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Like so many other new open source AI project, CaffeOnSpark is based on deep learning, a branch of artificial intelligence particularly useful in helping machines recognize human speech, or the contents of a photo or video.
In recent months Google has open sourced its deep learning framework TensorFlow, Microsoft opened up its similar framework CNTK, Facebook shared its AI hardware designs, and Chinese search giant Baidu unveiled its deep learning training software. Flickr hosts billions of photos, a plentiful selection of images with which to train an AI. CaffeOnSpark, as the name suggests, combines two existing technologies: the popular deep learning framework Caffe and the up-and-coming data-crunching system Spark that can run on top of the even more popular big data platform Hadoop.
Feng says a number of companies asking Yahoo to open source CaffeOnSpark last year after the team published a blog post about the software. These celebrities are either time travelers or they bear an uncanny resemblance to the people in these historic pictures. In honor of Father's Day, see if you can match these famous celebs to their also famous dads!

Find out if you know which of your favorite celebrities are American, British, or Canadian! Think you can identify which celebrities are part owners of some of the world's best sports teams? Why get married and make one man miserable when I can stay single and make thousands miserable. Today Yahoo published the source code to its CaffeOnSpark AI engine so that anyone from academic researchers to big corporations can use or modify it. But it did incubate Hadoop, an open source, wildly popular data crunching platform used by Facebook, Twitter and scores of other companies. Yahoo, for example, uses it to improve search results on Flickr by determining the contents of different photos. For Yahoo, it’s the desire to run deep learning processes on existing systems without the need to move data from one place to another.

But the team didn’t want to have to copy all those images from the primary Flickr servers to a new cluster of servers running deep learning software. It turns out a lot of organizations having data sitting on server clusters that they don’t want to move it around. Instead of relying on the descriptions and keywords entered by the people who upload photos to the site, Yahoo teaches its computers to recognize certain characteristics of a photo, such as specific colors or even objects and animals.
Training a deep learning system to recognize images requires huge amounts of data, Yahoo vice president of architecture Andy Feng explains. And Yahoo has one of the more interesting data sets around in the form of Yahoo-owned photo site Flickr.

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