weapons a€“ the Rocket Launcher and the completely new Auxiliary ability wheel. There is also much new content to try out, from new Investigation missions and an Action mission to a Lair revamp with new challenges, rewards and a full set of Lair missions. But that is not all, the new barber shop and plastic surgeon will let you customize the look of your character to a much greater extent than before. Funcom posted a twist to make an announcement to the contest winners on the launchpad: Every player who participated in the End of Days special event will be granted the contest rewards, when bringing The Secret World back online this morning.
Only Miyazaki can pitch a story of an anthropomorphic pig – who just happens to be a pilot who is a bounty hunter for air pirates – and receive high praise from the critics.
Although, this isn’t the first time Miyazaki creates a great and new fantastic world in film, it is the first time you feel truly immersed. Theologically instead of having multiple cities in the sky, we have a singular one that reigns over everyone watching from the ground. Even when he’s not directing, it is next to impossible to overlook his flawless writing, especially when adapting books. Her drive leads her to believe she can do more for her family than she is currently doing, and her curiosity gets her in more trouble than she can bear. The thing is, that while all that “You need to be with your kind, it’s too dangerous out there” plot is going on, Arrietty and Shawn’s relationship develops. Some new information came up, however that begged to be looked at as well: the end of the End of Days event for TSW. The original idea was that the 1000 highest scorers (who got points from killing Mayan undead, among other things) would get a unique title, while the top 1100 people would get an exclusive pet called a Hatchling.

I actually saw this occurring at the Morninglight Camp in Kingsmouth, and it had me scratch my head for a bit wondering what was going on till it dawned on me that these enemies were dying almost immediately upon hitting a force field around the camp.
One scenario would have been to sanction or otherwise severely punish exploiters who tried to game the system.
Going through the logs looking for everyone who gamed the system would have eaten up time and manpower that could be better spent ensuring the trouble that occurred doesn't happen again in future events, so the event's end result could probably be best-called a worthwhile learning experience in unintended consequences.
Funcom doesn't shame or out any players who used an exploit, even those who didn't know this could be treated as such originally.
And for the ultimate Dungeon crawlers there is even two more Nightmare Dungeons to offer the most extreme challenges. According to the twist, every character who took part in the event will collect both the unique "Hero of Ages" and the Hatchling pet. Even if you are not fully aware of the name, on some level you know his work, and you probably already love it.
And if that were all – the entertaining misadventures of Porco Rosso – that would be enough.
But all of this is present in the background while the story follows the main characters’ exploits. They are interestingly different from each other, but both are basically under house arrest and when they break those boundaries, the consequences are grave.
Again we can appreciate a nice subversion of stereotypes while traveling off to magnificent places. Only Miyazaki can wrap all this up and give you a multilayered experience which is very hard to forget. Even with an Earth that has deadly flora for every human, it maintains Miyazaki’s charming, and enthralling undertones. Her resolve is amazing, she is fearless on her mission, and nothing can stop her from changing the world. I'm going to take a look at what happened with the End of Days event for TSW, with slightly more emphasis on how their event contest relating to the Mayan incursions looks on my end.
At the same time, people who actively gamed the system looking for a unique reward got penalized because, since everyone now has the same reward, there is no prestige to be gained by flaunting your in-game activities. Note: The miniature bug pet is delivered to the character and not to the item store claim area. With Hayao Miyazaki, you may be attracted to his work for its visual magnitude but you’ll stay for his impeccable storytelling. This is where royal line is explored, through the various subplots and character-developing segments throughout the narrative.
What the audience cares about is Arrietty discovering that these terrible titans known to us as humans, aren’t the beastly behemoths their kind believe them to be.
This means that not everything is sugar-coated, and the story maintains its feet set in the ground.
The cinematography is pretty solid, not many loose ends are left unanswered, and the visual cues that elevate the written dialogue are all in place.
This is the movie that demonstrated what he believes in, and what he will defend with all the resources he has at its disposal.
It seems to me that your belief, that living eco-friendly would somehow be mediocre, is affecting your interpretation. That said, expect the next TSW column to tackle Investigations, and we might even spend some time digging deeper into the philosophy behind them.

Making even one film that is accessible to the general public while having deep layers that inspire introspection is hard enough.
So, for everyone that is not yet a fan – or for those longtime fans that want their opinions reinforced, or challenged – in no specific order, here are 10 essential Hayao Miyazaki films every animation fan should watch. A man who is no longer a man but a badass human-like porcine bounty hunter dealing with his predicament with a sunny disposition. In a flashback, we discover what Porco Rosso sees every day in the mirror, and it is a touching moment that adds depth to the character. It has elements of high fantasy, medieval adventure, political commentary, and Greek epic, among others. Now, even if the subject matter is not your cup of tea, you still have a visually inspiring film that cannot be fully appreciated in just one viewing. She discovers this by getting to know Shawn, a young boy with a heart condition that makes it dangerous for him to become too agitated. There is not one element in this film that outshines the other; it is really a case where all the elements taken together are what create a masterpiece. The detail on the grasslands that portray how mother nature took back her house to mend its injuries makes you even smell the possibly poisonous atmosphere. To me, the story was really about realizing nature is not your enemy, and finding a way to live in harmony with it. It works beautifully with what we already know of the badass porcine bounty hunter with the sunny disposition. It still haves everything that makes Miyazaki the great director and screenwriter we love and know, even if it has been wrapped in another kind of paper.
From the start, your pulse will race at the battles and the beautifully directed action sequences. I can’t say what is my favorite (but Nausicaa does hold a special place) as they are all so good (with wonderful soundtracks, to boot!). Now, add the weight of his past regrets and what is currently going on in his mind, and it makes an unforgettable tale. At the same time, it is a battle between those up there and these down here – in essence, the privileged and the non-privileged. You have to ignore the preachy commentary on nature versus human, because even if that’s what the story is about, it is not the central engine of it. Despite the spoiler, I will say that it has the happiest of endings and it succeeds in leaving you wondering how exactly to interpret the conclusion, unexpected surprises and all. And with the whole falling cities debacle, you get a sense of the classic myth the decline of on old kingdom falling to make way for a new, younger more prepared kingdom.
At times Arrietty may seem like the typical rebellious, reckless teenager but she’s actually a fully rounded character with a wide range of emotions.
Nonetheless, this is a story about a warrior who will not stop fighting for what she believes.

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