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To Sir, With Love is a new action quest added in content patch 1.4, Big Trouble in the Big Apple. The quest wraps up the wraith appraition that shows up at the end of the two proceeding quests. The Red Thread is given out by Callisto in the Carpathian Fangs, the pre-requisite for this quest is a History of Violins. During a History of Violins, Callisto had you visit a library at a nearby monastary, that’s probably a good starting point.
Content patch 1.4 brings us our first investigation mission (non faction) starting in London. Heading north into the dark (use the torch) and you will find a Golden Coin sitting on a pedastal. This brings you out to a new Agartha entrance, quite a ways from any regularly used entrance.
Lair quests were added to the Secret World beginning with content patch 1.2, Digging Deeper.

As with all lairs, Duneback received an update in content patch 1.1, moving him from 3-person to 5-person content.
The Meowling is a signature investigation mission added for the Halloween event in content update 1.3, the Cat God. By the way, remember to chat up Madame Roget, she has some interesting insights on Halloween. Spoiler: When you finish the kill, Baron Samedi shows himself and gives you more information on what is to come. One of the passages references AnnaPurna, this is a shop located in the Haitian market of London.
Capon’s Tail references Valerian which is native to Europe and grows in damp woods, roadsides and riversides. Chewed seeds herbs references Fennel, the laptop tells us to sell customers aniesei they won’t know the difference. You, however, can find some Pharaoh’s Fennel in the Corrupted Gardens of the City of the Sun God.

This completes the quest and gives you the option to enter the Memory of Stonehenge a 5-player Dungeon.
Crash of JAL flight JAL123 truth machine was destroying evidence of carrying nuclear weapons! Illuminati Crash of JAL flight JAL123 truth machine was destroying evidence of carrying nuclear weapons!
Sonnac gives you some disturbing information about Romans and roads… but its pretty ambiguous.
Plaza to assassinate all the four heavyweights business community in the Kansai region was opposed to consensus 2.
Kaoru Tamura c? Scenario was prepared after the final war aliens finallyunlock all the secrets are in the book of Mr.

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