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Mmm there’s nothing better than throwing back your curtains in the morning and feeling that sweet sweet sunshine beaming in through the open windows…. So without further adieu, let us introduce our secret way to staying in a state of bliss, no matter what the day throws at us…. Stress isn’t a word that enters our vocabularies here (well, assuming you ask the question at 6pm on a Friday when we have a glass of red wine in hand).
Imagine sinking into the soft cushions as you focus your gaze on the flickering shadows cast by warm candlelight. And it comes in the form of a chilled out space where we can relax, refresh, rejuvenate….
We stand for the ideas, companies, and products that unleash the full potential of humanity and move the planet forward. So your roommate’s friends are getting comfortable on the couch and they just popped open a bottle of wine. Sit still and let all your thoughts about moving in with some girl from Craigslist wash over you.
Do a little yoga before you start your antisocial meditation to help center your body and soul. Focusing on breathing quietly helps you stay calm and fools everyone into thinking you’re not there, just a door away, hyperventilating about their presence, but rather are out socializing like a very cool, normal, not-hiding person.

Nothing takes your mind off of your material self and how much you have to pee like having a manner or some form of repetition to focus on.
So you just peed in your coffee mug and you’re feeling a little glum—but don’t let negative thoughts overtake you!
If you’re stressed out because now it’s definitely too late to go out and socialize without it being weird, try using a mantra. Shake off those bad feelings and uncomfortable imagined interactions and accept the fact that you’ll never leave your bedroom again.
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Listening to soothing meditation music playing quietly in the background as you let all your worries wash away in the river of your favorite mediation techniques, like The Silva Method. This will help you be limber so you can dash underneath the bed when someone knocks on your door and asks if you want to join them. Sure, you see your roommate’s friends polishing off the last of your homemade spinach dip and drinking the Merlot you got for your birthday, but visualizing the life you could have if you get a better job and the success that comes with social skills will take your mind off the fact that they’re not using coasters. You can chant a simple thing like “Om” to quiet your mind and silence the annoying laughter coming from the living room.

Eat the tasty half-eaten bag of popcorn you just found on the side of your bed for sustenance until you feel safe in your own home.
Scared to leave your bedroom, afraid of stilted conversation with people you don’t already know? You can get a couple hundred soothing pulls in before your roommate’s guests finally leave and you’re able to go to the bathroom without being interrogated or forced to make eye contact. Try these easy meditation tips to turn your crippling social anxiety into a night of spiritual enlightenment.
Stay close to the party so you can keep abreast of their goings-on, but far enough away that they can’t see you while they drink out of your good Crate and Barrel glasses. You may need to crouch in your laundry basket for an entire night, so make sure those joints and your mind are loose enough to prevent a full-blown panic attack!
You want to be at peace, not in a state of suffering over whether or not 22-year-olds know how to really get a wine glass clean.

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