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The Muslim population of the world map by percentage of each country, according to the Pew Forum 2009 report on world Muslim populations. Islam emphasizes unity and defense of fellow Muslims, although many schools and branches (see Shi'a–Sunni relations, for example) exist. Muslim history involves the history of the Islamic faith as a religion and as a social institution. During much of the 20th century, the Islamic identity and the dominance of Islam on political issues have arguably increased during the early 21st century. No Islamic visual images or depictions of God are meant to exist because it is believed that such artistic depictions may lead to idolatry. Islamic art frequently adopts the use of geometrical floral or vegetal designs in a repetition known as arabesque. Distinguishing motifs of Islamic architecture have always been ordered repetition, radiating structures, and rhythmic, metric patterns. Between the 8th and 18th centuries, the use of glazed ceramics was prevalent in Islamic art, usually assuming the form of elaborate pottery.[16] Tin-opacified glazing was one of the earliest new technologies developed by the Islamic potters. The Taj Mahal is the most notable example of Islamic architecture in South Asia it was constructed according to the orders of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Perhaps the most important expression of Islamic art is architecture, particularly that of the mosque.[19] Through it the effect of varying cultures within Islamic civilization can be illustrated.
The best known work of fiction from the Islamic world is One Thousand and One Nights or (Arabian Nights), which is a compilation of folk tales.
A famous example of Arabic poetry and Persian poetry on romance (love) is Layla and Majnun, dating back to the Umayyad era in the 7th century. Theologus Autodidactus, written by the Arabian polymath Ibn al-Nafis (1213–1288), is the first example of a science fiction novel. Aladdin is believed to have owned a Magic carpet, a legendary carpet that can be used to transport persons who are on it instantaneously or quickly to their destination.
A Latin translation of Ibn Tufail's work, Philosophus Autodidactus, first appeared in 1671, prepared by Edward Pococke the Younger, followed by an English translation by Simon Ockley in 1708, as well as German and Dutch translations. Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, considered the greatest epic of Italian literature, derived many features of and episodes about the hereafter directly or indirectly from Arabic works on Islamic eschatology: the Hadith and the Kitab al-Miraj (translated into Latin in 1264 or shortly before[35] as Liber Scale Machometi, "The Book of Muhammad's Ladder") concerning Muhammad's ascension to Heaven, and the spiritual writings of Ibn Arabi.
In Al-Andalus, Ibn Rushd founder of the Averroism school of philosophy, was influential in the rise of secular thought in Western Europe. Another influential philosopher who had a significant influence on modern philosophy was Ibn Tufail.
Illustration of medieval Muslim surgical instruments from physician Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi's 11th century medical encyclopedia: Kitab al-Tasrif.
In astronomy, Muhammad ibn Jabir al-Harrani al-Battani improved the precision of the measurement of the precession of the Earth's axis. Muslim chemists and alchemists played an important role in the foundation of modern chemistry.[citation needed] Scholars such as Will Durant and Alexander von Humboldt regard Muslim chemists to be the founders of chemistry. Some of the most famous scientists from the Islamic world include Jabir ibn Hayyan (polymath, father of chemistry)[citation needed], al-Farabi (polymath), Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi (father of modern surgery),[54] Ibn al-Haytham (universal genius, father of optics, founder of psychophysics and experimental psychology,[55] pioneer of scientific method, "first scientist")[citation needed], Abu Rayhan Biruni (universal genius, father of Indology[56] and geodesy[citation needed], "first anthropologist"),[57] Avicenna (universal genius, father of momentum[58] and modern medicine),[59] Nasir al-Din al-Tusi (polymath), and Ibn Khaldun (father of demography,[60] cultural history,[61] historiography,[62] the philosophy of history, sociology,[47] and the social sciences),[63] among many others.
Gun-wielding Ottoman Janissaries and defending Knights of Saint John at the Siege of Rhodes in 1522, from an Ottoman manuscript. Muslim engineers in the Islamic world made a number of innovative industrial uses of hydropower, and early industrial uses of tidal power, wind power, steam power,[67] fossil fuels such as petroleum, and early large factory complexes (tiraz in Arabic).[68] The industrial uses of watermills in the Islamic world date back to the 7th century, while horizontal-wheeled and vertical-wheeled water mills were both in widespread use since at least the 9th century.
A number of industries were active during the Arab Agricultural Revolution, producing goods including astronomical instruments, ceramics, chemicals, clocks, glass, matting, pulp and paper, perfume, petroleum[citation needed], pharmaceuticals[citation needed], rope, silk, sugar, textiles, and weapons. Southwest Asia: Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and non-Arab nations such as Iran. The countries of Southwest Asia, and many in Northern and Northeastern Africa are considered part of the Greater Middle East.
In Chechnya, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Ingushetia, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan in Russia, Muslims are in the majority. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is an inter-governmental organization grouping fifty-seven States. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) includes many nations that are also in the Arab League. French scientists are going to attempt the “resurrection” of a primordial virus, which was found in Siberia… More specifically, it was discovered in a former dissidents’ concentration camp of the USSR. The virus is gigantic compared to currently existing viruses and particularly complicated regarding its structure, considering that it consists of at least 500 genes, whereas influenza virus of only 8! Is it the vanity of modern man, his divine substance, is it unbridled curiosity, unawareness of danger or just another well-planned scheme of the New World Order, secretly aiming for the reduction of the world’s population? Witness the "Transit of Mercury" at Illinois State University Planetarium on May 9 with their special solar telescope pointed towards Mercury.
The Curiosity rover has continued its journey inspite of hitches and has now crossed the Naukluft Plateau. The American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association released a joint statement recommending that an inpatient rehabilitation facility is what's best those patients recovering from a stroke. British scientists have developed the world's tiniest engine that is a million times smaller than an ant. Men who drink and smoke are more likely appealing to women as short-term relationship partners and this preference is responsible for the continued existence of these dangerous behaviors. Cervical cancer may end up with their cervical screening test and vaccine, according to health experts. Recently, a team of researchers from the University of North Carolina gave an explanation for the cause of earthquakes in the unlikely area of Southeastern US.
Climate change has a bigger impact on living creatures: more than just warming temperatures, it also lessens the levels of oxygen in the ocean.
California coastal forests have been infected with a fungal pathogen, which has caused a phenomenon called “sudden oak death” or the Phytophthora ramorum since 1995. A deepwater expedition led scientists to new tiny hydromedusa jellyfish that look like living lava lamps, 3,700 meters in the water. The Secret World of Kuki This was created with Content, Forever.The Secret World of KukiIn 2000 the National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution (NCRWC) was set up to look into updating the constitution. The world's population is around 7 billion, and Earth's total area (including land and water) is 510 million square kilometers (197 million square miles).
Regions can also experience uplift as a result of delamination of the lithosphere, in which an unstable portion of cold lithospheric root drips down into the mantle, decreasing the density of the lithosphere and causing buoyant uplift. The success of the Grameen microfinance model inspired similar efforts in about 100 developing countries and even in developed countries including the United States. 8-inch semiconductor wafer prober, shown with cover panels, tester and probe card elements removed. The earliest electoral rolls in Australia date from the 1840s, for the then colony of New South Wales.The micrometre is a common unit of measurement for wavelengths of infrared radiation as well as sizes of biological cells and bacteria and is also commonly used in plastics manufacturing. Most people don't realise Indonesia has the world's fourth largest population, all crammed into about 2000 tiny little islands.
ETA: Something I've thought about recently is the high populations in East Asia compared with the low pop densities of North America.

One of the ongoing issues of the near future is American-Asian relations, in particular China.
My opinion is that America's primary strength lies in diversity and this is an advantage that can be further enhanced. Yeah, there is a lot of poverty too but India and China are eliminating poverty at a fairly fast rate. Just like two aquariums, one with salt, the other pure, separated by a membrane, the salt will diffuse until its equal in the two aquaria.
Here the humans will diffuse out of that circle as they are now , and more and more, until they are distributed evenly throughout the world.
There is more people living inside that circle only because China and India has the highest population in the world with both over 1 billion each. Salt or other material diffusing through water has nowhere near the different factors involved that movement of humans does. For one simple example of why your comparison doesn't hold up: People often move from rural, low population areas, into densely populated cities. Well, when there there would suddenly be 10 people in your house and you had to share food and your car. ETA: Just realize it's your thing to accuse people of being genocidal out of nowhere to see if you'll get a rise. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.
Are devastating WW-III or Global pandemic scenarios being referred to as simply 'Quick fixes'? Right now, at this point in time, anything that interferes with the Global production of food, just for two years, will solve the whole problem. The casualties of a nuclear war would be much, much heavier than the casualties of the previous wars. Thank you for taking the time to post the information and links, This projection is extending out to 2100 though. I certainly wasn't encouraging the idea that world war three should be a "quick fix" scenario. I was just amazed at the casual assumption that a third war would have such limited casualties. Japan has a sharply decreasing birthrate and aging population and if the current trend continues there could be zero babies born in the year 2100. Greece has asked to be exempted from any request of Mosanto Company that concerns growing modified products on our soil. America has for a long time been urging EU to accept and officially embrace the cultivation of modified seeds, however France and Germany appear cautious, although from 2004 already, grow modified corn.
Of course, there are countries, such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Rumania, Portugal, Holland and Spain, which are clearly in favor; however this makes sense, as most of them are either USA “satellites” or accession countries to NATO or the EU. We should also mention that Mosanto, apart from nuclear weapons and chemicals which were used in Vietnam war, has also produced caffeine, saccharin, plastics, food additives, even led diodes.
In a religious sense, it refers to those who adhere to the teachings of Islam, referred to as Muslims.
In the past both Pan-Islamism and nationalist currents have influenced the status of the Muslim world. The history of Islam began in Arabia with the Islamic prophet Muhammad's first recitations of the Qur'an in the 7th century. Moreover, Muslims believe that God is incorporeal, making any two- or three- dimensional depictions impossible. Such designs are highly nonrepresentational, as Islam forbids representational depictions as found in pre-Islamic pagan religions.
In this respect, fractal geometry has been a key utility, especially for mosques and palaces.
The first Islamic opaque glazes can be found as blue-painted ware in Basra, dating to around the 8th century.
The North African and Iberian Islamic architecture, for example, has Roman-Byzantine elements, as seen in the Great Mosque of Kairouan which contains marble columns from Roman and Byzantine buildings,[20] in the Alhambra palace at Granada, or in the Great Mosque of Cordoba. It is a tragic story of undying love much like the later Romeo and Juliet, which was itself said to have been inspired by a Latin version of Layla and Majnun to an extent.[25] Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, the national epic of Iran, is a mythical and heroic retelling of Persian history. Ibn Tufail wrote the first Arabic novel Hayy ibn Yaqdhan (Philosophus Autodidactus) as a response to Ghazali's The Incoherence of the Philosophers, and then Ibn al-Nafis also wrote a novel Theologus Autodidactus as a response to Ibn Tufail's Philosophus Autodidactus. It deals with various science fiction elements such as spontaneous generation, futurology, the end of the world and doomsday, resurrection, and the afterlife.
The Moors also had a noticeable influence on the works of George Peele and William Shakespeare.
Avicenna's The Canon of Medicine remained an authoritative medical textbook in Europe until the 18th century. The corrections made to the geocentric model by al-Battani, Averroes, Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, Mo'ayyeduddin Urdi and Ibn al-Shatir were later incorporated into the Copernican heliocentric model. Crops such as almonds and citrus fruit were brought to Europe through al-Andalus, and sugar cultivation was gradually adopted by the Europeans. A variety of industrial mills were being employed in the Islamic world, including early fulling mills, gristmills, hullers, sawmills, ship mills, stamp mills, steel mills, sugar mills, tide mills and windmills. Also important to the economy of the period were the use of mechanical hydropower and wind power, shipbuilding, and the mining of minerals such as sulfur, lead and iron. The Organisation is the collective voice of the Muslim world to safeguard the interest and ensure the progress and well-being of their peoples and those of other Muslims in the world over. Only numbering about 200 individuals, these primates are listed as the most severely threatened orangutan worldwide. Like other great apes, these orangutans are highly intelligent, and display advanced tool use and cultural patterns in the wild. The species suffers from deforestation due to the creation of oil-palm plantations, and are sometimes hunted. Since the area has such a significance of the population of this sub-species, the Government of Sarawak officially indicated the need to protect the area in perpetuity. Government of India, establishes term based law commissions to recommend law reforms for maximising justice in society and for promoting good governance under the rule of law.Generally speaking, the archaeological evidence suggests that the state emerged from stateless communities only when a fairly large population (at least tens of thousands of people) was more or less settled together in a particular territory, and practiced agriculture, rather than being nomadic hunters and gatherers. Therefore, the worldwide human population density is around 7 billion A· 510 million = 13.7 per km2 (35 per sq. A winged solar disc legitimises the conquering Persian king who subdues two rampant Mesopotamian lamassu figures. An example is the Sierra Nevada in California.In the UK, "chief executive" and "chief executive officer", are used in both business and the charitable sector (not-for-profit sector). We all know that there are billions in China and India, but half the world's population within a pretty small circle? China, India, Bangladesh, s Korea, and Japan all have higher population densities inside of that circle.
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The last years however it has focused in biotechnology, the most recent “weapon” to control world population! In a cultural sense, it refers to Islamic civilization, inclusive of non-Muslims living in that civilization.
Under the Rashidun and Umayyads, the Caliphate grew rapidly geographically expansion of Muslim power well beyond the Arabian Peninsula in the form of a vast Muslim Empire with an area of influence that stretched from northwest India, across Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, southern Italy, and the Iberian Peninsula, to the Pyrenees. Instead, Muslims describe God by the names and attributes that, according to Islam, he revealed to his creation.
Despite this, there is a presence of depictional art in some Muslim societies, notably the miniature style made famous in Persia and under the Ottoman Empire which featured not only paintings of people and animals but also depictions of Qur'anic stories and Islamic traditional narratives. Other significant features employed as motifs include columns, piers and arches, organized and interwoven with alternating sequences of niches and colonnettes.[14] The role of domes in Islamic architecture has been considerable. Persian-style mosques are characterized by their tapered brick pillars, large arcades, and arches supported each by several pillars. Amir Arsalan was also a popular mythical Persian story, which has influenced some modern works of fantasy fiction, such as The Heroic Legend of Arslan. Both of these narratives had protagonists (Hayy in Philosophus Autodidactus and Kamil in Theologus Autodidactus) who were autodidactic feral children living in seclusion on a desert island, both being the earliest examples of a desert island story. Rather than giving supernatural or mythological explanations for these events, Ibn al-Nafis attempted to explain these plot elements using the scientific knowledge of biology, astronomy, cosmology and geology known in his time. Some of their works featured Moorish characters, such as Peele's The Battle of Alcazar and Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, Titus Andronicus and Othello, which featured a Moorish Othello as its title character. His medical textbook The Canon of Medicine was used as the standard text in European universities for centuries. This led to an early scientific method being developed in the Muslim world, where significant progress in methodology was made, beginning with the experiments of Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen) on optics from circa 1000, in his Book of Optics. Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi (also known as Abulcasis) contributed to the discipline of medical surgery with his Kitab al-Tasrif ("Book of Concessions"), a medical encyclopedia which was later translated to Latin and used in European and Muslim medical schools for centuries.
Heliocentric theories were also discussed by several other Muslim astronomers such as Abu Rayhan Biruni, Sijzi, Qotb al-Din Shirazi, and Najm al-Din al-Qazwini al-Katibi.
The works of Arab chemists influenced Roger Bacon (who introduced the empirical method to Europe, strongly influenced by his reading of Arabic writers), and later Isaac Newton. Arab merchants dominated trade in the Indian Ocean until the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th century. Early factories (tiraz) were built for many of these industries, and knowledge of these industries was later transmitted to medieval Europe, especially during the Latin translations of the 12th century. Bengali is the second most commonly spoken language, spoken by around 10% of the total population, and Punjabi is the third most spoken language (spoken by around 5% of Muslim world).
It turns out that these apes are coming down from their trees to forage and travel, possibly adapting to a changing environment.
Researchers covered 154 miles of transects in the hilly, undulating terrain in central Borneo. The emergence of the superintendency was linked to the adoption of a business organizational model in education. In a modern geopolitical sense, the term usually refers collectively to Muslim-majority countries, states, districts, or towns. All but one sura of the Qur'an begins with the phrase "In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful". Another reason why Islamic art is usually abstract is to symbolize the transcendence, indivisible and infinite nature of God, an objective achieved by arabesque.[13] Islamic calligraphy is an omnipresent decoration in Islamic art, and is usually expressed in the form of Qur'anic verses. Its usage spans centuries, first appearing in 691 with the construction of the Dome of the Rock mosque, and recurring even up until the 17th century with the Taj Mahal.
In South Asia, elements of Hindu architecture were employed, but were later superseded by Persian designs. His works on Aristotle was a key step in the transmission of learning from Ancient Greece to the Islamic world and the West. The most important development of the scientific method was the use of experiments to distinguish between competing scientific theories set within a generally empirical orientation, which began among Muslim scientists. The astrolabe, though originally developed by the Greeks, was perfected by Islamic astronomers and engineers, and was subsequently brought to Europe.
A number of chemical processes (particularly in alchemy) and distillation techniques (such as the production of alcohol) were developed in the Muslim world and then spread to Europe.
Other major languages spoken by the Muslims are Javanese, Turkish, Urdu, Persian, and Pashto.
The third heaviest living primate after the two species of gorilla, it can weigh as much as 220 pounds. Beginning in 1914, Columbia and other universities began to teach courses on educational administration, including school finance, business methods, budgeting, and organization. Without the revenue generated from advertising, we would be unable to provide this great content free of charge.
Ibn al-Haytham is also regarded as the father of optics, especially for his empirical proof of the intromission theory of light. There was also a dense network of trade routes in the Mediterranean, along which Muslim countries traded with each other and with European powers such as Venice, Genoa and Catalonia. Cubberley wrote a book in 1916 on this "New Profession" and emphasized the role of superintendent as chief executive of schools.
However, in other businesses, the CEO also has the title of a president, and both play different roles, such as the president is in charge of internal management whereas the CEO is in charge of external relations. He also wrote The Book of Healing, an influential scientific and philosophical encyclopedia. It's estimated that only 3,000 to 4,500 of these animals still exist in the world, 2,000 of which live in Sarawak in Batang Ai National Park and Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary.
The conventional interpretation of this is that Socrates' wisdom was limited to an awareness of his own ignorance.Earth's surface was probably broken up into many small plates with volcanic islands and arcs in great abundance. The CIA World Factbook has estimated that around 79% of the population of Iran are a diverse Indo-European ethno-linguistic group that comprise the speakers of the Iranian languages, with Persians (incl. Small protocontinents (cratons) formed as crustal rock was melted and remelted by hot spots and recycled in subduction zones.Modern manufacturing includes all intermediate processes required for the production and integration of a product's components. In the European Union, the Copyright Duration Directive was applied retroactively, restoring and extending the terms of copyright on material previously in the public domain.Chemical weathering of granite occurs when dilute carbonic acid, and other acids present in rain and soil waters, readily alter feldspar in a process called hydrolysis. As demonstrated in the following reaction, this causes potassium feldspar to form kaolinite, with potassium ions, bicarbonate and silica in solution as byproducts. He is an IT analyst, blogger, journalist, and a researcher for the truth behind strange stories. Freelance writer and editor for over 17 years, she loves to read and loves fringe science and conspiracy theory.Top Secret Writers Gabrielle is a journalist who finds strange stories the media misses, and enlightens readers about news they never knew existed. Whittington, from Houston, Texas, frequently writes on space, science, political commentary and political culture.

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