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The German GSG-9, the top-secret paramilitary arm of the German police, known as the most lethal counter-terrorism squad in the world. SWAT was formed in response to a shooting spree at the University of Texas campus in Austin on August 1, 1966.
The battle begins with the SWAT teams's armored van parking near a series of abandoned buildings and parked cars. In one building, a member of the SWAT team sets up his Taser Shockwave and hides in another room. The SWAT team captain then gets up and runs toward his van, with the last GSG-9 member not too far behind. The reason for the SWAT's victory was that the SWAT team's arsenal packed more firepower than GSG9's weapons, (although the GSG9's H&K PSG1 sniper rifle won the edge over the SWAT team's Remington 700 for accuracy) as well as the fact that in addition to excellent training, SWAT takes on high-level missions on a much more constant basis than the GSG9.
This battle was also the first (and so far only) to have both warriors use non-lethal weapons. Most fans and viewers claims that this battle was also one the worst fights due to the fact that SWAT is merely the police force while the GSG9 is the counter-terrorist force. Hoplite - A heavily armored Greek infantryman whose main weapons were the round hoplon shield (perhaps where the name came from) and the long 6-9 foot thrusting spear. Panoply - The hoplitea€™s equipment collection of iron weapons and bronze armor, which included his shield, spear, helmet, sword, breastplate and greaves among other pieces.A  Spartans were taught never to let their weapons out of arms length distance even when heeding the call of nature or when sleeping and to carry your spear at all times when on campaign.
Greaves (knemides) a€“ Bronze armor that protected the shins and sometimes even the knees and ankles, they followed the musculature of the calf and were kept in place by the natural springiness of the metal as it was bent to form fit the lower leg. Pteruges (cingulum) a€“ The groin area was covered by a double layer of stiffened, hardened leather flaps, which offered flexibility to the legs but also some protection. Bracers a€“ Wrist guards usually made of leather used to strengthen and protect the wrist and forearm. Cloak (himation or chlamys or ephaptis) a€“ Spartan men were issued only one crimson red tunic per year which was worn year-round regardless of the weather to show onea€™s physical toughness and to get accustomed to enduring the cold.
Shoes a€“ All Greek men typically went barefoot for almost all of their outdoor physical activity; farming, hunting, exercise, traveling, etc. Staff (baktemrion) a€“ The famed Lakonian staff was not a weapon of war but a symbol of the majesty of Sparta carried by Spartan representatives abroad such as generals, envoys, officers or military governors.A  They came in various shapes, styles and lengths.
Pyrriche - A dance while carrying weapons which trained a young warrior in his movements under arms to avoid enemy attacks while delivering his own blows.A  Probably similar to todaya€™s karate katas.

After killing his wife and mother and killing two people with a shotgun at the University, Charles Whitman went to the top of the clock tower and started shooting innocent people. The squad's captain looks into his binoculars and sees 4 GSG-9 members approaching from the other side of the area. The SWAT team captain sees them and shoots one with the sniper rifle, causing the other to flee. The two GSG-9 members approach the building, where the SWAT team member tries to shoot them from inside with his Benelli M4 shotgun. The GSG-9 member hides behind a nearby parked car and eyes the SWAT's armored van, slowly approaching it with his Remington 870 shotgun.
The primary mission of most SWAT teams is to respond to especially dangerous incidents involving armed suspects. It took the police and a deputized civilian over an hour to get to the top of the tower to kill him, and it resulted in the deaths of 13 people and 32 being injured. The SLA had caught media attention after several brazen bank robberies and the abduction and apparent brainwashing of Patty Hearst, an heiress to a considerable fortune. Armed with two modified Norinco Type 56 Sporters, one Norinco Type 56 S-1, a HK91, a modified Bushmaster XM15 E2S, a 9mm Beretta Model 92F(just Phillips), full suit body armor, trauma plates, and the drug Phenobarbital to calm their nerves.
The SWAT team splits up, with 3 of the members going off in different directions and the leader setting himself down to set up his Remington 700 sniper rifle.
The SWAT team member watches as the GSG-9 member slowly crosses the room, then pushes a button on his remote. He runs up to the roof of a building, sets up his H&K PSG1 sniper rifle, and beings to search for a SWAT team member to shoot at. These include bank robberies, back-up for undercover officers, hostage incidents, terrorist attacks, sting operations and High-Risk Warrant executions.
Today, they respond to high risk situations; from hostage rescues to subduing armed suspects. Due to the recent Rodney King riots, the LAPD had less fire power, and had problems defending themselves against the 'High Incident Bandits' as they were known.
The taser shockwave shoots out hooks that latch on to the GSG-9 member and electrocutes him. SWAT officers at the time were armed with mostly semi-automatic .223 rifles, shotguns and the standard service revolver of an LAPD officer.

When SWAT arrived, so did the daily gold delivery, so SWAT used the Armored Car to rescue the hurt civilians and cops. A nearby GSG-9 hears the commotion and runs in to find his teammate dazed and on the floor.
The GSG-9 member turns around and tries to fire his gun, but the SWAT team captain shoots first and kills him.
By the end of the incident, the only deaths were those of Phillips (he killed himself because he got shot in the thumb, so when he got a stovepipe jam, he could not flip the bullet out, and seeing that with the Beretta it was an even playing field) and Matasareanu (by bleeding out after getting shot in the feet.
He sees the cord connecting the taser to the remote control and follows it to the next room. The SWAT captain slowly approaches the GSG-9 member to make sure he is dead, then removes his goggles. The siege ended when a fire--caused by either an LAPD bullet striking a Molotov cocktail or by the large volume of tear gas used in an attempt to subdue the suspects--caused the building to catch fire and burn down. His family sued the city for the paramedics not going in to try and save him, but they were over ruled due to the fact that the paramedics were doing their jobs right, paramedics can't go into a situation were they would be putting themselves in danger).
The SWAT member tries to shoot the GSG-9 man with his LWRC-PSD, but misses and is shot himself with the HKG36. He enters the next room and finds an exit, only to be shot by a SWAT member and his LWRC-PSD. All six SLA members subsequently died, two from injuries sustained in the firefight, and four due to the fire. After this incident, LAPD SWAT were more regularly issued body armor and automatic weapons.
However, he is spotted by the SWAT team captain and is picked off by the SWAT's sniper rifle.

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