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For a 2+ hour long production with only four scenes, I would have enjoyed a few more sex scenes that were shorter instead of going for the longer scenes with little to no plot thrown in to support it. Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past is the fourth film (obviously) in the family-themed series by Sweet Sinner's Productions. When Sarah's old spy handler reappears, she goes off on her own to prevent a secret from her past from destroying her family.
My favorite scene is with Gracie and James and the rest of it, I could do without entirely. When Randy Spears marries his hot, busty wife, he promises her that his kids are grown and moved out of the house. After Gracie catches James conversing with Julia Ann in the middle of the night, she sneaks off for a threesome with Christian and Nina Hartley.
So trophy wife Lisa is none-too-thrilled when college dropout Dan Cross shows up to stay with his Dad for a while!
Lisa immediately lays down the law and reminds Dan that she's the boss, setting the stage for mutual tension and frustration.

But is Lisa really concerned with her new marriage, or is she more interested in Dan and his hot, young friends? Basically what you get in this production is a little over two hours of hardcore, real sex with a few bits of dialogue thrown in for good measure.
In my opinion, they should have just gone with the sex and nixed the plot entirely because I found it added absolutely nothing to the scenes.
The music is palatable and doesn't distract--- for the most part you just hear the natural sounds of the actors and actresses as they enjoy their various romps with each other. There's some girl on girl with Gracie and Nina, but for the most part it's all hetero sex and no anal. Except for Julia Ann and James Deen, they start on a staircase. The first scene is with Gracie and James, the second is Julia Ann and Tommy Gunn, the third is Gracie, Nina and Christian and the fourth and final scene is James and Julia Ann going at it pretty hardcore. There are very brief moments of ass to mouth or mouth to ass as the case may be, but nothing overtly shocking or that would be a turn off. Nina Hartley kind of reminds me of my grandmother when she shows appreciation for the orgasms Christian gives her by saying "thank you darling".

Not having seen other Nina Hartley productions, I assume this is standard for her by how casually she says it. Out of the five or ten minutes of dialogue total, Nina's lines were the ones that were delivered unnaturally, which I found to be kind of weird since she is such a veteran in the industry.
I can't stress that enough. I also really didn't understand how Gracie's threesome with Nina and Christian really fit into the plot or how she got away with it.
But, maybe I'm just thinking too deeply about it all together and we'll find out in the next installment? I think this film is geared toward a more mature audience and it might not be the best pick for those who dig the barely legal genres of pornography. Which I find is something that happens quite a bit in pornography. * Unfortunately, the program I use to grab screen shots of DVDs would not let me and the DVD played terribly slow and the sound was really messed up when I tried it on two different computers.

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