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This is an interesting meditation to open the third eye that is for people with busy minds. Hang the mirror where, when you pull a chair up to it you are looking at your face, at arm’s length (the right size mirror will just show your head only). I won’t tell you anything about what you’ll see, because then you will be looking for that, have no expectations!
Try and keep a meditation and dream journal daily writing about what you are experiencing in your meditation even if you don’t see a purpose at this time. Remember your headlights only see so far down the road, what is beyond that is what you are going to learn to see. If you can do this everyday results will mount, when you skip days the energy evaporates, for now just do the best you can. If thoughts come into your mind, some may be messages, either way don’t analyze just look at them. This meditation to open the third eye will allow you to see your past lives and what spirit guides are around you.
Once I had done this for a few month’s looking at anyone for a few seconds would show their past lives.
There have been many passions in my life that have interested me in a major way where I have been relentless at trying to prove a point. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In the absence of light at night the pineal gland produces melatonin – a neurotransmitter with an important role for the immune system. In other words, the third eye is a major center for one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for happiness. One of the simplest and most effective ways to open the third eye is to meditate, while concentrating on it, imagining a symbol of light or purity. I do look forward to hearing about your success stories, and urge you to browse my site, where I talk about other methods and techniques for manifesting positive outcomes in your life and having strong spiritual experiences (i.e. About Brainwave LoveSince it’s humble beginnings, the science of brainwave entrainment has evolved to be one of the most potent and powerful ways to unlock the full potential of the human mind.

Take a mirror approx 12? by 12?  bigger is not better its worse; you will see too many distractions in the background. Then dim the light or better yet use a RED bulb (any hardware store) as the only lighting in the room. JUST WITNESS it, don’t analyze it or you reactivate your left brain, JUST LOOK, don’t react. If you have a hand-held recorder to take to bed with you, it is better than getting up and turning a light on to try to write.
Record your dreams and journal them but it will take a few months to see the patterns of your higher self telling you things.
I have never been short on having the ability to work at something that I wanted to be good at. Activation or opening of the third eye (and the mental capabilities associated with this) for many represents a peak in self-development, and there are various meditation techniques, designed specifically to achieve this goal.
It is a photosensitising gland, activated by light and controlling the various biorhythms of the body. It is synthesized by another neurotransmitter, called serotonin, which is the main culprit to feel happy or depressed. I encourage you to download my Free Ebook, in which I share 10 additional and very  powerful techniques that will help you to calm your mind and achieve your spiritual goals.
Our audios have been created by brainwave entrainment engineer, Ashton Aiden, and his years of research, expertise, personal experience, and creativity. And gaze not stare at the 3rd eye area (center of forehead) or directly into your (own eyes->this is harder for beginners). Otherwise you are using your conscious mind, and what you want is to turn off the conscious mind.
Just let it happen and it becomes more dramatic, an OK you will start to see who you were in previous lives, but don’t look for it, LET IT JUST HAPPEN. I was unstoppable with working Astrology, mostly because it taught me more about me than any other modality I tried, in getting to know the complexities of a human being. Due to its small size (pea) and the limited amount of research to date, the pineal gland and its function are still not well known, even in academia.

A study of US scientists has shown that the pineal contains the largest concentration of serotonin from all parts of the brain.
One way or another, our third eye is directly affected by the purity of blood and the level of pollution in our indoor environment. After 5-10 minutes, draw your attention to the third eye and project the image of the sun in it. The book is accompanied by my free success training, delivered in the form of regular newsletters and video material! We are confident that the audios we offer on this site are of the best quality you will ever find, anywhere. Any person that really looks into Astrology will be amazed at how organized the Universe truly is. You can also project the image of a pure, heavenly stream, or any other symbol of purity and light you like. NO NEGATIVITY just (((((BE))))) as still as you can and accept that.  OK I am just going to sit here and be OK with nothing! There will be a natural progression and development that will occur; your soul will be in charge, so try not to get in the way of that. Clear your mind of all other thoughts and feel the power accumulating in the area of the pineal gland.
The more you concentrate on the symbol you have projected, the more you will feel this power rising. Since it is very important that you clear your mind of all thoughts, you can start by trying to achieve this state for 30 seconds only, and slowly build up to 1 minute, a few minutes, etc.

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