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This does not happen for the Tank McNamara example several posts down, nor have I noticed it in the past.
I have never understood why signs aren't routinely changed, like cryptographic keys: say, between games.
The problem with the stealing signs part is that the thought bubble is marked as coming from the batter – notice the trail of bubbles to the right of the last panel (as in panel 1) and notice that the batter was the one worried about someone reading his thoughts.
I'd also add that some batters (such as Alex Rodriguez) are occasionally accused of stealing signs just by looking back at what the catcher is doing.
As a British baseball ignoramus, I was unaware that such Catcher-to-Pitcher signals were used. Bli forst att betygsatta och recensera boken Theory of Mind and Language in Developmental Contexts.

Observations of alarm calling behaviour in putty-nosed monkeys are suggestive of a link with human language evolution.
This is because if the catcher isn't ready for what the pitcher throws, he might very well fail to catch it. If that thought balloon comes from the batter (which I admit is probably what the cartoonist intended) then maybe the signs in question are the ones given by the third-base coach to the hitter.
It's not against any written rule, just an unwritten code that some people in baseball take seriously. Consequently I took 'signs' to refer to unconscious body language or unavoidable clues (such as finger placements) that the Batter could have learned to look for in the particular Pitcher, as routinely occurs with Batsmen and Bowlers in the vaguely similar sport of Cricket.
As a result, every Sunday as I sat through Mass, I was so sure that the priest could read my thought captions that I used to brush my hand over the top of my head to try and pop the bubble and erase the copy.

However, as is often the case in studies of animal behaviour and cognition, competing theories are under-determined by the available data.
Computational modelling, and in particular the use of individual-based simulations, is an effective way to reduce the size of the pool of candidate explanations.
Simulation achieves this both through the classification of evolutionary trajectories as either plausible or implausible, and by putting lower bounds on the cognitive complexity required to perform particular behaviours.
The project uses both of these strategies to understand the extent to which the alarm calls of putty-nosed monkeys are likely to be a good model for human language evolution.

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