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In The Psychology of Winning for Women, Denis, Deborah, and Dayna Waitley write that the first characteristic of an achiever is self acceptance. Women who win in life accept themselves as they are: changing, growing, imperfect, and in the process of becoming all their potential allows them to be.
This is why all of the affirmations, goal setting, and even the acquiring of new skills will never truly create success until self acceptance is in place. There are different philosophies about how best to attain this self-knowledge, but nearly all of them involve time spent in silence or contemplation. Dan Kennedy has done something he has never done before--co-authored a book with an attorney! Is it possible that there is one single, super-powerful secret of success of far greater importance than all others?

In this 172 page book marketing guru's Dan Kennedy and Ben Glass explore the world of successful entrepreneurs to seek out and explore the secret that the most successful people on earth have. You can order your own copy of The Ultimate Success Secret, by Dan Kennedy and Ben Glass, here. Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing. It would be as if the drain plug was missing from the bathtub and all of the water kept draining out. Once it is a part of your perspective, you simply become success itself, in the sense that the ownership of your identity and the completeness that it brings, is the ultimate goal of life.
What if your parents didn’t understand, as Denis and his wife, Susan did, that instilling self acceptance was the key to raising successful children?

Ia€™m getting a lot more people in the door than before, but for some reason, not all of my ideal clients who come in end up hiring me.
This awareness is the plug in your bathtub, and once in place the enriching waters of your life will rise up to bathe you in warmth and renewal. As a consultant, he works with a small cadre of ongoing private clients, only occasionally accepting a new client; however, his network of consultants, coaches and advisors work with over one million entrepreneurs and sales professionals every year.

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