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That work of art, The smart student, descended from heaven and a clear notch above the average student and the dullard. If you are a school or a college student looking to do well in the next exam or make a mark in school or college, this book is for you. Six Secrets Smart Students Dont Tell You is a book loaded with practical advice and homespun wisdom.
Chandan Deshmukh R is a 24-year-old Bangalore-based Electronics & Communication Engineer by chance and SAP Basis engineer by profession. CLICK HERE to Buy Six Secrets Smart Students Dont Tell You (Paperback) by Chandan Deshmukh R with special discounts and Options with Cash On Delivery, 30 Days Replacement Guarantee. Yes, I would absolutely love to share the 10 reasons I could still see my abs after an EPIC weekend with my best buddy!! I also packed up loads of healthy snacks while we were out and about so that we never had a HUNGER CRISIS where we ripped into a bag of Cheetos out of desperation. Keeping my mind fueled with FAITH and POSITIVITY is always the key for success in ANY area but especially fat loss!

Ya… Sleep is vital too but staying active is critical for fat metabolizing, hunger control and oxygenating my brain. Indeed, our Body Spartan Brand Ambassadors are also our best friends so we weren’t tempted by junk food being brought into the house!
In simple, straight-forward terms, Six Secrets Smart Students Dont Tell You proves the truth of the saying, Winners dont do different things, they do things differently. If you are a concerned parent looking to help your struggling child, this book is for you.
Unfortunately, social situations for usually equate to restaurants and inactivity while we catch up on the latest.
The plan was based on the goal of staying on track with my nutrition plan based on what we planned to do each day.
I had my amazing team of Body Spartan Bombshells holding me accountable in our online group every day!
I avoided desserts and junk food but planned ahead and treated myself on Saturday night when we threw her a Mad Max themed birthday party.

We surrounded ourselves with amazing fitness focused friends who also desire to live a healthy lifestyle.
I REFUSED to let my abs regret my BFF time so I made a plan ahead of time that kept me on track for my Six Pack Summer! I made sure this plan was not an inconvenience but actually in harmony with what we were already doing.
She was one of my biggest advocates as I started my weight loss journey and remains an advocate as we continue to enjoy our lives together.

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