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True Lumen 12 Volt Power Supply Transformer for for use with True Lumen LED Strips and True Lumen LED Lunar Lights.
I know this is just the power adapter, but the True Lumen 3LED blue mini strip I bought it awesome! The TS835 Series Emergency Power Supply features an advanced NanophosphateA® lithium-ion cell chemistry that offers distinct advantages over older, lead-acid designs. This includes a 63% weight savings, reduced maintenance costs and an improved 10-year life expectancy.

Therefore average value of power (Real Power) is P = VI Cos? is in fact supplied to the load. In AC circuits, When circuit is pure resistive, then the same formula used for power as used in DC as P = V I.  You may also read about Power Formulas in DC, AC Single Phase and and AC Three Phase Circuits. Reactive power represent that the energy is first stored and then released in the form of magnetic field or electrostatic field in case of inductor and capacitor respectively. Reactive power is given by Q = V I Sin? which can be positive (+ve) for inductive, negative (-Ve) for capacitive load.

In more simple words, in Inductor or Capacitor, how much magnetic or electric field made by 1A x 1V is called the unit of reactive power.
It is the product of Voltage and Current without phase angle The unit of Apparent power (S) VA i.e.

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