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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. In the early 1980s at annual meetings of the African Studies Association, specialists in Mande culture, history, and other studies found themselves repeatedly drawn together to discuss their work and to exchange ideas.
On November 1, 1986 in Madison, Wisconsin, the informal Mande group was invited by Gerald Cashion to Suite 619 of the Concourse Hotel to discuss the possibility of forming an organization devoted to Mande studies. On the occasions of several African Studies Association meetings beginning with the one in 1981, Tom Hale and Paul Stoller organized a series of roundtable discussions on topics related to cultures of the Middle Niger River. Kathryn Green consented to take minutes of the meeting, thus becoming the first MANSA secretary. In 1988 MANSA was contacted by Carlos Lopes who was then Director of INEP, the largest and most active research institute in Guinea-Bissau. Second International Conference on Mande Studies: Bamako,Mali 1993a€?Planning what would be the second international conference on Mande studies (though the first to be conceived by MANSA), the principal organizer Kathryn Green and other participants were clear in their determination that it should be held on African soil in order to maximize the participation of African colleagues. With its thirty-three papers presented on eight panels, the Bamako conference was modest compared to the one at SOAS twenty-one years earlier. Co-organized by Jan Jansen and David Conrad, the Leiden conference received substantial support from Germany's Bremer Stiftung fA?r Geschichte and several institutions of The Netherlands: the Research School CNWS, the Research School CERES, the African Studies Centre, the Rijks Museum voor Volkenkunde, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all of whom contributed generously in providing necessary funding, personnel and facilities. The Fourth International Conference on Mande Studies was held at the Senegambia Beach Hotel in Serrekunda, The Gambia, 13-17 June, 1998. The conference Keynote Speaker was Sidia Jatta, Gambian National Assembly MP for Wulli, Upper River Division (for the text of his speech see MANSA Newsletter 38, 1998: 7-8). The Sixth International Conference on Mande Studies was held in Conakry and Kankan, Guinea June 20-26, 2005. The Conakry segment co-organized by Mohamed SaA?dou N'Daou, and David Conrad took place at the Novotel, 20-22 June, and the opening session featured Djibril Tamsir Niane as the keynote speaker.
MANSA Newsletter: The organization's newsletter reached its fifty-eighth issue in the spring of 2006. At the annual meetings of the African Studies Association in Chicago (1988) and Atlanta (1989), several panels addressed issues concerning the roles of artisans and oral traditionists in the Mande social system. Among the themes engaging panelists at the Third International Conference on Mande Studies in Leiden were matters involving the consequences of intense step-brother rivalry in Mande society known as fadenya. Also featured at the Leiden conference was a round-table organized by the anthropological team of Mirjam de Bruijn and Han van Dijk. Ralph Austen's a€?Sunjata Epic Conferencea€? at Northwestern University in 1992 focused on the epic tradition that describes legendary people and events of the Mali empire, providing a centuries-old framework for Mande identity and cultural values. Like any large, extended family, MANSA has suffered its share of tragedy, periodically losing some of its members to accident, illness, and the passage of time. The Institut des Sciences Humaines (ISH) has long played an important role in the careers of many scholars of the Mande world, providing letters of invitation, research authorization, field assistance, and collaboration with Malian colleagues. The West African Research Association (WARA) was founded in 1989 for the purpose of promoting scholarly exchange and collaboration between American and West African researchers. In the summers of 1991 and 1992 the Mande Studies Association began establishing cordial and productive relations with faculty and staff at the universities of Conakry and Kankan, and at the National Archives in Conakry.
Research by MANSA members in The Gambia is authorized and expedited by the National Council for Arts and Culture in Banjul.
Second International Conference on Mande Studies: Bamako,Mali 1993Planning what would be the second international conference on Mande studies (though the first to be conceived by MANSA), the principal organizer Kathryn Green and other participants were clear in their determination that it should be held on African soil in order to maximize the participation of African colleagues. In Bamako, one advantage of holding an international conference on West African soil proved to be the participation of doctoral students from Europe and the United States who happened to be doingA A  research in Mali at the right time. The 1995 conference at Leiden was such a success that in June of the same year in London, colleagues from SOAS were tentatively suggesting to the MANSA President several ideas for another international conference, this time to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the 1972 Conference on Manding Studies (MANSA Newsletter 28, 1995: 2).
The Fifth International Conference on Mande Studies was held at the Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde in Leiden, The Netherlands, 17-21 June, 2002. Louise has written two other novels, Missing You and The Love of My Life.Her new book, In Her Shadow is out now in paperback. Missing You has won the Peoplea€™s Choice Award in the 2010 Romantic Novelistsa€™ Association Pure Passion Award.
The awards, which marked the 50th Anniversary of the RNAs, were handed out at the Royal Garden Hotel, London, hosted by critic and TV personality Barry Norman. Louisea€™s debut novel, The Love of My Life - a love story with a dark twist - was longlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award and the Waverton Good Read Award.
December 23, 2015 by Diahan Southard As a daughter of an adoptee, this season I am grateful I can use DNA for adoption research. At this time of year when many of us are spending more time with family than we otherwise might, we often reflect on the empty seats at our table. Earlier this year we related the story of Mary McPherson and her cousin Dolores Washington-Fleming who discovered a common connection through Peter Edward Williams. Mary and Dolores welcomed this new connection and shared information about their common ancestor.  As they reunited for the first time, perhaps they talked about what life might have been like in the 1850’s in the south, and how their ancestors would’ve never guessed that the two of them would be gathered around the same table. As word spreads of the power of DNA testing to reveal the secrets of the past, many adoptees are flocking to genetic genealogy testing companies with the intention of filling the empty seats at their holiday tables.  The New York Times reported a touching story of Khrys Vaughan who felt her identity crumble when she found out she was adopted. If you want to get started filling seats at your table, there is no time like the present to give yourself (or someone else) the present of DNA testing! My Getting Started quick reference guide will guide you through the process and act as a reference tool along the way.
The savvy shopper begins with the AncestryDNA test for all interested parties, and the YDNA 37 marker test from Family Tree DNA for all males.
December 10, 2015 by Sunny Inspire your holiday season with tips on interviewing older relatives, using DNA for adoption research and more in the Genealogy Gems Podcast episode 186! The free Genealogy Gems Podcast episode 186 is now live. This month, we celebrate upcoming holiday family time with relatives with a special interview.
Also in this episode, our resident genetic genealogy expert, Diahan Southard, offers her thanks for DNA connections that are helping her (and others) fill holes left by adoption in her family. December 2, 2015 by Lisa On the trail of biological parents, this researcher made a life-changing discovery next to a microfilm reader at the National Archives.
When we head to the microfilm reader section of our favorite research library, our greatest hope is usually to learn something new about a long-dead relative. Unfortunately, when she went to pull out the microfilm reel she needed, she found it was missing. Thank you to Genealogy Gems Premium website member Maryann for messaging me on Facebook about this story! October 21, 2015 by Lisa Courthouse research tips, adoption search strategies, an inspiring Google search success story, an important (but little-used) U.S. The Genealogy Gems Premium podcast episode 128 is ready for the listening pleasure of Genealogy Gems Premium website members! The Genealogy Gems Premium podcast is a monthly podcast available exclusively to Genealogy Gems Premium website members. October 15, 2015 by Diahan Southard Two cousins recently chatted after learning that they share DNA. Such is the case for a Bartow, Florida resident who submitted a DNA test out of curiosity and found more than she expected. According to an article on The Ledger, the two women share a great-great-grandfather, Peter Edward Williams, who was born in South Carolina two centuries ago. The two finally met this past May for the first time and enjoyed this new definition of family.
With that one match and subsequent correspondence, our interest in my mom’s biological family has skyrocketed.
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September 15, 2015 by Sunny Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast episode 127 has been published! Genealogy Gems Premium members can now tune in to Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast episode 127.
The main feature of this episode is our exclusive Genealogy Gems Book Club interview with Pamela Smith Hill, editor of Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography of Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Stay tuned for a surprise at the end: an audio clip you may never have heard if you’re under a certain age, and that you’ll probably love to hear again if you’re OVER a certain age. The Genealogy Gems Premium podcast is one of the perks of Genealogy Gems Premium membership. May 27, 2015 by Sunny Episode 179 of the free Genealogy Gems podcast is now available for your listening pleasure! The Evernote tip is easy and SO useful: Lisa gives you a quick idea for creating a list of all the genealogy books on your bookshelf. As always, Lisa takes all that genealogy buzz and technology noise out there and distills it down into the best, most usable genealogy gems. Filed Under: 01 What's New, Adoption, Book Club, Conferences, Disaster Prevention, Evernote, Genealogy Gems Podcast, Heirloom Tagged With: backup files, birth family reunited, conferences, Evernote library, free podcast, genealogy gems podcastHer Birth Mom Was Her Co-Worker!
May 14, 2015 by Sunny A woman recently went searching for her birth mom after receiving a copy of her adoption records (these recently opened in her home state of Ohio). 2016 Daytime Emmys: Complete coverage of the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys including exclusive interviews, videos, photographs, and more.
2013 In Review Hub: Relive the highs and lows, the news, and recaps from 2013 from our Year In Review hubs. Daniel confronts Emily about the secrets she kept while things heat up between Margaux and Louise.
Victoria awakened in the dark beach house and went downstairs while Emily lurked in the shadows. Later, Emily apologized for calling Nolan in the middle of the night, and he confided that he hadn't been able to sleep after what David had done to him. Daniel looked at photos from his wedding to Emily on his computer, but he quickly closed the laptop when Margaux wished him a good morning. Daniel arrived at the beach house and informed Victoria that Charlotte had told him that Emily was really Amanda. Over the phone, Jack informed Emily that he'd discovered a double-infinity sign carved into a beam of a deceased cop's garage. David shook Jack's hand and apologized if he'd offended Jack during the television interview.
As Emily opened the door to leave the manor, David arrived and introduced himself, and he told a flabbergasted Emily that it was time they met. Emily told David that she had been on her way out, and she asked whether there was anything specific he wanted to ask. Nolan informed Emily that he'd seen everything on camera, and she ranted that David hadn't even recognized her. Victoria couldn't believe that David had gone to see Emily, and she contended that Emily's friendship with Amanda didn't discount what Emily had tried to do to the Grayson family. Victoria met with an old friend who had purchased the lion's share of her artwork collection, and the woman complimented Victoria's taste. Kristin contended that Victoria had attempted to check on Amanda at the strip club, but Amanda had refused to see her, and Kristin recalled that Victoria had said that she'd had a responsibility to make sure David's daughter was okay. After their tennis match, Louise and Margaux retreated to the steam room, and Louise cooed that she thought her cousin was sweet on Margaux.
Louise suddenly claimed that she had an appointment, and after she exited the steam room, Louise envisioned her mother, who questioned whether Louise intended to walk away and let Margaux win. Margaux coughed from the excessive steam, and she weakly headed for the door, but she couldn't open it. At the yacht club bar, Margaux ranted to the club owner that she could have died, and the man assured her that nothing like that had ever happened before, since the steam room door couldn't be locked.
Over the phone, Nolan and Emily went over their plans to extract the contents of the safe deposit box.
Daniel informed Emily that their little sister had filled him in, and Emily coldly asked why he was there. Emily suddenly stepped on Daniel's shoulders to propel herself up into the gap in the elevator ceiling. At the yacht club bar, Louise answered a call from Daniel, who informed her that he'd spoken to Margaux about the incident in the steam room. As Louise cut and pasted images of Victoria into her own family photos on her computer screen, Nolan ordered a gin martini, and Louise told him about a place down the road that made a great one. Louise assured Nolan that people wouldn't care one bit before he knew it, and she invited him to join her on her yacht. The yacht club owner informed Nolan that the bar was closing early because of the weather, and he reported that power lines had started to go down. Ben and Jack arrived at an apartment in response to a 9-1-1 call, and when no one answered, they broke down the door. In the police locker room, Ben told Jack to crack a smile, since they'd just caught a big break in a case.
Emily ignored her messages, and she plugged the memory stick into her computer and examined the contents with interest. Victoria pretended to be concerned about where David had been, and he said that he'd gone to Amanda's former workplace. David and Victoria shared some wine, and he noticed she was wearing the earrings he'd given her. Outside, Victoria reached for the handle of her car door, not realizing that a power line had fallen from above.
Several years of informal gatherings took place in hotels and restaurants in such cities as Washington DC, New Orleans and Los Angeles.

Barbara Frank and others recalled that in recent years Marie Perinbam had been a catalyst of the group, enthusiastically organizing informal gatherings (including a particularly boisterous one at a restaurant in New Orleans), so Perinbam was elected vice-president in absentia.
Some of our members' relations with ISH pre-date MANSA's existence by many years, when the institute was under the direction of Mamadou Sarr and the offices were located in one of the buildings near the Place de l'Independence.
In 1992 the Senegalese government provided a site for the establishment of the association's West African Research Center (WARC), in Dakar. On June 21 shortly after arriving in Dakar to attend the conference, MANSA Vice-President B.
The frequency of visits and cooperative projects markedly increased after 1992 with the comings and goings of a series of researchers on Fulbright fellowships. Lopes' initiative led to an informal affiliation between INEP and the Mande Studies Association (MANSA Newsletter 5, 1988: 1).
The idea was well-received, and at the 1989 meeting in Atlanta, MANSA members began to talk about organizing an international conference. After nearly four years of concerted effort by MANSA members in the United States and Mali, the Second International Conference on Mande Studies was finally held at the Islamic Cultural Center in Bamako, 15-19 March, 1993. African colleagues residing in West AfricaA  were actively involved, with eight of the papers being presented by Malians and one from CA?te d'Ivoire. One result of the attendance by several European students was that in the next two years MANSA received an infusion of new energy from a surprisingly large and active group of scholars in The Netherlands. In two days of sessions at the university, twenty-four papers were presented on eight panels, bringing the total for the entire conference to fifty-three papers on seventeen panels. Desiring to increase the accuracy of perspectives on relations between Mande and Fulbe peoples, de Bruijn and van Dijk addressed a topic that had already engaged the interest of MANSA members as early as their fourth annual meeting (Atlanta, 1989). Marie Nathalie LeBlanc, a€?Youth, Islam and Changing Identities in Bouake, Cote d'Ivoire.a€? Department of Anthropology. Edda Fields, a€?Rice Farmers in the Rio Nunez Region: A Social History of Agricultural Technology and Identity in Coastal Guinea, ca. In order to maintain this status, one-third of MANSA's membership must be members of the ASA.
Two key figures at the University of Conakry have been Mamadou Kodiougou Diallo, Vice-Recteur de la Recherche Scientifique and N'Fanly Kouyate, Directeur des Relations Exterieures. At the next MANSA meeting (Orlando, 1995), members were open to the idea of another international meeting and to commemorating the SOAS conference, but they expressed the preference to meet again on African soil.
Papers presented at ASA meetings, international conferences on Mande studies, and many other conferences the world over, eventually appear as articles in a wide range of scholarly journals. Seats at my genetic holiday table are gradually filling, even if some place cards are just penciled in.
We think of those who weren’t able to travel to the family gathering, and back to those who have passed on. Turning to DNA testing, she was able to connect with cousins and feel a biological connection she didn’t know she had been missing. In one seeming miracle after another, I have added the names of maternal grandparents and great grandparents to my family tree as DNA testing has helped my mom fill in some of the missing pieces in her life. Guest expert Kathy Hawkins shares suggestions and encouragement about capturing memories from our oldest relatives.
If you enjoy it, thank you for sharing it with your friends and family by email and through your social media channels. After deciding that Rich needed some “closure” about the identity of his birth parents, Jan began looking for them. But by chance she had heard two fellow researchers mention the same state, so she found them in the microfilm reader section. So many of us experience these moments of “genealogy serendipity,” when we feel led to find a particular record, artifact or even a living person. You’ll also hear some great courthouse research tips with Gems Contributing Editor Sunny Morton, who wrote the curriculum for the Family Tree University course called Courthouse Research Made Easy. It’s similar in format to our free monthly Genealogy Gems podcast, but you get MORE news, stories, and in-depth interviews to inform and inspire your own family history research. Using DNA for genealogy is certainly contributing to these changing definitions, as families find themselves genetically linked across social and cultural boundaries to kin they never expected. Through a combination of DNA testing and social media, Mary McPherson, who is white, met one of her cousins, Dolores Washington-Fleming, who is black.
I think what I like most is what Dolores’ son said about the situation: “My mom and I are fascinated by history, and this is history. My mom was adopted, and even though we have had DNA testing completed for several years, we didn’t have any close matches, and honestly, we weren’t looking.
They accept you in whatever condition you come in and do their best to make you feel like you belong. If you’ve started down the genetics path, how has DNA testing expanded or strengthened your definition of family?
Family secrets can feel like brick walls our own families build that keep us from understanding them. And the need to reveal secrets for someone’s safety or well-being may at times trump all other considerations. If that’s the case, I have to redirect my interest to family stories that can be told without risking relationships with loved ones. It’s got our exclusive interview with Pamela Smith Hill, editor of the new Laura Ingalls Wilder autobiography Pioneer Girl and much more. Lisa Louise Cooke is a HUGE Laura Ingalls Wilder fan, and brings her Little House enthusiasm and memories to this lively conversation with Pamela. For one low annual fee, members can listen to the monthly podcast–and all previous episodes. It didn’t take long for her to recognize her mother as a woman who worked at the same business she did.
La-Sonya also learned that she has three birth sisters, one of whom also works at the same company.
She requested that Nolan hack into the police file on Conrad's murder to find a description of the murder weapon, and she presented Nolan with the knife from the beach house. Margaux mentioned that she hadn't noticed Daniel get into bed, and he said that he had been preparing for a meeting with a potential new client. He noted that everyone had seemed to know about it except him and David, and he imagined Victoria was waging a campaign to destroy David's opinion of Emily.
She asked why he'd been looking for something there, and he reported that Ben was "hell-bent" on finding Conrad's killer. David admitted that he'd talked about what Amanda hadn't had, but he'd neglected to mention that Jack had given her a good life.
David explained that he'd been trying to learn about Amanda, but the more he'd heard, the less familiar she'd felt to him. David responded that he hadn't realized Emily and Amanda had been such good friends, and he mentioned that Victoria had said Amanda had been lost. Nolan contended that David Clarke was no longer the man they'd once known, and Emily griped that she'd spent years honoring David's memory when he had no memory of her. David wondered if he'd been rash to blame Nolan for everything, and Victoria argued that Nolan had possessed the money to help Amanda, but David pointed out that Victoria had had the resources, too. Victoria asked if her acquaintance had seen a certain horse sculpture, and the woman pointed to it across the room.
Kristin lamented that Amanda had just been getting her life together, and she said that she'd been devastated to hear about Amanda's death. David said Kristin had been helpful, and after he left, Victoria emerged and asked if David had believed the story.
Louise thought it was good to have options, unless Margaux was serious about Daniel, and Margaux stated that she and Daniel liked to keep their relationship quiet. In Louise's mind, her mother barked that she hadn't raised a quitter, and she criticized Louise's hair. She pounded on the door and yelled for help, but when she received no response, she broke off the door handle and used it to smash the glass. Margaux called it gross negligence, and Nolan entered and berated Margaux for humiliating him on live television, but she swore that she'd had no idea that had been David's intention. He informed her that he'd turn off the power to the floor, and she'd have a seven-minute window to take what she needed and get out before backup security kicked in. Daniel replied that the nuclear blasts in her war with his mother kept getting bigger, but he wanted no part of it. Louise sweetly inquired whether Margaux was all right, and Daniel demanded to know how it had happened. Nolan stated that he was happy there, and she introduced herself and mentioned that she'd seen him on television. He mentioned that a storm was on the way, and she suggested they fly to the Bahamas on her private jet. Nolan observed that it had seemed like the owner had been through a rough day, and he asked how much it would cost to buy the club.
Margaux asked how Louise had reacted to Daniel quitting, but Daniel thought it was best to keep Louise as his client, since Margaux could be at more risk if he dropped Louise. Jack said that it had just been a lead, but Ben countered that it had been the best lead yet, and he wanted a drink to celebrate.
She was stunned when she found photos from Amanda's life in the Hamptons, and she clasped her hand over her mouth. He wondered why Victoria hadn't told him she'd tried reaching out to Amanda, and she claimed that Amanda had refused to accept her help. It was also agreed that the organization would publish a newsletter at least twice per year.
Gerald Cashion and Robert Launay agreed to serve as the first advisory board members (see list of officers and past officers elsewhere on this website). Since WARA's founding there has been a close association between it and the Mande Studies Association.
During those years, several students at the university served as valued research and translation assistants to the Fulbrighters.
On 7 June, 1998, INEP's research endeavors were shattered by a war that flared up in Guinea-Bissau between veterans of the armed struggle for national liberation, and government troops supported by armies of neighboring countries. Despite the unfortunate timing of being held during Ramadan, many other Malians attended the panels, and the conference was well covered by L'Essor and Malian television (ORTM). A direct benefit of their participation was that only two years after the Bamako meeting, the Third International Conference on Mande Studies took place 20-24 March, 1995 in Leiden, The Netherlands at the Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde.
The Rijks Museum voor Volkenkunde featured an exhibit on the city of Jenne in Mali, and there were presentations of the films Sanji--Water from Heaven directed by Paul Folmer and Salina Haledo, and Sunjata Banta, directed by Paul Folmer and Ed van Hoven.
The following day in honor of their visit, the symposium a€?Democracy and Development in Malia€? was held at the MSU International Center.
Funding for the participation of African and some other colleagues was provided by the Embassies of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Abidjan and Dakar, by the Forest Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (thanks to Joe Tainter), and by two anonymous benefactors. Generous donations by eleven MANSA members funded five West African colleagues to attend the conference (one from Burkina Faso and four from Mali).
While the sessions were being held in the reading room of the university library, Mohamed Chejan Kromah and his assistant Sagno worked on a fourteen-panel mural of scenes from the Sunjata epic commissioned by MANSA, which they finished in the weeks following the conference.
Het geheim van het masker Maskerrituelen en genderrelaties in de Casamance, Senegal [a€?The secret of the mask Mask rituals and gender relations in the Casamance, Senegala€?] Amsterdam: Rozenberg Publishers.
MANSA suffered shocking losses two years in a row when on July 17, 1996, FranA§ois Manchuelle died in the crash of TWA Flight 800 (MANSA Newsletter 32: 1), MANSA Vice-President B.
At the founders' meeting in 1986, it was decided that one of the organization's basic activities would be to sponsor Mande studies panels at the annual meetings of the African Studies Association. In the early 90s, working with Louise Bedichek who was at that time (June 1987-September 1991) the extraordinarily effective Public Affairs Officer at the United States Information Service (USIS), Mamadou Kodiougou Diallo who was at that time Vice-Recteur de Recherche at the University of Conakry, smoothed the way for research authorization and began requesting and personally welcoming American scholars.
Abdoulie Bayo and Patience Sonko-Godwin of the National Council for Arts and Culture inA  Banjul were persistent in their requests that The Gambia be considered (MANSA Newsletter 29, 1995-96: 1-2).
In addition, many individual members made generous donations toward the sponsorship of African colleagues to attend the conference. But it can be noted here that several edited volumes are the direct result of members' presentations at various meetings and conferences since MANSA's founding in 1986. For some however, a long empty seat has been filled this year, thanks to the assistance of a DNA test.
We have had a true Texas welcome from some of her paternal second cousins, and an outpouring of kindness from a maternal second cousin. As they do, check back here at Genealogy Gems for tips on how to use that data to fill seats at your holiday table next year. I especially appreciate her insights about understanding the memories of those who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s.
We appreciate it when you help us spread the word about the free Genealogy Gems podcast and website! They not only had the microfilm reel she wanted, but they were looking at the census record for her husband’s birth mother. She describes her current research, which involves her own spreadsheet of FamilySearch data and an advanced Google search question on finding obituaries. Premium website members also have access to more than two dozen video tutorials that will also help take your research to the next step. The 1850 census slave schedule shows that he held a female slave who was a few years younger than she was. We represent what the times were like back then.” It still boggles my mind just a little that we are able to use the DNA of living people today to resurrect the past, and bring depth and meaning to the present, and possibly even prepare us for the future. Though she did have a passing interest in her health history, my mom did not feel the need to seek out her biological family. I think it is because our DNA match, sisters from Texas, have shown us genuine kindness and interest.

Now, that kind of welcome isn’t felt by everyone who meets their genetic cousins, and people should carefully consider whether they’re ready for unforeseen results or unanticipated reactions from DNA matches before they get started.
These are archived in the members-only area of our website along with more than 2 dozen Premium member-only videos on genealogy research strategies, organization, technology tools (like Google, Google Earth, Evernote, Dropbox and cloud computing) and more.
Just click on the episode link at the beginning of this post and listen (or read the shownotes!). If you love it and wish you had MORE podcast episodes to listen to, consider becoming a Genealogy Gems Premium member.
Victoria replied that's she'd thought she'd heard something, but it had probably just been the wind, and she led him back to bed. Nolan realized she thought David had murdered Conrad, and she pointed out that David's alibi had been being held captive, but she questioned where he had really been. She said that she was playing tennis with Louise again that day, and Daniel warned that it wasn't a good idea because storm clouds were moving in, but Margaux wondered if he was worried about her and Louise becoming friends.
Daniel warned that Emily would dispute Victoria's words, and Victoria huffed that the truth wasn't on Emily's side.
Ben interrupted with the news that Jack had a visitor, and Jack said that he had to go, but Ben grabbed the phone and told Emily that she was contributing to Jack's dereliction of duty. Jack asserted that David was apologizing to the wrong person, since David had humiliated Nolan on live television. He pointed out that Emily was Carl's godmother and that Jack had told him Emily and Amanda had been close, and Emily said she would have done anything for her best friend, despite what David might have heard from other people. Emily questioned whether he considered Victoria to be a credible witness, and David acknowledged that Emily and Victoria shared a history, but he defended that Victoria had spent time with Amanda.
Nolan declared that it was time they found out who David really was, and he announced that he'd traced the key to a safe deposit box. Victoria defended that Conrad's minions had been watching her every move, but she had been there for Amanda.
Victoria praised her friend's lemon curd and requested a touch more, and when the woman left the room to get it, Victoria crossed over to the sculpture and removed a necklace from a hidden compartment.
David asked if Kristin had witnessed the argument between Amanda and Victoria at the baby shower, and Kristin recalled that it had just been a misunderstanding. Kristin reported that he'd bought every word, and Victoria tucked the necklace she'd just retrieved into Kristin's stocking.
Louise swore that she was very discreet, and she noted that if Margaux married the man, she'd also marry his mother.
As she took down her hair, Louise pictured her mom saying that Margaux was smart, sophisticated, and accomplished -- all the things Louise wasn't -- and Louise's mother snickered and said that giving up was for the best. She fell to the ground in a pile of glass shards, and an attendant yelled to call a doctor.
He ominously stated that he could end the game with one call to Margaux, and Emily threatened to break him in half, but he suspected that Emily had gone too far with her plot to throw it away over him.
He questioned why she'd chosen him as the way to infiltrate his family, and she curtly replied that it had been expedient. Louise feigned hurt that Daniel considered her capable of doing such a thing, and he coldly pointed out that she'd been the last one there. She huffed that Margaux hadn't done him any favors, and she noted that people had been tweeting about him. Nolan pointed out that he had his own plane, and she quipped that at the end of the day, he could have something almost everyone else couldn't -- anything he wanted.
Nolan explained that his last 24 hours had been remarkably awful, and being there had been the most at peace he'd felt in a long time. Margaux wondered what leverage Louise had over him, and he unconvincingly feigned innocence. While Jack called the police station, Ben found newspaper articles about David scattered all over the table, and he discovered a knife among them. Jack agreed to join him, but once he was alone, he left a message for Emily to inform her that the man who had overdosed could be Conrad's killer, but he found the timing disconcerting. Emily stood on the balcony, and she remembered David carving the double-infinity sign into the porch railing.
Victoria regretted that she hadn't been able to save Amanda in the end, and David apologized for ever doubting Victoria's loyalty.
Emily stormed in and ordered Victoria to "get the hell out," and she threw the photos she'd found at David. Nothing came of the idea then, but in 1986 during the first MANSA meeting, Hale and Conrad both recalled the earlier occasion and the latter agreed to try and make good on the original plan.
Since MANSA's founding many of the staff at ISH have become active members, participating in projects with their visiting colleagues, conducting their own research, and presenting papers at various international conferences. Several MANSA members have served as officers in WARA, including Jeanne Toungara, Secretary (1995-1997), Thomas Hale, Advisory Board (1995-99), David Conrad, Advisory Board (1995-97), Fiona McLaughlin, WARC Director (1999), and David Robinson, Vice-President (1996-2002). WARA President Edris Makward dedicated the conference to our departed friend, and her MANSA colleagues who remained to carry on included Ferdinand de Jong, Cornelia Giesing, Kathryn Green, Lilyan Kesteloot, Kirsten Langeveld, Barbara Lewis, Peter Mark, Muhammad SaA?dou N'Daou, David Robinson, Jeanne Toungara, Vera Viditz-Ward, and David Conrad (MANSA Newsletter 35, 1997: 1-2). In 1994 MANSA members began contributing books to the new American Cultural Center Library, which at the time was directed by Mohamed Fofana.
The war brought death and displacement to thousands of local citizens, and among the infrastructures most affected by the war's destruction was the building complex housing INEP which was located less than a kilometer from the initial frontline of the hostilities. Other expenses were paid for by a generous contribution from Stephan BA?hnen's Bremer Stiftung fA?r Kultur und Sozialanthropologie (formerly the Bremer Stiftung fA?r Geschichte). Another generous donation along with help from the MANSA treasury funded the Sunjata mural in the library reading room at the University of Kankan.
In the nineteen ASA meetings since our founding (1987-2005), MANSA-members have organized more than fifty panels devoted to Mande studies.
N'Fanly Kouyate, also of the University of Conakry, was the main force in acquiring a government apartment as residence and maison de passage for Fulbrighters and other American researchers at Boulibinet on the tip of the penninsula. A total of eleven African colleagues (one from Gambia, five from Guinea, and five from Mali) were fully funded through the combined efforts of Dutch agencies and MANSA donors, with some extra help from the MANSA treasury.
But this year, Jen used the power of the genetic genealogy database in combination with some serious genealogy work to find her parents.
While our place cards for mother and father are only tentatively penciled in, I know as I look around our genetic holiday table that I am excited about the new faces I see and I can’t wait to learn more.
Eventually this information led her to census records on microfilm at the National Archives (US). One of the researchers was Rich’s birth sister, who was looking for her long-lost baby brother.
But often it’s when we’re out pounding the pavement, making extraordinary efforts ourselves, when we make the most extraordinary discoveries.
And our resident DNA expert Diahan Southard joins us to explain New Ancestry Discoveries at AncestryDNA. But then over the last few months various pieces of her puzzle have started to fall into place. We were told that a woman was raising her sister’s child who was born out of marriage, but we can not talk to anyone about it. I think pain or protectiveness toward a loved one are often behind someone’s desire to keep a story out of the limelight.
Company picnics and water cooler chats must suddenly seem a lot more meaningful after this birth family reunion. Emily crouched under the stairs and examined the hiding spot where she had once kept the infinity box, and she found a knife. Emily showed Nolan a key that she'd found next to the knife, and she asked him to find the lock. Daniel said that he'd been reconsidering working with Louise, since she might be a bit unstable, but Margaux pointed out that Louise was also connected. Daniel cautioned that things wouldn't end well, and he refused to be caught in the crossfire. David barked that Nolan had deserved it, but Jack informed him that Nolan had been a great friend to Amanda. Emily assured David that Amanda had known how much he'd cared, and Amanda had never stopped thinking about him.
Emily referenced the baby shower where Amanda had ended up lying in a pool of blood after an argument with Victoria. Nolan added that he was downloading the bank's security protocols, and he guided her toward the back door to avoid the media.
David referred to the argument at the baby shower, and he asked who had attended the gathering. Kristin said that Amanda had slipped off the balcony, and she insisted that Victoria had always looked out for Amanda. Margaux admitted that Victoria could be tough, but she admired Victoria's love for her children. Louise stared at Margaux and tinkered with the steam room door a bit before she closed it, and she turned up the heat.
He said that it would take a pin to engage the lock on the doorframe, and a knowing look crossed Margaux's face. He admitted that he'd had someone track her down, and he threatened to tell everyone her secret. She asked what he wanted, and he requested that nothing land on him when the truth exploded, since he was trying to separate himself from his family's sins.
He recounted all the lies she'd told, but he had sensed that she'd truly been with him in the moment he'd proposed.
Meanwhile, Emily glanced at her watch, and she used a flashlight to find the box she needed.
Louise questioned whether he thought she was jealous, and he reiterated that sex had been a one-time thing between them. Nolan offered to pay above asking price if he could stay and keep drinking, and the owner told Nolan to stay as long as he liked, since the place was Nolan's. He'd said that they could fix any problem, and the carving would serve as a reminder that no mistake would ever break them apart.
Emily raged that she'd been right there, so David could have tried to find her, but he hadn't.
Robert Launay suggested that the editor ought to have a respectable title to make it worth his while, and that is how Conrad became President of the fledgling organization.
More recently, MANSA preparations for the Sixth International Conference on Mande Studies that will be partly held in Kankan have been greatly aided by the dynamic support of the Recteur of the University of Kankan, Seydouba Camara. Occupation of the INEP complex by foreign troops resulted in near total destruction of the facility, including its library, research equipment and archives containing fifeen years' of painstakingly compiled audio, visual, and printed research documentation (MANSA Newsletter 38, 1998: 1-6).
Kaba suggested that another international conference on Mande studies would continue the trend of reclaiming African history for the continent (MANSA Newsletter 10, 1989: 3). Ambassador to Mali, David Rawson, who drew a warm response from the Malian delegation by including some remarks in Bamanankan. While neither is in a position to openly embrace her as a daughter at this time in their lives, Jen now has a name card to place at seats of honor around her holiday table, all thanks to a simple saliva test.
I take similar inspiration from Geoff Rasmussen’s book, Kindred Voices, which shares his many experiences with genealogy serendipity.
Even though we are unexpected, even though we aren’t sure yet how exactly we are connected, they have embraced us without reservation without hesitation. Jack contended that nothing had meant more to Amanda than her friends, and David asked who else Amanda had been close with. David said that not a day had gone by when he hadn't wished he could see his daughter again.
Victoria reported that it had been her own friends from the Hamptons as well as Amanda's colleagues from work, but she maintained that she'd done everything she could have for Amanda.
Louise questioned whether that love extended to Margaux, and Margaux revealed that her father had loved Victoria, so Margaux and Victoria would be bonded forever.
She agreed, and she restarted the elevator, but it halted abruptly when the power went out. Daniel accused Emily of dismantling his life, and she retorted that he had done it to himself. She opened it with the key and found money inside, and she placed a flash drive in her pocket before she nonchalantly walked out. Nolan relaxed in front of the fireplace, and when he received a text message, he dumped his phone into his drink. Early on, MANSA began receiving electronic bulletins from INEP Director Peter Mendy in Dakar via Cornelia Giesing who had taken refuge in Germany.
She recognized that her feelings had been real at one time, but they'd ended the moment he had aligned himself with his father. A confused David reached for Emily's hand, and he spotted the double-infinity tattoo on her wrist. The bulletins periodically updated progress of the hostilities, cease-fires and negotiations. Chaired by David Dalby, the official conference program lists 240 participants, ninety-four of which presented papers.
That meeting included nearly every notable scholar in Mande studies at that time, along with many others who would later make significant contributions to the field. I try to understand and show respect for their reasons and feelings, even if they’re different than my own.

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