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On the verge of collapse in 1992, Major League Baseball was rescued by Commissioner Bud Selig, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, and union leader Don Fehr. Well, without asking the programmers or designers, I'd have to say that most of these things are glitches that fortunately worked out to be cool.
A Secret World (also known as a Hidden World) is an area in a Metroid game that is created through a glitch. In the original Metroid Secret Worlds were found by using a glitch called the Door Jump or by using a cheating device. In Metroid II: Return of Samus Secret Worlds were often entered by using the Block Shifting Glitch (also known as the Select Glitch). In Metroid Prime, Secret Worlds are accessed by going out of the boundaries by jumping on some elements that were not intended for this. In the multiplayer modes of Metroid Prime: Hunters, certain glitches or cheats bring the hunter into similar Secret Worlds as Prime.
It should be noted that this is considered cheating when done online, as the person outside of the stage can shoot at those who aren't outside the stage, but those in the stage cannot shoot the people who are outside. In every commercial state, notwithstanding any pretension to equal rights, the exaltation of a few must depress the many.

This book chronicles the power moves and struggles it took to turn the game from a scandal-ridden junkshow back into America’s national pastime. In the 2D games they are often variations of a room, major area, or sometimes even the entire game; and in the Prime series they are areas outside the boundaries of a room. The simplest glitches are achieved by using an explosive weapon to blast the hunter through certain spots in walls.
It looks at the secret lives of Thailand's transsexual men, offering intimate details of the lives that they've never publicly revealed. I mean the revelation that Samus was actually a woman was probably one of the most surprising video game endings ever at the time.
These are often completely black except for the room the player entered it from, which they can still see and re-enter if they walk through the wall. Others, reached by "flying" (using a cheat code or a hack) up an elevator shaft are versions of the place Samus would be, with the graphic palette of the area she just left. As with the original Metroid, these Worlds are versions of the room Samus supposed to be, but filled with junk. It talks about the choices they've made, their relationships, families, frustrations and hopes.This extraordinary book offers intimate details of the lives that they've never publicly revealed.

Secret Worlds in the Prime series are often used in Sequence Breaking, most notably the Early Ice Beam. The reason is that when she rides an elevator that is the game's excuse to switch palettes, and so the Secret Worlds that are entered by flying are really the actual place it resembles, and the game has not switched palettes. Occasionally in these Secret Worlds, disconnected but still functional parts of Save Stations can be found.
They talk about the choices they've made, their relationships, families, frustrations and hopes.
The stories include those of an exotic cabaret performer, a sex worker and even a Muay Thai boxing champion.

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