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They are too complex and just too hard to play with on a casual basis.But then one day I came across the many truly inspiring building videos by The Sim Supply on YouTube, building houses in Sims 3.
But the building tools are awesome for just playing with ideas.Building the house the secret writing outhouseI work as a writer, so the first thing that comes to mind when designing a house is that it's needs to be perfect for writing. That means having special places to write and work, preferable in super awesome environments.With this in mind, I designed this outhouse before anything else.Just imagine how amazing it would be to work up on that platform?

It's a five bedroom house, and I haven't even calculated the square footage.Secondly, we need a kitchen, dinning and living room, and I'm one of those people who like open plan buildings. I already have great plans for my next design :)- Show Comments - About Thomas BaekdalThomas Baekdal is the author of several books about the shift that is happening in the media industry. He is a professional writer and a publisher of Baekdal Plus, the strategic magazine for media executives.

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