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In my teenage years, I would read about a man doing crazy engine swaps, doing burnouts on highways, and insane high speed runs away from cops. Take a step down memory lane with our Top 10 Engine Swaps previously featured in Super Street. Why Still one of the most recognizable Z33s to date, the Signal Auto Fairlady is a breathtaking beauty, especially in drifting form. Why Ask any one of us and you can bet one of our dream cars is an original Nissan Skyline like Paul Bischoff's example. Why We've seen our share of swapped Mazda RX-7s but Karl Lindren's takes the cake, cake, cake! Why Sometimes it's absolutely necessary to put old parts in a new car like our FR-S cover car.
Why Building badass old school cars since '85, Rocky Auto hit a grand slam with this Fairlady Z. If you don't want to leave a review, simply click on the link or the screenshot on a game's review page to go to its website. Signing up is free and allows you to review games, post in the forums, and submit games for review.
Twin princesses, a kingdom in peril, and a dark force only the most resolute players can hope to overcome; Secret of the Solstice offers adventurers an interactive storyline and thousands of ways to personalize the game. Comment: Set in the mystic and magic world of Xen , Two Sister Princess ,A powerful Sphere , A Kingdom In Peril And The World Beginning to Sunk in an emergent chaos , you must fight your way through Defeating Poweful monsters and beating thrilling Quests to become stronger and help save the kingdom from the ultimate Evil, That is Secret of Solstice!
Secret of Sosltice Is An Anime Based MMORPG with Beatiful Graphics set in the mystic Land of Xen , you start as an Xenian(Basic and main classe of the game) and you have the option to chosse between one of the 4 classes that the game features.Fighter(class based on melee attacks and strong defense) , Archer (classe based on long range Attacks and high attack rate), Neophyte (class based on the speed and High Accuracy) Healer (based on supporting and giving assistance to other members in a party).
The Game itself has a good amount of Maps and dungeons along with Excitting Thrilling quests for you to beat, A very helpful, Big and nice community.
The game may present a few bugs and some server erros but its constantly being updated through new patches and new content. Secret Of Solstice Has a Bunch of good content in it that will keep you busy for a very long time also seeking for more and more.
Comment: Secret of the Solstice is very different and unique from other English games out there.
Comment: i really like this game i play Wow and this all the time and i like them both jsut about the same lol.
Comment: In the week that I have played during SOS is a good free mmo with a helpful community. Comment: Good community with friendly ppl, its enjoyable though there are somethings that need to be fixed, in-game glitches, quests. SoS is incredibly different from most other games, and though at times, leveling can get a little tedious, there's enough social events, hosted by patient and helpful GMs, and new gear and skills every few levels. SoS, however, is by far the most interesting game I've run into, and one that I keep coming back to, over and over. Comment: Secret of the Solstice is a Malicious Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that contains young heroes, training for the evil Dark Lord, the troublesome Alastor, and bosses found in dungeons. This MMORPG offers partying, quests, enhancing items (such as armors and weapons), Player versus Player arena, guilds, events, and many more. Comment: i think it is a very well thought out game and when i finish playing through fiesta im sure i will be playing this game a lot. Comment: This game may not seem much of a mmo when you just look at screenshots or videos of this game.
Compared to games of the same Genre, Graphics are in average standards, which kind of made this game less attractive compare to other games such as Ragnorok. The monsters here is pretty original, but not exactly something that attracts players at first glance. There isn't really a main story in this game, which made the quest in this game kind of boring. The game moderators are very committed to bring players enjoyable events each week, even if most players doesn't treat the game moderators with respect that they deserve.
Comment: well this game is a good way to enjoy ur lazy time at home u can do a lot of stuff like meet peoples,get fun in partys,u can enjoing killing mob or ur friend in pvp, that is awesome couse if u have some problem with someone u can fight in pvp, or if u want grind u can do it all the time, this game have 2 server adeline and marian, marian is the newest server. In part 3 of the 5-part "Top Secret Chest Arsenal," the focus is on the middle pecs with the MACHINE INCLINE FLYE.

Kazuhiko Nagata - widely known as "Smokey" - is the man behind Top Secret and a legend in the underground racing world.
When you meet Smokey, he's a calm and gentle dude, a huge contrast to his infamy and the monster cars he builds. You will find everything from the GReddy 2JZ Scion FR-S built for Ken Gushi to a Top Secret Toyota Supra rocking a 3S-GTE.
This del Sol might not have had much time on the track or on the street, but its engine swap conversion is one of the sickest we've ever seen.
This Top Secret Supra wasn't just the boss for its gold paint and widebody kit, but under the hood was a 720hp four-cylinder.
While this Honda isn't the fastest or craziest Honda we've seen, the beauty of this car is all in the details.
His is a '71 Skyline, a GT-X model, but we can forgive him since it rocks a RB25DE from an R33. Before a 2JZ was even in the picture, GReddy dropped a Subaru EJ25 into this bare chassis that became Gushi's weapon of choice for the last two years. Good because this is where gamers can give their opinions about different types of games such as Online RPGs, MMORPGs, Online Shooters, and Free Games.
The forums allow you to ask questions, share tips, and discuss games after you have reviewed them. Parties are large, fun, and can even add a bonus to your exp gain, though there are few quests as you get into higher levels (although, admittedly, some of these higher-leveled quests have a very high exp reward). Players start as a newly born Xenian, from where you start at a beginner traning place called Brynhild.
The game holds one of the greatest gaming communities to be found, and is what it is well known for. It has the best community, very easy to make friends, find parties, hang out with random people and just have a good time. What I meant by that is, Graphics aren't too good, some skills seems useless, monsters does not exactly look like monsters you normally see in most mmo. For example, if you look at the screenshot shown here, the monsters on four legs look like a mixed breed of a really ugly monkey and some kind of deer.
When I first heard the name Secret of Solstice, it does give a sort of mystery towards this game.
Especially when a play received a Xen Stone, or when a person got a advance pet or a mountable pet. There are also player hosted events such as birthday parties or hide and seek games, which give this game some excitement. You really need to play this game in an enjoyable(not emo) state to fully experiences how amazing this game actually is. Some of his memorable builds include a VQ30 Nissan 350Z, VK45 Skyline CV35 (aka Infiniti G35), and probably his most famous build, the V12 Toyota Supra.
We didn't want to take a lot of his time, so we respectfully excused ourselves, but before we left he handed me a Top Secret keychain. Yup, they left the 2JZ out of the equation for a lightweight engine swap which meant a more balanced car for top speed runs.
Under the hood isn't what you'd expect—a radical SR20 engine swap using a Toda Racing 2.2-liter, plus it's boosted via an HKS turbo for plenty of tire-shredding power. Originally an IS 250, Kazama modified the engine compartment, floorboard, suspension and driveline to make a 2JZ-GTE run like butter. The car's loaded with carbon goodies like the crazy flares that allow the Z to run 295s out back. We must have played two different games because I don't see anything special about the graphics. Grinding does get tedious, but the party system, especially at higher levels, helps add lots of fun to the game. Almost everyone in the game is friendly and willing to give a hand to those that ask for it. But once you get to actually experience the gameplay of this game, You will be thrilled at how a game that has average graphics and monsters that look like an ugly mixed breed of real life animals can become so addicted.
But I lost interest in the background story after a couple of random quest such as grabbing fruits for Veggie lady.

Yes, it is true that a fighter class with strong def can level up by themself, but if they rely on a healer to heal and increase additional stats, the healer would made the fighter's life a lot easier. Overall, I rate this game a 9, mostly because this game builts alot of friends with its friendly environment. Besides that, community, gameplay, and skills are excellent, really good quests, and very easy to level and make mooney.
Here’s a little trick you can use to transform them into a move that blasts the upper pecs. Just a cool little token from a giant of a man, but one I'm never letting go - thank you, Smokey!
Today, V8 engine swaps are becoming more popular on the drift end for its consistent torque, availability and affordability but long-time champs like the 2JZ will forever be a favorite. They dropped in a Type R B18C powerplant that was rebuilt and turbocharged using a modified HKS GT3240 for quicker spool all equating to 550hp.
We're talking about chrome-dipped crossmember and brackets, custom hard lines for the radiator, tucked radiator, custom cooling pipes, brake booster delete, Rywire's engine harness and much more.
The RB25 received the individual throttle bodies out of the RB26DETT and is mated to an RB20 tranny. The motor's built like a tank with new rods, pistons, wrist pins and polished crank, plus given a ported and polished head, Garrett GT4202 turbo, custom manifold and dry-sump system. They even ditched the IS electronic steering for a UCF30 rack out of the LS430—not an easy task at all!
Under the hood isn't one of the engine swaps you'd suspect either—an RB26 with an HKS turbo kit.
The GM"s of Secret of the Solstice try to make the game as fun as possible for everyone, the events they host are pretty fun, and when they"re in game it"s nice to be able to sit around the GM and everyone have a chat with them. Unlike most MMO, whereas the attraction rely in becoming the strongest player, this game attraction rely in many different areas such as receiving an expensive item, parties, and Game monderators or players hosted events. Let us know which engine swap below best grabbed your attention in the comment's section below.
The execution of the engine swap and bay is so clean you won't find a cleaner EF around to this day! The car is pretty much perfect with the factory paint and flares, Nismo front and rear spoilers, Watanabe wheels and lowered suspension.
When all was said and done, the custom widebody Lexus sedan makes upwards of 600hp and is one of the baddest second-gen ISs to date! With the car's light weight and 581hp at the rear wheels, this Z has no problem handing out beat downs. With minimal quests and other things to do besides grinding, players expect that some glitches will be fixed by outspark. There is a variety of monsters and maps making the game unique and interesting, especially the monsters names. With the power, aerodynamics and everything else, the Supra doesn't break a sweat reaching 200+mph! There"s lots of quests to do when starting out which help in the levelling process, sometimes giving you a nice boost in experience points. And people don't have to worried about party members letting them died just to grab free items.
There are other things to do besides partying, like PvP, being in a Guild, and plenty of Sparkcash costumes to wear which keeps everyone busy. Couple things that aren"t so good about Solstice, is that once you get to higher levels, levelling can get very hard, especially if you aren"t using a boost from the Sparkcash shop.
However, when you do decide to spend some bucks to get Spark Cash, you can get some pretty cool costumes. Also, quests stop after level 80, making it quite boring to just have to grind instead of having an alternative method to levelling, and Solstice doesn"t have a very big storyline, making the game not as interesting as it could be.

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