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Ooh, one more, a member of the Royal Engineers, which seems like an appropriate choice for a steampunk set. Personally, as much as I like what I'm seeing from it, I can't justify getting another Sims series. In the meantime, I'm going to try my freakin' hardest to get the things I want in the Sims 3 store, steampunk being my most desired. This is an old thread where we were sharing alternate styles of store items that, for some reason or other, were not enabled.

As I've begun reuploading all of the styles plus blank versions and the thread's been necromancer-attacked, I thought I'd change up the first post to make it easier for those who want to access to these, using neither lots nor mods.
As a token of apology, let me direct you to this fabulous guide to The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, which has galleries full of photos from the steampunk television series. EA already earned itself a giant I HATE YOU SO FRIKKIN MUCH DIE ALREADY award from me for making NOLA the home world for TS4 -- and they added effing streetcars and steamboats -- now if that ain't evil I don't know what is. I had The Sims (1) for a short time and Sims 2 came out, so I didn't play with that game to the fullest.

We could really use a Glengarry (and one for the ladies, too, because they're too cool not to share) to go with the kilts (and a Prince Charlie, while you're at it), and dat fez!

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