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Imbue Design has completed an architectural project of a desert sanctuary for Tibetan Buddhist practice. We have some exciting news to share with you, about which we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Physically the Center is a beautiful land of 276 acres with the main farmhouse, once a family home. The Center recently applied to FPMT to receive and host a resident Geshe with a view to expanding the range of courses and practice available. As a retreat center with only two three-season retreat cabins, our facilities are rudimentary at best.
Over recent years, Lama Zopa Rinpoche has repeatedly stressed the need for students to do retreat. Many have been inspired by a vision of the Milarepa Center that is financially sustainable and offers comfortable facilities and support for retreaters. The Board that assumed oversight of the Center in September 2015 has spent the last six months carefully analyzing the situation in detail. Consequently the Board has decided to focus all efforts and energy in the near term on developing a financially sustainable Milarepa, which includes rejuvenating the existing facilities and attempting to create new retreat facilities with a view to making those available in 2017. We look forward to resuming local programming and group retreats, hopefully with a resident Geshe, in the beginning of 2017. We invite you to take this first step with us, towards true sustainability and setting a new standard in the world of retreat centers. We have already visited a number of prefab home suppliers and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. Currently, we are aiming to provide units with a main meditation room minimum 10' x 10', kitchenette, bathroom with shower, sleeping area and lots of windows for the amazing views, all within 200 to 250 ft.A? In addition, we hope to provide a covered patio. Various types of units we are investigating are shown below for illustration purposes only at this time.
If you are able to sponsor an entire retreat unit, the unit will be available to you for retreat whenever you need.
We warmly encourage anyone excited by this idea and who is financially able to offer the Center a soft loan for up to three years. We have engaged legal services to help us prepare various forms by which all of the above types of funding possibility can be secured with proper documentation.
We, the current Milarepa Center Board of Directors, are looking to expand and benefit from a more broad range of skills. We will keep you updated as each milestone is reached, so you can cheer us on and rejoice with us as we reach one step closer to actualizing this shared vision for Milarepa Center, our East Coast Retreat Center. We welcome all forms of support including advice, suggestions, feedback on the concept, inquiries and interest in taking a timeshare retreat plan, sponsoring a unit, advancing a loan or "Like" on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
Felicity is a native Floridian where she was raised Buddhist by her mother, secretary to Lama Yeshe for the last six years of his life.
Felicity has served as an AmeriCorps VISTA in the Office of Service Learning at Eckerd College, a City Year Miami Senior Team Leader in an inner-city elementary school, and at the Constitutional Tax Collector's Office in Palm Beach County, Florida in their Communications and New Media Department. In 2015, Felicity completed a Professional Certificate in Leadership and Management from the University of Vermont.

Kiira first discovered Buddhism & the Four Noble Truths in a book called Dharma Rain - it was love at first read.
Peter graduated in mechanical engineering from Leeds University in England and began a career as a design engineer with Rolls Royce Aero Engines. Click here for more information about the Kopan Meditation Retreat Video and soundtrack CD. Click here for more info about the Kopan Meditation retreat film and the 30 Days to Enlightenment CD. Located in green environment with wonderful landscape view of the valley in Grover, Utah, the sanctuary is developed with optimizing indoor-outdoor connection through the existence of large glass windows, allowing the inhabitants to enjoy the exquisite views of the giant red plateau with volcanic rocks and twisted juniper trees.
Over that time the Center has served many with teachings, initiations, retreats and contact with Buddha Dharma.
Currently, Milarepa Center is operating as a hybrid between being a teaching center and a retreat center. When the karma to host a resident teacher manifests, it will still take time for the community to build up sufficiently to provide the necessary financial support. Many of you are aware from your magical visits, there are limitations to the Milarepa experience; the entire facility shares one indoor shower and two flush toilets, which at times can be upwards of 30 people needing to use these facilities.
Rinpoche says retreat is all that is left for students who have already received so many teachings, initiations, pilgrimages and done so much practice. To this end, a great deal of excellent work has already been done in the past developing a master plan concept along these lines.
It is clear that development of the infrastructure is crucial if Milarepa Center is to fulfill the vision of so many, including Rinpoche.
This was a difficult decision, however we are confident in the long term it will prove beneficial. We are looking into pre-fabricated all-inclusive retreat studios and "tiny homes" that would allow anyone to practice and access the beauty and magic of the Milarepa experience. Within the next few months we expect to contract for advice and permit applications for the expansion of our septic and water systems. We will be visiting companies across the North East, Ontario and Quebec to determine which can produce to our specifications for high quality, self-contained retreat units.
Over the years there have been requests for twin shared units, and we will be looking into these as well.
Prepayments will help fund the purchase of the initial units, and we hope those with retreat commitments will be encouraged to book and prepay for a certain amount of retreat time per year. When you are not in retreat, by mutual agreement, the unit will be available for the Center to rent to other retreaters.
Initial calculations show that five units would cover the capital costs within three years.
Your monthly Friendship donation is a reliable source of revenue on which the Center can rely.
If you feel you could help and are driven by the mission to develop Milarepa Center into a fully functioning, self-sufficient all-year retreat center - and with the possibility of also hosting a resident Geshe - please reach out to Felicity so we can talk further. Felicity's first formal retreat was at Vajrapani Institute in California for a New Year's Eve Vajrasattva Retreat led by Paula Chichester.

Having travelled overland from London to Kathmandu in 1971, Peter attended the second Kopan Course, travelled as assistant to Lama Yeshe from 1976 to 1980, was a Founding Director of FPMT, a Founding Trustee of Manjushri Institute in UK, a Founder of the Mahayana Buddhist Association in Hong Kong, the Founder of the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive, and was instrumental in the acquisition of Land of Medicine Buddha in California. It is a huge tribute to previous boards, directors, donors, staff and volunteers that the Center has been able to offer so much over this time. The "hybrid" operating model is a long way from self-sustaining and has only appeared viable due to a few large donations, which have supplemented revenue from courses, retreats and the bookstore. There is currently possibility to receive a Geshe from Kopan Monastery, but he would require a translator to accompany him. Given that we are called a retreat center, we feel Milarepa Center can and should develop to fulfill that need. However, progress has been hindered by a few major hurdles like upgrades to the septic system. Not only that, it is clear now is the time to complete these projects, through which the Dharma can be allowed to flourish for many years to come. At present we do not have the "people power" or finances to run programs and simultaneously upgrade facilities.
The concept is to be able to provide practical, self-contained and comfortable units that include all facilities and services - water, power, sewerage, fully winterized and heated. Thereafter, five units could generate sufficient revenues that the Center would be self-sufficient.
This helps us plan for what we are able to accomplish annually, such as building new retreat cabins and bringing a resident Geshe to Milarepa Center. There she visited the sacred sites of Tibet, including many temples and monasteries, as well as the base camp of Mount Everest.
Opportunity to make long-term retreat is not currently available due to the lack of winterization in the existing cabins. We are particularly glad to report that Lama Zopa has endorsed our plans to move forward in a concerted manner with upgrades.
So, at the same time we hope you will see this as an exciting project for the future of Milarepa Center. Her longest retreat was at Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal for the month-long November Course led by Venerable Steve Carlier. At the University of Vermont, she was an art student of former board Director, Shelley Hagan.
During a semester in north India in 2006, she also gained experience living in a Sufi community in New Delhi, where she was practicing Urdu calligraphy. In 2008 while living in Boston, she had the good fortune to meet the late Geshe Tsulga at Kurukulla Center. Since 2012, she has been doing graphic design and writing for Twelve Gates Arts, a Philadelphia 501(c)(3) showcasing art from diasporic communities.

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