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An Amazing Fact: During the Battle of Valley Forge, revolutionary troops were entrenched on the battlefield, freezing and starving. Reflection: The life of this saint was marked by heroic courage for the sake of the mission that God had entrusted to her.
Jesus, seeing through their trap, poses a question to them and makes their answer a condition for his answer.
Mission of Jesus, is a Non profitable, service oriented website, This site belongs to each and every Christian who view this website. This site is been developed with the help of many of the Christian Brothers around the world, we do even invite you Brothers and Sisters in Christ to send us related information about your Testimonials and News letters so that we could add them into our website. If you guys have read all the way through parts 1 through 9, you deserve a gold star for hanging in there. As a leader I made a point of not giving lessons on topics that I had concerns with, yet even so, by being present those girls (and everyone else for that matter) assumed that I believe. The last day that I taught almost all of my beehives were there, including the very inactive one and two that had moved away.
When I left, there was a small part of me that was afraid that the things my family said would be true. I am going to become a skilled advanced practice nurse, I’m going to build a rewarding career where I help people improve their health. About this blog:I'm a mom, a nurse, a runner, a vegetarian, a grad school student and I'm pretty savvy when it comes to food storage.
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One day, a farmer who lived nearby brought much-needed provisions to the troops, and on his way back through the woods, he heard someone speaking. Revisionists would have you believe that the signers of the Declaration of Independence were all pantheists, deists, or agnostics who didna€™t have a lot of time for God.
Naturally, we assume that His faith was inherently strong, but the Bible tells us Jesus would arise early in the morning and go off by Himself to pray. People sometimes criticized him for a€?neglectinga€? his trade because he spent so much time in prayer, supplication, and thanksgiving.
I am asked this question a lot, but the truth is, even I have to ask, a€?Lord, teach me to pray.a€? The disciples asked Christ this question when they saw Him coming from a session of prayer.
The first three petitions are God-warda€”verticala€”and the last four petitions deal with the horizontal relationships we have with others. We need to spend a lot of time in prayer asking God to overrule the mistakes we have made with our children. And our first petition to our God is a€?Hallowed be thy name.a€? Now the name of God is a central issue in the great controversy between good and evil. Do you know someone who has said, a€?If God is love, then why do innocent children die?a€? Insurance companies call earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters a€?Acts of God.a€? What kind of reputation does that give God? Unfortunately, we need to pray a€?hallowed be they namea€? because wea€™re not very good at it. Instead, all around the world, we see professed Christians attacking and killing others, such as in Ireland, Africa, and Croatia. An enemy kidnapped the world when Adam and Eve surrendered the dominion that God had given them over the earth. Do you think we would need to pray, a€?Thy kingdom come,a€? if Goda€™s kingdom was already established? Christ said, a€?I bestow upon you a kingdom, just as My Father bestowed one upon mea€? (Luke 22:29 NKJV). I respectfully disagree with the notion that everything that happens is in accordance with the Creatora€™s will. Sometimes the devil may even cast prosperity in someonea€™s path to stall or derail their longing for God. We need to pray that Goda€™s grace and His Spirit will guide our wills into conformity with His. In John 6:38, He proclaims, a€?For I have come down from heaven not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Mea€? (NKJV). But when He made Adam, he took dust from the ground, formed it with His hands, and breathed life into it.
Hea€™s not going to force you to pray, a€?Thy will be done.a€? You have to choose to do it, to surrender your will, to be His servant, and give Him permission to activate His power and plan in your life.
He was captured by his own army and accused of conspiring with the enemy, as he had not been given permission to leave. Obviously, we should pray for our needs, but as Jesus indicated, when we pray, we want to acknowledge Goda€™s holy name, His purposes, and His kingdom before all other things. First, a€?daily breada€? means the provisions necessary for sustaining life from day to day.
Of course, He is already well aware of these needs, but He wants us to know that it is He who provides all truly good things for His children.
Some people think they can pray the Lorda€™s Prayer and then sit back and do nothing, expecting Him to answer. As with most lessons in the Bible, a€?our daily breada€? has a very important spiritual application. Christ was not speaking only of our physical needs, but instructing us to invite God into our hearts every day.
We should be doing that physically, assisting the weak by offering our resources and our strength to help them.
The mercy and grace of God cannot be cultivated in a heart thata€™s embracing a bitter and unforgiving spirit. Well, because we are naturally prone to walk toward temptation, wea€™re asking God to lead us away from it.
The convicted spy Aldrich Ames said that he didna€™t wake up one day and say, a€?I think Ia€™m going to be a spy. The only thing that really gives Christians long-term hope is that God promises things arena€™t always going to be this way. Another way to phrase it is, a€?deliver us from the evil one.a€? And we ought to be praying not only that God keeps us from temptation, but that He also delivers our brothers, because the devil is powerful and cunning, far greater than we are by ourselves. Ia€™m not sure how often that really means, but look at your own prayer life and see if it measures up. And if wea€™re going to be ready when Jesus comes, we need to learn to pray the way Jesus taught. Recognize that it is essential to spend quality time with Christ in your personal and corporate prayers and devotions, so we can implement those changes in our lives that will glorify God. Gertrude the great dictated by Our Lady to release 1,000 Souls from Purgatory each time it is said.
There were days that I wished I could un-know all that I knew.  Could I just lie to myself and pretend that all was well in Zion?
That I believe that Joseph Smith acted in the name of God, that I believe that Native Americans have Jewish heritage and that I believe that general authorities speak with and behalf of God when they spout the kind of rhetoric that drives homosexual teens to suicide. I am far less judgmental, and it is relieving to not hold so much contempt for people I don’t even know.
I don’t worry as much about the harmful messages that my kids are no longer learning in church. My relationship with my husband is a hundred times better than it was when we were members of the LDS Church. I am learning to speak up and become involved in healthcare policy in my community, because I really care about people having the opportunities to be healthy. I had to contact them FIVE times and it took them an entire year to do it, but last week they finally sent us our letters saying that our resignation had been processed. The problem is that the LDS Church makes numerous claims that are demonstrably false and demands quite a deal of time, money and commitment from its followers.
When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. I always wonder how do you find time to do all the things a mother has to do and still give us such great gifts!
My first great-grandson is due in late June, this book is perfect for all the exciting celebrations to come Thank you. He tracked the voice until he came to a clearing, where he saw a man on his knees, praying in the snow. If thata€™s true, then agnostics back then sure prayed a lot more than Christians do today. Likewise, the first great commandment is to love the Lord, and the second great commandment is to love your neighbor. Jesus spoke many parables about the Son going to receive a kingdom, and coming back as the King of kings.
We all typically pray frequently using a€?Ia€? or a€?me,a€? but in this prayer, ita€™s a collective. Yet when the Bible says, a€?Our Father which art in heaven,a€? ita€™s telling us we need to look past our flawed earthly relationships and know that He is our perfect model and that we can approach Him directly. Even in the Bible, we see Goda€™s own people do more to dishonor His name than the full-fledged pagans. Ever since, the priority of Goda€™s children has been to a€?seek ye first the kingdom of Goda€? (Matthew 6:33). When Jesus was about to ascend into heaven, as recorded in Acts 1, the disciples asked, a€?Will You at this time restore the kingdom?a€? Jesus answered, a€?It is not for you to know times or seasonsa€? (Acts 1:6, 7 NKJV). When the thief on the cross turned to Christ and said, a€?Lord, remember me when you come into Your kingdom,a€? he accepted Christ as his King (Luke 23:42 NKJV). Because there are two kings at war, Jesus and the devil, who says hea€™s the prince of this world. When something bad happens, like a tornado, you inevitably hear someone say, a€?Well, it must have been the will of God.a€? I dona€™t believe thata€™s what the Bible teaches, and if thata€™s really true, why would God have us pray that His will be done? We also need to learn what His will is for us, and we find the best expression of that in the Word.
In the garden of Gethsemane, facing separation from the father, Christ petitioned God three times with, a€?Not My will, but yours, be donea€? (Luke 22:42 NKJV). Most of us are struggling somewhere between the willing spirit and weak flesh, but when you understand that by choosing and saying, a€?Lord, I want you to be my God.

He said, a€?I have been out in the woods praying.a€? His fellow soldiers mocked him and immediately ordered him to offer up some evidence. Of course, this is a pattern of prayer, so it doesna€™t mean that you cana€™t also pray for water, clothing, and other needs. For instance, when the Jews went through the wilderness, they prayed for food, and God rained manna from heaven, showing His continual, loving provision. In Matthew 4:4, Jesus teaches, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of Goda€? using the word a€?breada€? to describe all the temporal needs of humanity. The bread represents Jesus, our spiritual food, which is far greater and more fulfilling than any physical bread on earth.
We should also do it spiritually, by lifting each other up in prayer, offering one anothera€™s petitions on our knees. Christ reveals a connection between the vertical and the horizontal relationshipa€”right in the middle of the Lorda€™s Prayer. We need to be willing to forgive one another, and God points this out to us repeatedly in Scripture. I think Ia€™m going to turn everything over to the Russians for money.a€? One day, very innocuously, he met a Russian who asked, a€?Could you give me a phone directory? Wea€™re looking for ultimate deliverance, and when we utter a€?deliver us,a€? wea€™re talking about Christ coming on the white steeda€”the King of kings and the Lord of lords establishing His kingdom and wiping out every last vestige of evil reigning in the world today.
The full text reads, a€?Pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and stand before the Son of man.a€? Are you praying always? The essence of prayer is bound up in loving God with all our hearts, for we cannot really love Him if we arena€™t getting to know Him. Take advantage of the a€?daily breada€? of Goda€™s Word, and communicate to God your desire to be transformed from selfish to selfless. We need to say, a€?Lord, teach us to pray.a€? Hea€™s given us the pattern in His Word, so leta€™s be sure to abide in it. England had won so much French land that the king of England called himself the king of France, too. Joan of Arc especially when we need to accomplish a very difficult, nearly impossible task. After Jesus had dramatically cleansed the temple of the traders and money-changers the Jewish leaders question Jesus to trap him.
If they accepted John's work as divine, they would be compelled to accept Jesus as the Messiah. The prayer was extend to include living sinners which would alleviate the indebtedness accrued to them during their lives. She was a Benedictine Nun, and meditated on the Passion of Christ, which many times brought floods of tears to her eyes.
I knew of at least one of our young women who was a lesbian, there were a few who had homosexual family members. I had told no one but my husband and one of my best friends about what I was going to do that day.) The assigned topic was being Christ-like.
I have had some friends desert me, but I question if those people were really my friends or if I was a convenient acquaintance. For a long time I was afraid that maybe one day one of my kids may be gay and then what would I do?
As a Mormon I looked down on people who had tattoos, people who smoked, people who dressed immodestly, people who let their garments show. I am not LDS(though I did have family that was and spent time in UT) So I can’t relate to the particulars of your experience. For instance, God poured out the Holy Spirit at Pentecost after His new church was on its knees together for 10 days.
No wonder they pleaded, a€?Lord, teach us to pray.a€? Still, these men had been going to churcha€”the templea€”all of their lives. God should come first in our prayers; His counsel and will should be the great priority in our lives.
In our culture, we get the equation upside down; ita€™s you, then your friends, and then God. Did you know that the first three chapters in the Bible tell how sin came in through the serpent and that wea€™ve been separated from heaven and paradise; however, the last three chapters of the Bible tell how the serpent is destroyed, paradise is restored, and wea€™re once again together with God?
All of us have a natural, subconscious tendency to superimpose on God our relationship with our earthly father. He has God, the good, wonderful, loving, longsuffering, merciful One, portrayed as a cruel, indifferent tyrant arbitrarily punishing His creatures. Thata€™s why hea€™ll be in the kingdom, because he had the spiritual kingdom that begins in your heart. Thata€™s why we still need to pray that His kingdom will come: first within us, then someday around us. So when we pray, a€?Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven,a€? wea€™re also admitting wea€™re really just clay.
And when we, through constant surrender, comply with the temptations that the devil puts in our path, we start giving him increased power to activate his desires in our lives. God has convicted me that my prayers are too selfish, and I need to keep Him and others first in mind when I go to the Father in prayer. When we pray for our daily bread, wea€™re really asking God to supply the basic necessities of our everyday lives. They didna€™t lie back with their mouths open, waiting for it to fall directly into their mouths. If we cana€™t forgive each other, Godcana€™t forgive us, because our hearts are not open either to give or receive forgiveness. Yet if I dona€™t ask you not to tempt me, youa€™re going to tempt me.a€? Thata€™s a really poor translation. One minister says that when the Lord says to flee temptation, we often crawl away hoping it catches up with us.
Ia€™ll give you a lot of money.a€? It was just a phone directory, but then little by little, he gave them more and more until one day he sold them nuclear secrets.
Jesus also said that we ought to pray that our flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day (Matthew 24:20).
If wea€™re not communicating our sorrows and our joys, even our most intimate secrets, how can we love Him? I thought that if I just kept researching I would find information to help me keep my faith. Although I lost friends, I gained many more friends who I am able to be my authentic self around.
Because I am a fan of lists I thought I would share the top ten reasons leaving the LDS Church has made me a happier freer person. Instead of putting in 15 hours a week into Young Women’s, I put that time into getting good grades. I hurt me to feel like there might be a reason why I couldn’t love them unconditionally. Even at work, I on multiple occasions had patients or co-workers make me feel guilty for working outside of my home. I was continually given messages that I was better than people who participated in these offensive behaviors. I especially loved the top ten list at the end because I already see so many of those things happening in my life, especially the one about unconditional love for my children (that was almost instant when I decided to leave) and loving me for me. All he can say is the Mormon church has the best well fare system and has good family values. I have them use the small butter knives from their great great aunts silver set we inherited. Perhaps one reason this nation is faltering morally is because Goda€™s people dona€™t spend much time praying for her. But we must also not neglect our relationships on earth, which is why Jesusa€™ model includes those around us.
Taken together, He surely is the God of the universe ruling from heaven, but we can still approach Him personally as our Father.
For instance, those who have earthly fathers that are overly indulgent end up thinking that God the heavenly Father is also permissive. When youa€™re a baptized Christian, you take the name of Christ, but if you live like the devil after youa€™ve taken Christa€™s name, youa€™re taking His name in vain.
Paul says, a€?Let not sin a€¦ reign in your mortal body,a€? but rather let Jesus be your King and rule over all that you do (Romans 6:12).
And ironically, when we exercise our freedom to submit to the devil, we, inch by inch, lose our freedom! But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespassesa€? (Mark 11:25, 26 NKJV).
Even though you may never be able forget what happened, you can say, a€?Lord, by your grace I am going to forgive them.a€? You make that conscious choice, and then the grace of God follows. The end of this prayer sets the record straight in our own minds and hearts, confessing before God that we know His character and goodness will be soon vindicated. Leta€™s stand together and lift our voices to heaven so that we are more united in the brotherhood and sisterhood of Jesus. She was hit by an arrow in the great battle of Orleans, but she kept on urging her men to victory.
I felt like I was fighting against the other leaders, with the modesty rhetoric and the fear speech.
I worried that by remaining a part of the organization, and staying quiet I still may be harming them. There has been some distance between myself and some family members, but my family was dysfunctional long before I lost my testimony, so that event alone can hardly be blamed. I’m not wasting my time on people who only value me to the degree that I conform to the cookie cutter. When I was going through things with the move, I recently found a handout they gave us that talked about how exercise was bad for your soul. I felt that I would be obligated to make it clear that I would be unaccepting of that part of their identity. In order to get to a place where you care less about what people think and more about what you feel is right you have to dig deep. I feel strong enough and brave enough that I can speak up to help make changes that will improve the health of the people around me. You have no idea… well you probably do actually, but this article has meant so much to me in my confusing journey.
She was well known for her beautiful dessert tables well before I had even heard of, or thought about decorating a dessert table!
The Bible says, a€?If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father a€¦ give good things to them that ask Hima€? (Matthew 7:11)? Those who have earthly fathers that are stern generally have a picture of the heavenly Father as an exacting judge.

Who does more harm to the Christian cause the pagans or professed Christians who live like the world? So a€?Hallowed be thy namea€? is asking God to help us, in word and deed, honor His precious name.
Thata€™s the first kingdom we should seek after: Goda€™s spiritual kingdom within our hearts.
So when we pray a€?Thy will be done,a€? wea€™re really praying that His will be done in us through submission and obedience. If it was a tremendous struggle for Jesus, we will also need to pray, a€?Thy will be donea€?.
Wea€™re humbling ourselves before God, recognizing that in our rebellion, our wills are perverted. Most of us dona€™t fret from day to day that the refrigerator is going to be empty, so we dona€™t often appreciate the implications of praying for daily bread. Some have a few calories stored up, having memorized Scripture, and ita€™s going to come in handy, but if you want your Christian experience to be vital and full of life, you must have daily devotions.
Instead, the gospel says that we are to come just as we are to God, and He will forgive us. And often, we become defensive and start viewing that person narrowly, and we may even wonder if we can dig up a little dirt to even the score. Every day, every hour, we should be praying to be delivered from evil so that we can escape what is about to happen in this world. The prayer doesna€™t say, a€?Thine will be the kingdom,a€? rather a€?Thine is the kingdom.a€? Indeed, all the petitions in the Lorda€™s Prayer are only possible because Christ is the power. I could give lessons to the youth that focused more on being kind to others and less on modesty. I am only one small voice in a large group of people who believe that when the prophet speaks the thinking is done.
I didn’t really go into details why, I felt like at their age if I gave them a truckload of issues it would just cause conflict in their home and social lives that they have neither the means nor the support to deal with.
Yes, it makes me sad sometimes that the LDS Church is more important to them than family, but so be it.
I don’t have be crafty, plan elaborate meals, be an ideal parent, look like a magazine cover and always being trying to impress people.
Before they were conceived I had built this mental barrier between me and them, this condition on their acceptance.
How could I possibly do such a thing when I had genealogy and temple work to do, callings to fill, casseroles to make and I received so much pressure that what I needed to be doing was having more babies, regardless of the fact that pregnancy and the post-partum period have proven to be hazardous to my physical and emotional health.
Oh how I wish my husband would read your posts and her book and simply open his mind to be educated!
I lived in CO Spgs, the mecca of church organizations and ministries, and I have associated with them personally and professionally and again what I saw and witnessed on the financial aspect NEVER sat well and grieved my spirit. When we pray a€?Thy will be done,a€? wea€™re giving Him permission to use us according to His purpose.
I am powerless on my own,a€? you are then giving Him the power to release His will in your life. After that, the Jews had to knead the manna and bake it; only after working could they consume their daily bread. Although those who lived through the Depression may understand such a concept, few Americans today, living in a society of such massive abundance, have ever really struggled from day to day searching for something to eat.
They are about Goda€™s glory, Goda€™s provision, and Goda€™s deliverance, and theya€™re really about how all of us as Christians are in this together, praying for one another. I just told them that I was leaving the Church as a matter of principle, because I always tried to be honest in the things that I taught them and there were certain things that I could not support or be a part of. Mormon culture is such that we ate a lot of unhealthy things, at home and at every church gathering.
I can do some of those things when inclined, but I don’t feel pressure to do everything all the time. These people did not care about my well-being or my desires to help people on a greater level. I still find the smell of cigarette smoke unpleasant and as a nurse I can give dozens of health reason why people should quit, but I recognize the reasons that many people choose to smoke. I will say this, they are businesses, clothed in the guise of ministry, but DIG deeper and you find that they profit off the widow’s mite to live lavish lifestyles. And so you have the Father, the Son, and the Spirit represented in the first three petitions of the Lorda€™s Prayer. We must likewise invest ourselves in the process and not become lazy with the Lorda€™s blessings. Rather, Jesus teaches us to pray, a€?Give us this day our daily bread.a€? Ita€™s our bread, friend. Funeral potatoes, fatty meats with gravy, donuts, a hundred variations on desserts with jello and cool-whip. If they find someone that they love and loves them, I see no reason why we can’t love and accept them into my family. Sure some of the money given does some good but honestly most of the money given lines pockets.
Is the difference for good among the youth equal to the difference of harm that it might do my family if we stayed? I think that most people who oppose the rights of LGBT people, don’t really know these people.
One attitude will help people improve their lives, the other is more likely to have them retrenching into their comforting habit.
My girls can feel more free to pursue an education if that is what they want. My children will not be asked probing sexual questions by older men behind closed doors.
I love him, am absolutely crazy about him and every morning I’m thrilled to wake up next to him.
My point is human organizations are flawed, and religious organizations can be scary and leave people more disillusioned when they find out the whole truth of what occurs. Proverbs 3:12 records, a€?For whom the LORD loves He corrects, Just as a father the son in whom he delightsa€? (NKJV). Hang the mental gymnastics, when I stopped trying to find obscure rationales for things that I knew at my core to be wrong I felt physically relieved. I was near tears I felt so sorry to be leaving them, and the whole group of them looked at me completely dumb-founded. I had family members and church leaders who constantly commented on my weight, whether I lost or gained a few pounds.
And yes, it was really difficult to drop our social support system and the way of life we had known since birth, but I would not go back to where we were. The LORD GOD Almighty never intended churches to be in the real estate business, or hoarders of wealth, resources, etc.
Psalm 103:13 adds, a€?Just as a father has compassion on his children, So the LORD has compassion on those who fear Hima€? (NASV). My mother would buy me clothes that were too small for me and tell that I just needed to lose weight to fit them. If there is a God, I sure hope that He is more concerned with hungry children than bare shoulders. There was no compassion for those who struggled because they did not fit the prescribed cookie cutter. If they can’t sit still in church, oh well, we can channel that energy into running and playing instead of being frustrated and bored. By relocating for school I am providing my kids with more learning opportunities than they had in Utah. There was no compassion in this talk for those who are born gay, and like everyone else on this green earth just want to be loved.
If they are curious and exuberant and irreverent and sassy, that’s great (and believe me, they are).
I sincerely considered leaving him because he had concerns with aspects of the LDS Church that are legitimately concerning. Jesus came to redeem us, He gave us His word, which I believe is the Bible and only the Bible, and that is the blueprint on how to live your life.
Can I give these men that much support, that as Elder Tad Callister says priesthood authority trumps the things that I as a parent teach my children?
I was smart enough to know that these behaviors were unhealthy, and I knew very well that exercise was good for people, but I didn’t know how to have a healthy body image. That families can stop throwing their vulnerable teens into the street and we can just take the opportunity to enjoy our family and friends.
We made it through a really difficult time together and now our marriage is the best that it has ever been.
Can I trust them that much when by their own publications, I see that they have lied to me?
I have a huge family history of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, and I knew that exercise can help these issues, but for a long time I felt a certain amount of cognitive dissonance for doing it. He stopped going to church for years because he felt that people around him were judgmental and he had serious issues with the God of the Old Testament who advocated such terrible behaviors as genocide, mauling small children with bears, commanding people to kill their own children and being angry with people who refused to murder innocent women, children and animals. I like this quote that is attributed to Marcus Aurelius (although it’s not in any of his writings, so who knows who actually said it). Believers are joyous, caring and giving because they have been redeemed, and they want to do for others because they are about their Father’s business, not to increase church membership or rosters.
It wasn’t until after I started training for a marathon that I felt comfortable exercising in a tank top and I also decided that I really love to exercise. That makes these moments I have with my kids, right here and right now all the more precious and valuable. But it is important that those boys are made aware that sometimes things they say are really harmful, and recognize that they can help others.
Believers are tolerant, inclusive, and LOVING, because they understand and practice I Corinthians 13, the love chapter of the Bible…they love their neighbor as themselves, they bear their burdens.
But if we are measuring organizations that do the most good, the Catholics run far more charity hospitals and orphanages than the LDS Church, but I can’t say that I trust their leaders either.
I like Pope Francis, he’s pretty cool, however the behavior of many other Catholic leaders just makes me feel sad.
The further I distanced myself from the church messages of my youth, the better I felt about myself. Emmanuel, God with us, is only a prayer away, Blessings on you for acting on what you knew to be right!!!! I recognized that exercising makes me feel better about myself and helps me to have the energy to be a good mom.

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