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It’s modeled by the daughter of Chizzy Anderson, author of Yuzi’s False Alarm, Zaani Anderson. Thank you soooo much for your books, they are really great, and helped me to be God’s Girl more.
Upon hearing of that persona€™s difficulty or hardship, perhaps you were tempted to think,A Serves him right!
However, it was also used to depictA a person who is so upset about not getting what he wanted that he turns to the court system to sue or to demand what he is striving to obtain.
Instead of taking no for an answer, this person is so intenton getting his own way that he will search, seek, and investigate, never giving up in his pursuit toA get what he wants. The word ou means noA or not, and the word chairei is from the word chairo, which is the Greek word for joy.
Other words to describeA chairo would be overjoyed, elated, ecstatic, exhilarated, thrilled, jubilant,A or even rapturous. IfA you cana€™t honestly state what you think or what you want, then dona€™t say or do anything. Real love simply doesna€™trejoice at someone elsea€™s misfortunes.A Then Paul goes on to tell us that when someone else gains some kind of advantage in life that we have been desiring, love isna€™t threatened by that persona€™s success but rather rejoices with his victory! When compounded together, the new word portraysA someone who comes alongside another and then begins to poke, prick, or stick that other person with some type of sharpened instrument.
Or does it threaten you and make you sad when you see someone else receiving a blessing you wished was yours?A How you respond to other peoplea€™s troubles and blessings reveals a great deal about your true level of spiritual maturity. So ask yourself:A a?¦Do I rejoice when I hear bad news about someone who did me wrong in the past?

Barnabas wanted to take John Mark onA the next journey, but Paul was against it because John Mark had already proven himself unfaithfulA on an earlier trip.
I must admit that when I hear something has happened to a personA who wronged me, something inside me secretly rejoices. I especially find this interesting because the wordA oxsusA is the exact word for a€?vinegara€? in the Russian language. The fact that this is the word for vinegar lets us know that the words Paul and Barnabas spoke to each other wereA stringent, sharp, severe, sour, tart, bitter,A and acidy. When you see other people receiving a blessing or special attention that you long for yourself, are you able to really rejoice with them? Would you have to honestly say that it upsets you and makes you sad when you see someone else receiving a blessing that you wished was yours?A 3.
It literally meant to credit to someonea€™s account.A Before us is the image of a bookkeeper who meticulously keeps accurate financial records. ButA in this case, the bookkeeper is an offended person who keeps detailed records of every wrong thatA was ever done to him. Just as a bookkeeper has an entry for every debit and credit on the books, thisA person painstakingly stores in his memory all the mistakes, faults, grievances, disappointments, failures,A or perceived wrongdoings that someone has made against him. Once they are under the blood of Jesus, God separates them from you forever.A You see, that is how real agape love behaves. So if you are ever tempted to keep mental records of wrongs someone has done to you, be aware that youa€™re not giving to that person the same mercyA God has given to you.
The fact that youa€™re flipping back to that old record of wrongs again and again a€” bringing up past grievances that should have been forgiven and forgotten a€” means you are not perfected in love!

There are three more days to go as we delve deeply into the precious, Spirit-anointed words in this passage of Scripture. As you read them, take the time to carefully digest them; take them deep into your heart and soul. I know that this is very grievous to You and damaging to my relationships.A I repent for participating in this evil behavior, and I ask You to help me be honest in all myA dealings with other people. Help me to curb my anger, hold my tongue, and refrain from speakingA words that bring harm. I dona€™t deceptively twist situations to my advantage, nor do I deliberately engage inA actions or speak words that cause an ugly or violent response. Have you ever been guilty of manipulating situations or scheming behind the scenes to get what you wanted?
When you were doing it, was your heart grieved because you knew what you were doing was displeasing to the Lord?A 2.
Have you ever spoken words that were so ugly, they resulted in harming a precious relationship? If you have damaged a relationship due to bad words, why dona€™t you lay down your pride and go ask that person to forgive you?A 3.
Have you forgiven those who have done wrong to you in the past, or do you still hold them hostage in your mind?

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