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At this year's Comic Con in New York, Funcom's Senior Producer & Creative Director Ragnar Tørnquist and Lead Writer Dag Schev presented the audience with its upcoming MMORPG The Secret World , which will launch in April, 2012. Tokyo Flashback not only gives players an easy start into the game but also how you are best defended against attackers. One fan decided to stay on the train for 13 hours to see what would happen, and while she didn't make it to Cairo, she was rewarded with a visit from Funcom game director Joel Bylos near the end of her marathon livestream.
The event will run until the portal to Tokyo has been cleansed, allowing players to enter Tokyo once Issue #9 is released.

Players first visit it during the game's subway tutorial sequence, and the shadowy Orochi Group bases its headquarters there. After months beating back the filth as it attempts to creep its way around the world, players will finally converge to battle the Zero Point Pathogen in a 40 man raid.
The last chapter of the extensive Whispering Tide event has come, and now the players must face a huge 40 man raid challenge to defeat the invasion of Filth. OK, not really, but that's what one enterprising fan did in order to see if Issue #6's Last Train to Cairo would eventually reach its destination.

While the preview shows off a rough version of the zone, complete with missing textures and very few NPCs, it also shows off a ginormous playfield and gives TSW fans reason to be excited for upcoming content updates.

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