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Guilfi - He is an apprentice elf and is not sure of his magical power yet, but he is very mechanically-minded. Dudley - Also a troll, he is Gruzzlebeard's lackey, but he sometimes switches sides to help Santa. In The Secret World of Santa Claus: Elves in Toyland, besides having to deal with Gruzzlebeard's frequent wacky schemes, Santa and his elves frequently visit young children around the world to help them if they are in trouble, or to determine what gift they should receive for Christmas. Los Angeles duo Classixx is back with three remixes of their tune "Santa Domino" that they put on an EP of the same name. While we were in Homebase today Ben spotted an all-singing and dancing Santa hat that he enjoyed trying on so much we got it for him.
By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use. The Secret World of Santa Claus - Season 1 (1997) is season 1 of the TV show The Secret World of Santa Claus. S1 E26 Dec 25, 1997Santa Claus' SecretsContinuing off from the last episode, Santa and his elves continue their Christmas run.
Each two-disc set features Santa Claus and his helpful elves as they prepare for their annual marathon toy delivery and sleigh ride. It continues to be aired in France and Canada each holiday season, and now American children and their families can join in the fun.
He can also turn into any animal, and the group's many adventures present this opportunity quite often. When he isn't playing his electric guitar (badly), he is trying to mess with Santa and prevent Christmas from coming. Some of the places Santa and the elves travel to deliver gifts that will make children happy include an archaeological site, and even outer space - Santa's sleigh can really go anywhere. I don’t know if I qualify for the nice list or not this year, I just want to be clear on the parameters. The DVDs are designed as a countdown to Christmas, with the first set covering December 1-13 and the second set December 14-25.

Most of the episodes are centered around Santa's North Pole workshop, where he and his trusty elves make and prepare the toys for all of the children of the world. Santa even tells a story of a Christmas from long ago with some characters that will be familiar to viewers - Arthur, the Lady of the Lake, and Merlin! But no worries, Santa manages to make it back to the North Pole to contend once again with Gruzzlebeard, who has found a way to make toys come to life - including dinosaurs. Season 1, Episode 26 S1 E25 Dec 25, 1997The Longest NightOn Christmas Eve, Santa reveals some of his most greatest secrets. Season 1, Episode 25 S1 E24 Dec 25, 1997Balthazar Can't Make Up His MindA boy named Balthazar cannot decide what he wants for Christmas. Season 1, Episode 24 S1 E23 Dec 25, 1997Message in a BottleGruzzlebeard goes ice-fishing and finds a letter to Santa in a bottle.
Season 1, Episode 23 S1 E22 Dec 25, 1997Havoc in ToylandGruzzlebeard casts a spell on all the toys, making them come to life. Season 1, Episode 22 S1 E21 Dec 24, 1997Stolen ChristmasA boy named Jesse didna€™t get a present on Christmas when he was little, so he doesna€™t think anybody else should. Season 1, Episode 21 S1 E20 Dec 24, 1997The Teddy BearA boy wants a teddy bear the size of a real bear for Christmas! Season 1, Episode 20 S1 E19 Dec 24, 1997The Tall Little GirlBalboa€™s birthday is coming up, and Santa is making a surprise party for him, although he has a lot on his sleeve.
Season 1, Episode 19 S1 E18 Dec 24, 1997The Return of Santa ClausJordy creates a teleportation device. Santa and the three elves go into it, but Gruzzlebeard cuts a wire, sending them to the year 2222! Season 1, Episode 18 S1 E17 Dec 23, 1997Christmas for DudleyDudley is fed up with doing all of Gruzzlebearda€™s chores, so he wants a robot for Christmas to do all his chores. Season 1, Episode 17 S1 E16 Dec 23, 1997The Story of the TrollsTwo young Scottish boy and girl had requested for information about elves.
Season 1, Episode 16 S1 E15 Dec 23, 1997The Christmas ConferenceEvery hundred years, Santa invites his magical friends to the North Pole.

Season 1, Episode 15 S1 E14 Dec 22, 1997A Present For SantaThe elves are called to the village nearby by its children, who want to ask for what Santa wants as a present.
Season 1, Episode 14 S1 E13 Dec 22, 1997The Boy Who Wished To Be Little AgainDudley is tired of being teased by Gruzzlebeard because he is small. Season 1, Episode 13 S1 E12 Dec 22, 1997Magic WandMorgan is always made fun of because of her long nose, so she wishes for a magic wand to make it shorter. Season 1, Episode 12 S1 E11 Dec 19, 1997Canta Claus' MemoirsWhen a famed reporter comes to the North Pole to interview Santa on his greatest adventure, he tells her about his time about a thousand years ago. Season 1, Episode 11 S1 E10 Dec 19, 1997The Flying CarpetA boya€™s father wona€™t come home for Christmas because he is an archaeologist.
Season 1, Episode 10 S1 E9 Dec 18, 1997The Lucky CharmA figure skater girl named Crystal has lost her lucky charm, so she is no longer skating well. Season 1, Episode 9 S1 E8 Dec 18, 1997Super RabbitA boy named Randy has a rabbit doll named Jumper, but his older brother Frank throws it away, saying that it is for babies. Season 1, Episode 8 S1 E7 Dec 17, 1997A Present For TwoSanta did not get a letter from one kid yet, Alex.
Season 1, Episode 7 S1 E6 Dec 17, 1997Leon's ChristmasSanta is getting less and less Christmas letters. Season 1, Episode 5 S1 E4 Dec 15, 1997Rudolph Is MissingIt is a practice run for Santaa€™s sleigh ride.
Season 1, Episode 4 S1 E3 Dec 13, 1997Little GeniusesThe database says that there are only twin brothers in a place called Sugartown.
Season 1, Episode 2 S1 E1 Dec 10, 1997The Magic PearlWhen Gruzzlebeard steals the toy machine in an attempt to stop toy production and it accidentally gets smashed.

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