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Didn't use the brine, substituted Savory for Ground Mustard, added Worchester to the Dredge, it was awesome. Just tried this recipe today and I have to say I found it even better than the original recipe!
KFC uses a heated water brine before pressure cooking the chicken with one egg bath and one flour mixture. 2nd attempt at this recipe, turned out really good not quite the kfc taste but not far off.
This first what I like to call ``dusting`` of the chicken gives the egg something to hold onto. I just watched ur show on history channel and tried this recipe and it turned out really good.
I prepared this recipe last night ( Fri) and one of my daughter stated right off the bat that it tasted just like KFC. Home & Design Magazine features exclusive home design content including interior design, outdoor design, landscape design, luxury lifestyle and more.
After he perfected his original he made a crispy recipe that was marinated first then fried the conventional way.

We all know that Colonel Sanders makes a mean fried chicken, but now you can enjoy the crispy delights whenever you please! When all of the chicken has been breaded, spray each piece with the oil spray until the breading is completely moistened. For best results you can add the same seasonings for your breading bowl into the flour bowl minus the bread crumbs so that your chicken is season all the way through. Found it quite salty, so will reduce the salt in the brine and not add salt to to breading next time.
I don remember the KFC chickens taste but this recipe is good and i'll always do it myself whenever i wanna have KFC Chicken. This recipe is also ridiculously easy to make, without breaking the bank or using fancy equipment.
When the oven is hot, dip each piece of chicken in the egg and milk mixture and then press into the breading. Found breading stuck better after coating chicken pieces in plain flour before dredging in egg mixture. Dip chicken in egg mixture, then roll in flour mixture, before lowering them in hot oil, until golden brown.

Kfc chicken, fried chicken, kfc style fried chicken, how to make fried chicken at home, how to make kfc chicken, how to make kfc style fried chicken at home hi jay, oooo bookmarked with thanks love the kfc style. Shake off the excess breading and arrange on a baking sheet that has been thoroughly sprayed with vegetable oil non-stick spray. When you have perfected our other kentucky style fried chicken recipe, then you might like to try our extra crispy fried chicken recipe combine all the marinade ingredients to make the marinade. Kentucky fried chicken (kfc) is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken and is headquartered in louisville, kentucky, in the united states.
The official internet headquarters of kentucky fried chicken and its founder, colonel sanders find a colonel near you. Recipe kfc krispy fried chicken by theroadtolovingmythermomix, learn to make this recipe easily in your kitchen machine and discover other thermomix recipes in main dishes meat.

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