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Ce blog a ete mon carnet d'inspirations pendant les preparatifs de mon mariage qui a eu lieu le 03 aout 2013. Queen For A Day : Blog Mariage, inspirations mariages, jolies photos de maries, DIY, recettes sucrees, bon plans et bonnes adresses pour les futurs maries. Some brides would like to follow the mismatched bridesmaids trend, but they still would like to choose their bridesmaids’ dresses.
This is basically an extension of Option number two, but in this case the dress is ALMOST the same. If you like to be in control of what your bridesmaids wear on your wedding day, but you can’t decide on only one dress, or you simply want to provide your girls with very stylish options that suite their personalities, you are going to love option No.
From having your girls wearing the same skirt in different colors to mixing the tops as well, this new trend provides you with a world of mismatching possibilities. If you feel like your girls have a great sense of style give them the freedom to wear what they have on their closets. Photo 8 of 29, the Bridesmaid two to the right of the bride with the bow front light pink strapless dress, what brand is that? I chose the fabric and let my bridesmaids choose dress patterns, and I had their dresses hand-made by a seamstress. OK, has anyone else noticed that the bridesmaid in the fifth picture down wearing the navy blue ruffled one-shoulder dress totally looks like Jessica Alba?

I really do NOT like the mix matched look it doesn’t look put together especially when different lengths styles and shades are used. En effet, les maries qui se rendaient a l’eglise devaient etre entourees par un cortege de jeunes filles du meme age et habillees de facon similaire dans le but de tromper les mauvais esprits qui ne pourraient ainsi pas les differencier du reste du groupe (pas tres malins pour des mauvais esprits).
Aujourd'hui, en femme mariee, j'ai le souhait d'echanger et de partager mon experience, mes conseils mais aussi de bonnes idees, avec vous qui allez (ou songez) vous marier.
So, we’ve decided that every year we will give this post a make-over to bring it to the now.
3 – or even choose the exact fabric (photo #4), this helps them create a cohesive look between the bridesmaids and other decorative details of the wedding. You can always provide some guidance about your wedding theme or colors to keep the look together.
I for one have never gravitated to the idea of a group of grown women being forced to wear the exact same style of dress.
My fiance and mom aren’t really feeling it but once I get a vision it is hard for me to switch up. We are talking about the same old secrets plus a few new ones with new pretty examples, trends and inspirations! This super-clever bride dressed her besties with 3 dresses that she loved, they aren’t similar style or similar color.

Isn’t it better for her to be free to purchase a new dress in a flattering style, that expresses her personality? I’m a bit anti-establishment and very little about our nuptials are going to be traditional. So here is an updated guide on how to let your girls wear different dresses yet still look like your team… your bridal party. I think if both the color and style is different it looks like prom night and not a wedding. If you want to follow this bride’s steps we recommend you to mix dresses within your wedding colors.
Everyone is more relaxed and the pictures look better, once the advice on blending is followed.

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