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You get out of the shower, drip water all over the floor, grab the Dial hand soap & pump it like a maniac onto your dirty head. You have to spend 30 minutes rearranging boxes and bottles of detergent as the washer and dryer are covered in them due to a sale at CVS, The Dollar General and your local grocery store all during the same week.
You have to tilt the large liquid detergent dispenser while simultaneously pushing the life out of that blasted button on the detergent spout. You find the Febreze and douse the heck out of anything your family insists on wearing that day.
Opening your gigantic rolling suitcase stocked with a full box of Pampers, a changing table and never-ending wipes.

Buying itty-bitty underwear, stuffing the heck out of them with paper towels and praying that your son does not totally drinch his drawers, for goodness' sake. So many boxes of unopened toothpaste that the overflow is visible to your next door neighbors. Unfortunately, you misjudge the kitchen space which results in bad bruises, a tad bit of head trauma but vast amount of Oreos & milk. This results in a few measly drops of liquid, which you have to mix with water, as well as a big bump between your eyes from the detergent container losing it's balance on the top shelf and knocking you right in the face. Before you have time to open a box to provide relief to your children's poor teeth, the "Hoarders" crew has arrived at your door.

You grab the small electric saw from your children's toy box, cut the plastic children's toothpaste dispenser in half and scoop that bubble gum-flavored mess right up.
You have them use YOUR toothpaste which quickly results in them yelling that their mouth is on fire.

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