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With the Republican presidential nomination locked up, Donald Trump has already started cutting a€?secret dealsa€? to surround himself with familiar faces, wea€™re told.
Therea€™s no doubt that Trump could use a secretary of Homeland Security who can at least tell a skyscraper from a Slurpee machine. Our source concedes that anything can happen between now and if and when The Donald actually finds himself in a position to pick cabinet members. Giuliani has not formally endorsed The Donalda€™s candidacy, but he has said that hea€™d vote for the controversial candidate. Trump told Fox News on Tuesday that he hadna€™t yet made a decision regarding cabinet positions, but felt that Giuliani would be a a€?wisea€? choice for the job. Damian Lewis won multiple awards as terrorist-turned-CIA agent Nicholas Brody in Homeland, and is now hoping to replicate that success in a gritty new role as a ruthless MI6 spy. The actor will walk the red carpet later at the UK gala screening of Our Kind Of Traitor, an adaptation of a John le Carre thriller.
Joining him will be Spectre star Naomie Harris, who has shared the screen with her fair share of spies. She plays holidaymaker Gail, who is caught up in the world of dirty politics and international espionage with her husband Perry (Ewan McGregor) when they accidentally befriend a Russian mafia kingpin in Marrakech. Director Susanna White, the woman behind Parade’s End and Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang, will also be at the premiere at the Curzon Mayfair. Le Carre’s spy novels have seen a resurgence in recent years with the Oscar-nominated film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy in 2011 and the recent BBC adaptation of The Night Manager, starring Tom Hiddleston.
This website and associated newspapers adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation's Editors' Code of Practice. Former Stargate SG-1 guest star Morena Baccarin is going from commanding an alien invasion in V to Showtime’s new original drama Homeland. The series tells the story of a CIA operative who investigates an American soldier who has returned home after being missing in action for several years.  While the man, Sgt. Baccarin will play Jessica Brody, the wife of the soldier, described by the network as a major role.

Baccarin played Adria, leader of the Ori forces, in the final two seasons of SG-1 and the first SG-1 movie, The Ark of Truth.
Homeland also stars Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, and Mandy Patinkin, and premieres this fall on Showtime.
If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then please contact the editor here. Nick Brody, attempts to readjusting to life back home, Carrie Anderson (Claire Danes) obtains intel that he may have been turned by Al-Qaeda and sent home as a sleeper terrorist.
The pedigree for the writers and producers include Dexter and 24.  Watch a teaser trailer for the show below. I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world, and she is a strong woman, and very educated, in my book she is a solid 10! I just hope they don’t put the usual political spin on this that networks like to do sometimes. Look at the role she played in Firefly, a companion who had a conscious and a heart, she was great at expressing her emotions in Firefly… Then you see her as Adria an evil and wicked queen, basically. And thankyou for always correcting it for me after my bad typos… And thank you Darren for hosting this website, its by far my favorite website on the net!!!
Except for Fox Animation Domination, they need to cancel Bobs Burgers, in my humble opinion.
She deserves better as an actress, and its just a matter of time until other producers really notice her true talent as an actress, and cast her in a big movie role! I dont know what it is about that show… I see an episode once, I enjoy it, but I cant really go back and watch it all again.
Dating Scene 12 Tips To Mastering The Fine Art Of Living Together How’d You Know? She was the best actress on the show and is what made me want to watch more, too bad it was canceled I would have loved to see Erica’s face when she found out tyler was dead.
Are You Afraid Of The Dark?Are You Afraid Of The Dark?Every week the Midnight Society met at a top-secret wooded location to tell scary stories.

Whoever told the story got to sit in the stone chair and say, “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story…” and then throw a magic powder onto the fire.
Clarissa Explains It AllClarissa Explains It AllServing as a launching pad for Melissa Joan Hart, this show had a nice three-year run.
It was pretty much propelled by Clarissa’s insightful witticisms as she dealt with all things teen: Dating, parents, even her nerdy little brother, Ferguson. Fortunately, she had Elvis the alligator and her super cool ladder-climbing neighbor Sam to vibe with.3.
Just to squash the rumors, Corey and Topanga aren’t married in real life – though it would be awesome if they were.4.
My So Called LifeMy So Called LifeNo show has ever captured teen angst quite like this one.
Definitely not your classic cookie cutter sitcom, the show explored darker topics like child abuse, teen alcoholism and homophobia, among others. The Secret World Of Alex MackThe Secret World Of Alex MackOriginally airing on SNICK, this show replaced “Clarissa Explains it All.” Alex Mack was an ordinary girl who was almost hit by a truck and inadvertently drenched with a top-secret chemical, GC-161. The chemical gave her powers of telekinesis, shooting electricity from her fingers and morphing into a liquid form, which always left her naked for some reason.
Beverly Hills, 90210Beverly Hills, 90210This decade-long series focused on the fabricated tribulations of Beverly Hills’ upper crust.9. When he isn’t avoiding the green bully that is Roger Klotz, Doug enjoys chilling with his homie Skeeter and crushing on Patti Mayonnaise.

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