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Visit: Olives Mount, Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Secret Place of Meetings, the Tomb of King David, Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity, bathing in the Dead Sea.
Katie Hopkins promised to run naked with sausage up her bum if Sadiq Khan was elected - will she go through with it? A man who gets drunk after eating potatoes has told how his loved ones were convinced he was a secret alcoholic. And when he saw Karena€™s footage, Nick, from Columbus, Ohio, said: a€?I looked into my eyes and could see I wasna€™t there.

VLADIMIR Putin was behind the bombing of a Russian passenger plane over Egypt last month in a bid to boost support for airstrikes in Syria, it has been sensationally claimed. Nick Hess has rare auto-brewery syndrome, meaning carbohydrates ferment into alcohol inside him.
It was terrifying, I couldna€™t remember it.a€? Doctors eventually discovered Nick, who is on BBC Twoa€™s Worlda€™s Weirdest Events on Thursday, has auto-brewery, plus yeast levels 400% higher than normal. But before his diagnosis, worried wife Karen filmed his slurring and stumbling, which he did not recall.

Nick, 35, said: a€?When she first accused me of being drunk, without drinking, I thought she was crazy.

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