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Ya llego el nuevo parche de contenido de The Secret World, issue #5, llamado The Vanishing of Tayler Freeborn. Como algunos ya sabreis, el issue #5 viene acompanado de un evento ARG denominado End of Days y que esta sorprendiendonos gratamente. Funcom ha publicado un video presentado por su director, Joe Bylos y que nos introduce en los nuevos contenidos.
La promocion del parche gratuito, es el ultimo hasta el 31 de diciembre para hacerse con todos los parches en la version sin suscripcion. The Vanishing of Tayler Freeborn incluye, ademas, una nueva mision DLC con el mismo nombre, la nueva arma auxiliar Quantum Brace y una nueva barra de acceso directo que el juego necesitaba a toda costa.
Este nuevo complemento incluye tambien un pequeno comic que os mostramos a continuacion aqui para que podais disfrutarlo. Para estar al tanto de todo y seguir las entradas de su blog, no dejeis de visitar su pagina web oficial. Recently, I took a look at DC Universe Online for WhatMMO, but the Marvel fan in me felt like enjoying a DC game was a betrayal.

Smashwords’s promotion for “Read an eBook Week” is coming to a close today, meaning this is your last chance to take advantage of great deals on my World Spectrum novels.
No, I’m afraid there aren’t any plans for a World Spectrum film just yet — although if anyone reading this is a movie producer interested in throwing me large sums of cash for the rights, I’m all ears. The alpha for Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s new MOBA, is upon us… though I suppose this is really more of a closed beta. It’s time again for another round of updates to the official site for the World Spectrum novels. Like any creative work, a novel inevitably ends up with some things on the cutting room floor. As a reminder, I am still seeking reviews for the first book of my World Spectrum series, Rage of the Old Gods. There’s now yet another way to read my trilogy of science fantasy epics, The Books of the World Spectrum. Perhaps because of Mankinigate, the issue of female armour in games and other media has been on my mind a fair bit lately.

I’ve been a fan of Futurama since it premiered oh so many years ago — I’m not going to look up the exact date because I’m afraid it’ll make me feel old.
As my regular followers will know, Leha is the hero of my trilogy of science fantasy epics, the World Spectrum series.
Buscamos evidencias del fin del mundo en una experiencia externa al juego en si a traves de una aplicacion web.
You see, when Blizzard first started putting out novels for its games, they generally didn’t have any direct connection to their current releases. But perhaps some of you are still hungry for more — I hope you are; shows I’ve done my job right.

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