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Tibetan Buddhist meditation is a specialized type of meditation that you can start with, especially if you are just starting out in meditation, and you don’t know the different kinds of meditation available for you.
Tibetan Buddhist meditation follows the principles generally upheld by all Buddhist meditation disciplines.
Furthermore, by practicing Tibetan Buddhist meditation the mind is geared at attaining enlightenment. To begin with the Tibetan Buddhist meditation, the disciple must assume a mediation position by sitting on a cushion lain on the flooring. When the person starts their meditation routines they are taught to shut their eyes partly and stare down the nose. After assuming the recommended position of the body, the trainee is then guided through the process of concentrating in their breath.
Added to that, if you are just starting out with this discipline, you can take advantage of methods that can guide you as you go through the Tibetan Buddhist meditation. This entry was posted in Buddhist Meditation and tagged buddhist meditation, tibetan buddhist meditation on February 12, 2011 by Admin. Each person is built differently and will find her or his own individual meditation seat or combination of seats. The legs are crossed in front, with the knees on the mat, and one foot in front of the other. The Smile Cushion is the most popular--and most ergonomically suited--cushion for this position. The Tilt Seat™ also achieves this perching effect, and has the advantage of being at the height of a regular chair.
1--If you like sitting in the cross legged (Burmese) position then you are probably better off with a Smile Cushion™.
2--If you like sitting in a kneeling position, then the meditation bench is most suited for that. 4--The zabuton (or sitting mat) provides essential cushioning for the knees, legs, ankles and feet.
5--The support cushion is placed under the zafu or Smile Cushion™ to provide more height. 6--For travel, either by foot, airplane, canoe or camel, the inflatable zafu is by far the easiest way to go. 7--Our Tilt Seat is great for those who prefer sitting off the floor, but still have the ergonomic benefits that the floor devices give., which helps extend the good practices of autonomous sitting to other activities like computer or desk work.
Kapok stuffed zafus and smile cushions™ have the consistency of a sleeping bag stuffed into its stuff sack. Here is an incredible video demonstrating in detail some of the sitting techniques in this article.
The Burmese (cross-legged) position using either a ZAFU or SMILE CUSHION™ (crescent zafu) with ZABUTON sitting mat. In the Great Perfection, however, the subjective view, that is to say, the mind which takes emptiness as its object – is not the ordinary of coarse mind described in the Perfection Vehicle of the Great Vehicle but a subtle mind. The fundamental mind which serves as the basis of all phenomena of cyclic existence and nirvana is posited as the ultimate truth or nature of phenomena (dharmata, chos nyid); it is also called the ‘clear light’ (abhasvara, ‘od gsal) and uncompounded (asamskrta, ‘dus ma byas). With respect to identifying the clear light in the Great Perfection: when, for instance, one hears a noise, between the time of hearing it and conceptualizing it as such and such, there is a type of mind devoid of conceptuality but nevertheless not like sleep or samadhi, in which the object is a reflection of this entity of mere luminosity and knowing. Need help healing relationships, solving problems, making decisions, discovering your life purpose?
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This exercise will help you become more aware of your breathing and take better care of your inner being. Internet sitesinin kurulusu, Ekim ay? bas?nda Turkce dilinde lansman? ongorulen smartphone ve tablet uygulamalar? (iOS, Android) su anda gerceklestiriliyor.
Sitting in the dark theater at Lotus Post in Santa Monica, I hear UCLA Certified Mindfulness Facilitator Jahna Perricone explain the benefits of meditation. Jahna then takes us into an awareness of our breath, breathing in and out easily, and guides us in a basic meditation. As we turn our focus deeply within, we hear other-worldly sustained tones coming from the Tibetan bowls played by Michael Perricone.
If you haven’t begun a daily meditation practice yet, I invite you to begin with sitting quietly for just 5 minutes at a time.
I am pleased to offer Spiritual Mind Treatment for 30 days on a Prayer Request you submit with any Donation.
Then, the body need to be positioned upright with the lips closed and teeth clasped slightly with each other. This discipline can help bring peace of mind, provide better perspective and attain a blissful life. For instance, a Peace Bench™ can be used for any one of the positions (if the size and technique is correct).

This position offers the most stability, with three points touching the ground or cushion, creating a tripod effect. If using a smile cushion™ or zafu, place a support cushion under it to raise the height. The Smile Cushion™ provides more surface area for your tush, which helps alleviate legs falling to sleep.
Meditation Benches or Seiza Benches, provide a way to sit in meditation posture without sitting cross-legged. It also holds the cushion or bench more securely which results in a more stable and grounded posture. Only six ounces and the size of a paperback book when deflated, this small anomaly has baffled sages for ages.
Kapok is very fluffy when loose, but becomes firm, smooth, and solid when stuffed into a cushion. Using good technique and having the right fit can take a lot of the unhealthy pain out of the picture.
Built for adaptability to existing spaces and for optimal customizing using pillows and props. The former can be understood in the vocabulary of the New Translation Schools [Kagyud, Sakya, & Gelug], just explained, as the objective clear light, that is to say, as emptiness which is the object of a wisdom consciousness.
In Nying-ma it is called the ‘mind-vajra’; this is not the mind that is contrasted with basic knowledge (rig pa) and mind (sems) but the factor of mere luminosity and knowing, basic knowledge itself.
She soothingly invites us to think of our mind as a blank, open sky with clouds passing through it, which are our thoughts.
He explains afterwards that playing the bowls is also a meditation – gently building the initial attack, focusing on just the right touch for sustaining the tone, choosing which next bowl will harmonize beautifully with the one still ringing out.
Set a timer on your computer or iPhone or other device so you don’t have to think about the time, and allow yourself to let go of all your concerns for those 5 minutes.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This meditation practice declares that the mind is akin with the clear light as such it does not have physical form. This is considered by the Buddhist religion as the highest state of being and is even characterized as the state of divine happiness. Also, the tongue’s tip should be made to touch the upper part of the palate right behind the top row of the teeth.
However, you need to understand that Tibetan Buddhist meditation takes great amounts of dedication to go through the process. Some people like to furnish their living room or sitting room with an assortment to suit guests with different sitting needs.
A Peace Bench™ works well for this too, if the bench is one size smaller than the size used for kneeling. Some people even prefer placing a zafu on top of another zafu and kneeling like a saddle, or alternatively, a smile cushion placed with tips facing down, with a support cushion under it. Some people have problems with the type of leg stretching and flexibility required for sitting cross-legged.
The best seat for this position is either 1) a meditation bench larger than what you would use for kneeling or 2) a smile cushion™ with a smile support cushion under it (to raise the height). Many people buy the cushion or bench alone and use a folded blanket or similar cushion beneath in place of a zabuton. It is especially useful for larger people needing more height than the zafu or smile provides, or those practicing the sky position. Another factor is having an aligned and flexible body, which can be achieved with yoga, rolfing, chiropractic, massage and other healing arts. This technique of 'natural sitting' can make sitting more comfortable and possible for longer periods of time than a chair, but there are still limits. In the Great Perfection [tantras of the Nyingma school,] the term ‘view’ most frequently refers not to the object emptiness, but to the subject, the wisdom consciousness and , more or less, a union of the object – emptiness – with the subject – the wisdom consciousness realizing it. This is the final root of all minds, forever indestructible, immutable, and unbreakable continuum like a vajra. She says, “The sky is never upset if there are dark clouds passing through, besides the bright white billowy clouds.
He has been collecting the bowls over many years – some are antiques, hundreds of years old, some more modern replicas, all sounding absolutely gorgeous and inspiring.
Also, the upper extremities should be somewhat bent and slightly away from the body while the hands are placed over the lap with palms faced up. The whole goal of Tibetan Buddhist meditation is the alleviation of suffering and pain of this earth.
The lounge position or Shavasana (laying flat) can actually be better at times when you are too tired to sit. Since this position requires less bending of the knees and legs than any other position, it works very well for people with special needs which limit flexibility.

They also provide more height because they do not compress as much as kapok filled cushions.
Kapok fiber is naturally mold resistant and even floats (it is used to make aircraft seats and other flotation devices). At first breathe normally, gradually letting your breathing slow down until it is quiet, even, and the lengths of the breaths are fairly long. This innate fundamental mind of clear light is emphasized equally in the Highest Yoga Tantra systems of the New Translation Schools and in the Nying-ma system of the Great Perfection and is the proper place of comparison of the old and new schools. Just as the New Translation Schools posit a beginningless and endless fundamental mind, so Nying-ma posits a mind-vajra which has no beginning or end and proceeds without interruption through the effect stage of Buddhahood.
Thoughts may come and go, but as soon as you catch yourself involved in thought, gently release it without judgment and bring your focus back to your breath. Thus, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation allows you to plunge into the bigger world than merely concentrating on your own personal interests. However, the lotus position creates more stress on the knee joints and can cause damage from cumulative effect. For this, a person would need a bench one size taller than the one they would use when kneeling. That's why we offer so much information and instruction to help you get the most from your sitting experience. From the moment you sit down to the moment your breathing has become deep and silent, be conscious of everything that is happening in yourself. It is considered ‘permanent’ in the sense of abiding forever and thus is presented as a permanent mind. If you can do this for just 5 minutes at a time, you may find yourself fitting in more 5-minute meditation breaks throughout the day, for the pause that TRULY refreshes!
This position generally requires more flexibility than the other two positions, but is also more stable. Place a pillow on the abdomen (smile cushion works great) to hold the plate, book, or computer closer to the face. The Tilt Seat™ puts you in a sky position that is the height of a chair, or a bit higher.
Some people don't like the extra weight (about twice as heavy as kapok) and there is a slight crunching sound when first sat on.
When it gets too hard, perhaps it's time for a walking meditation, or a change of positions. If you desire to sit this way but don't yet have the flexibility, we recommend starting with the sky position or 'easy pose'.
This is great for working at a table or computer as or meditating when getting up and down to the floor is an issue. It also is perfect for lumbar support in airplanes, car seats, and chairs, when just barely inflated.
It is a soft sound like someone walking on gravel and can be considered soothing, like gentle rain or leaves rustling. Placing in the sun on a nice day or in a dryer on low will also fluff it up by extracting moisture. The good news is, with such a variety of options, we probably have a meditation seat just for you. You start focusing on your breath, and after a brief victory, in comes the growing wave of random brain chattera€”What should I eat for lunch today?
I would call it a totipotent Entity [for those who are more inclined to understand Biology or other so called hard Sciences]. Gradually your leg and hip muscles will loosen and you will be able to ease into the true Burmese position, with knees all the way down on the mat. This process can be enhanced by starting a gentle stretching routine for legs, hips and back. Some people like to buy two Peace Benches™--a smaller size for the kneeling position and a size or two larger for the sky sitting position. If taking this approach, you will probably need a support cushion to provide extra height for the sky position. This exercise is the beginning point in the process of becoming continuously conscious of your breath.Without mindfulness, however, you will quickly lose count. It is also said that when you chant a mantra, you are charging your breath and energy with the energy of the mantra.

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