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A mala is a set of beads used for counting mantras, meditation, prayer, chanting, yoga & reflection. Our hand-made mala beads are used during meditation to help keep track of mantras recited while helping to focus concentration and awareness.
A mantra is a subtle, inner sound or word that is repeated to aid concentration during meditation.
Meditation and mantra recitation increases calmness, balance, patience, energy levels and positive thinking. Choosing your mala beads is a personal process, we find intuition is the best guide for choosing your mala beads. CurrencyAUDCADEURGBPUSDMala Beads KeepsakeWith every mala beads order we include full glossy colour information about the healing benefits of our mala beads, plus mala beads use & care. In this guide to how to use Tibetan Singing Bowls you’ll learn how to produce wonderful sounds that you can then meditate on.
Once you know how to use tibetan singing bowls you will have a beautiful way to meditate on sounds.

Tibetan Singing Bowls are actually a type of standing bell, but instead of being inverted they are held in the hand. Nowadays people the world over are learning how to use Tibetan singing bowls, but traditionally were only used in Asia, where they were created. In Buddhist tradition the singing bowl is used as an auditory marker, denoting the beginning and ending of a period of meditation, and is often combined with the use of a percussion instrument called the “wooden fish,” which is struck when a specific phrase is chanted. When meditating on a Tibetan singing bowl, the brain waves begin to synchronise with the frequency of the bowl, while unique tones produce a deep meditative state.
The thread we use comes in a variety of colours, it is strong & specifically designed for malas, however everything is impermanent! Using one for as little as an hour will provide spiritual healing, balancing the chakras and helping to cure illness.
The rim of the singing bowl vibrates to produce a whistling sound comprised of two frequencies, a first harmonic and then overtones. Subsequently, Buddhist practices have spread worldwide and there are now many manufacturers of Tibetan singing bowls around the world.

Japanese and Vietnames tradition also use the singing bowl to mark the beginniTechyniqung and ending of periods of walking or seated meditation.
The specific sound that the singing bowl generates is conducive to spiritual healing and for chakra balancing.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! So once you have learnt how to use Tibetan singing bowls you can use them not just for the beautiful sound but also for natural healing.
Minor variations and organic defects may be present which further enhance the individual artistic character.

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