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Here you could take a board and build terain straight onto the board because the price for a single piece is simply so low. For under 10 euro you get a board that also will work as a base for your houses and ruins.Adding movable terrain is also important as someone pointed out but having a modular board for this affordable price gives the base board a true level up.
And since they will make plain boards too not every square will have a build in terrain feature. That said, I did like the gaming tray idea that G&G used in conjunction with their boards.

Secret Weapon are marketing an interesting, albeit pricier, selection of terrain styles – I am looking forward to seeing the urban landscape range. Whichever people prefer it is nice to see options for modular terrain becoming more readily available at generally affordable pricing. Log in to Reply mookachacka 1p said: On April 15, 2013I myself is one of those games that want the gaming board to look as good as possible, I hate playing on and with boring terrain.
Log in to Reply tris 4p said: On April 15, 2013I think I will wait and see if they get to the trench boards otherwise I might try these ones out.

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