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By George Ambler, January 9, 2014 Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Google+Theoretically strategy provides clear purpose, vision, direction and goals for an enterprise. You cannot outsource the development of strategy or leave it to a small group of experts to create.
The development of strategy requires the involvement and collaboration of as many people as possible.
One of the reasons strategy fails is that organisation’s spend the majority of their time on the development of strategy and invest little in communication. Everyone needs to understand an organisation’s strategy for it to guide them in making the right decisions.
Successful execution of strategy is a journey that requires careful management of organisational change. Organisations that have successfully executed their strategy consist of people who have participated in the development of the strategy. Considering these three inter-related concerns how effectively are you executing your strategy? Leadership commitment, not only at the top but also across functions and departments is very critical to strategy execution. Not only will people feel invested because they helped create the strategy but our strategy will be much better as well, with their input and contribution. Albert, very good point about keeping things agile and incorporating changes as issues come up. Lack of broad participation and collaboration in strategy development is definitely a mistake for an organisation that culturally focuses on the human dimension, one that creates a sense of community.
There are organisations that create and successfully execute strategies through an analytical approach where a small group (maybe even only one person) has access to the information and understanding required to determine the strategy. I think it is important to understand in which environment the leaders operate, or aspire to operate.
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When it comes to deriving a compelling ROI from Business Intelligence, having a bomb-proof Business Intelligence strategy is pretty fundamental.
The reality is that in the majority of cases strategy is poorly developed, communicated and executed. If any one of these areas are neglected or overlooked it increases the likelihood of failure. People need to be provided with an opportunity to meaningfully contribute and shape the strategy. If the organisation’s leaders do not own the development of strategy it will not be taken seriously by others.
Poor communication results in the fragmentation of the strategic intent and limited execution. Strategic communication requires careful planning and should be managed as an ongoing process.
Watching and waiting to see how important the new strategy really is to the organisation’s leaders.
Resulting in an organisations filled with people who understand the strategy and are committed to taking consistent action. In the process of effective communication in strategy execution, updates that will improve the alignment and relevance of the strategy to the organisation are incorporated.
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The concept is interesting and we could definitely see this becoming popular with large events, like concerts, sporting events, and politics. Short of being a multi-site sharing tool or a hosting tool for things like contests, I can’t see how it helps.
Backed 375 #crowdfunding #apps #startups #Fortune500 100 most followed on Twitter in San Francisco. Unless people are involved in the creation of strategy, commitment and execution will be difficult, if not impossible to achieve. The successful development of strategy requires broad participation, collaboration with stakeholders, robust debate and ownership from senior executives. Without effective communication strategy gets interpreted in different ways, it gets watered down and eventually looses momentum. Frequent communication helps to achieve this and serves to reenforce what the organisation is trying to achieve.
Create opportunities to debate and discuss the various elements of the strategy and its implications.
Change only starts when the leaders commit to hold themselves accountable to the strategy, to change and take the lead. There is no perfect strategy, but it can tend towards perfection as issues that crop up during execution are addressed and the strategy incorporated.
Caldwell, is going to be an instructor in College of Charleston’s Digital Marketing and Social Media certificate program! Backed 200 #crowdfunding #apps #startups #Fortune500 100 most followed on Twitter in San Francisco. Whilst the reason for high failure rates are many, the cause of failed strategy typically falls into one of the following three areas as illustrated below. Business Intelligence has a lot to deliver, and a plan for achieving those deliverables—and then turning them into cold, hard cash—is an obvious first step.That said, Business Intelligence today isn’t the same as Business Intelligence ten years ago.
It’s nimbler, more results-focused, cheaper, faster to deploy, and offers far more by way of end-user ease of use.The trouble is, companies’ Business Intelligence strategies haven’t always caught up with this. Saying one thing and doing another undermines organisational trust and the commitment to taking action.
First, you’d send a small army of consultants and analysts around the organisation, figuring out users’ Business Intelligence needs. And then, a year or more later, you’d start issuing reports and metrics based on what users had told you.The trouble is, what users told you they wanted last year isn’t necessarily what they want this year.

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