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Tolstoy may have exaggerated a little, but we understand his point: change starts from within. The self-improvement industry thrives on those who do think of changing themselves, and that industry is now embracing smartphone apps. Lift (free): With Lift, you create habits like “floss” or “hug my wife” and check them off each day you perform them.
Everest (free): A goal-setting app that lets you break down goals into steps and reminds you to complete them. Sociidot (free): A goal-setting app that lets you visualize goals and create “dots” for the steps you need to take to get there. Unstuck (free): An app that helps you resolve problems, get motivated, or deal with other “stuck” moments. Happier (free): An app where you share positive moments in your day with a simple note or photo. Stress Check (free): An app that measures your heart rate variation using the camera and light features on your smartphone. Headspace (free): An app with daily guided meditations to help you relax, increase creativity, reduce distraction, and more.
Lumosity (free): Online brain training exercises that can improve your memory, attention, flexibility, problem solving, and speed. This book is written by Allan Wallace is one of those books which will give you spiritual wisdom and the ability to think wisely. Author Daniel Kahneman has penned down all his life experiences and his accounts in this beautiful book. He is an engineering student at Christ University, Bangalore and aspires to become a sagacious writer.
There are now thousands of self-improvement books out there, many of them just repeating the same ideas. As much as I hate to admit it, The 1983 Movie “Scarface” made a huge impression on me.  In it, Tony Montana (Al Pacino) states the steps for success in America. The utilitarian in me gravitates to Walden to help heighten my awareness of things I have to be grateful for.  Disconnect from a world of so many distractions and embrace the now! If you think outside the box and seek comfort through explanation, read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.
We wear many hats and play many roles in our life’s journey.  I try to read Siddhartha once a year to gauge if the life I’m living is inline with the person I want to be. I highly recommend reading The Alchemist to anyone not happy with their profession.  Arm yourself with the knowledge and confidence to chase your dream without a safety net.
See yourself as a kid playing with another boy and girl.  The three of you grow up as friends and despite your friends shortcomings, 15 years later they fall in love and get married. Below are some of the best self-improvement apps, which can help you achieve your goals, solve your problems, relax and get happier, and sharpen your mind. It then tracks how many consecutive days you’ve performed a habit and how many days overall.
Beeminder gives you a financial incentive to meet those goals: if you fall off the wagon, you have to pay real money starting at $5, $10, and $30. According to research, doing this three times daily can give your overall happiness a boost. Newman is a Tech Cocktail writer interested in the harsh reality of entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and psychology.
No matter what mental state you are in or where you are, if there is something that can give you a perfect company in every situation is nothing but books.

The book is full of inspirational stories and anecdotes from different perspective of life. The book tells you that different people in the world have different perspective and hence the importance of putting forth your viewpoints is highly essential. No, do not be ashamed in admitting this as it is one of the most common habits of the people of the present generation. Wallace has focused on the “Shamatha” which is a Buddhist meditation state of mental peace. But the claims and powers of this book is not limited to the business and entrepreneurial class.
How some of the life experiences taught him to think wisely and effectively, is discussed in this book.
Especially if you have such good books which could help you motivate yourself and lead to self-improvement. One way it works is by diagnosing your actions: are you being a tunnel visionary, waffler, or lone leader? She is the founder of The Year of Happy and has been traveling around the world interviewing entrepreneurs in Asia, Europe, and North America since 2011. Life is a journey which is meant for you to understand the tricks and trades of life as it comes your way. The book contains all the motivational quotes, probably the best ones that you could ever read!
A juggernaut among all books, this book is the most sought after book for self-improvement. This book stands out as taking the opposite point of view: you can change your thinking (your self-beliefs, emotions etc.) by first changing your life (your behaviour)!
For example, many companies make most of their profits from a minority of their customers, only a minority of your clothes get worn a lot, only a minority of music tracks and movies get bought or seen by the majority of the audience. Most of the advise centres around the golden rule of treating others as you would wish to be treated yourself.
Our subconscious minds seem to a€?speaka€™ in the language of visual images more than words. The book is not about increasing intelligence per se, more about teaching you a range of a€?tricksa€™ or skills which will make people assume you are highly intelligent! We all have a feeling that life often becomes too a€?robotica€™ and feels futile, whilst moments of intense happiness or aliveness show us that it doesna€™t have to be this way, but they are too rare. The author observed that some people find it very difficult to learn to draw, whilst others can pick it up rather quickly. Then when you get the power, then you get the women”  48 Laws of Power will prepare you for the challenge ahead.
Right from Goethe to Caesar, from Tsun Zu to the anonymous quotes; this book has everything in it! This book is a great inspiration for all the young people as it clearly shows the powers and the ability of the human brain to do great things.
Dale Carnegie penned down this book about 78 years ago in 1936 and this book is still shaping the modern entrepreneurial world. The author actually wrote this book as a kind of spiritual guide for his children and it is just beautiful throughout. Wiseman presents evidence from a whole range of studies that show by first acting a€?as ifa€™ you are happy, confident etc. There seems to be a peculiar type of a€?cosmological gravitya€™ at work in nature that makes similar activities a€?clump togethera€™ in space and time.

Seeing things from the other persona€™s perspective, and treating their ideas with respect helps you become more influential with people and better able to communicate your ideas to them. When we close our eyes and relax, we often start to see brief glimpses of visual imagery, these are produced by your subconscious mind. These include: how to memorise a pack of cards, how to name the day of the week for any given date, how to win at Blackjack, get into Mensa and calculate square roots. She also observed that students could often draw something better when it was positioned upside down rather than the correct way up! Read this book by Brian Tracy and you will find a million effective ways to manage your time in a fruitful manner and get the best of both worlds in everything that you do.
He is the founder of behavioral economics – the way our psychology affects our decisions – and explains in simple prose how our thinking is divided in two systems: one fast and one slow. The corollary of this for self-improvement is that its highly likely that there are a small number of techniques or changes you could adopt which would have a disproportionately large positive effect on your life. I listened to a really great interview with one of the authors (Mark McKergow) which summaries the content of the book, and I had a much easier time in following his spoken description than I did in getting engaged by the text of the book. This was because their perceptions of what the thing was werena€™t getting in the way of their drawing. This book teaches you the real meaning of wisdom and it is its clarity of explanation which makes it one of the efficient books which most people love to read including the entrepreneurs! Tracy has beautifully described how to effectively deal with procrastination before this particular evil paralyses us.
One of the ultimate eye opener books that have ever been penned down, Attention Revolution is truly a masterpiece to read! The basic idea is called a€?solutions focused brief therapya€™, and is based on the idea of ignoring problems and only focusing on solutions. The more we focus on something, the more we can strengthen our own conscious energy, and the richer our perceptions become.
It is one of those books which would help you set your priorities right and also teaches you the efficient ways of segregating the important and unimportant tasks accordingly.
Warren Buffet read this book when he was 20 years of age and we all know what he has achieved in life! This starts a positive feedback cycle: the richer are our sensory perceptions of the world, the more engaged and energised we become.
Edwards draws on research from the world of neuroscience to distinguish between two ways our brains have of perceiving the world: one based on linear structures in time, and one based on patterned structures in space.
This book helps you to marginalize your tasks in the optimum way so that you have time for everything and your work never collides with your leisure.
It is the latter that we need to flip into when drawing, and as soon as a person can make that perceptual flip, learning to draw becomes comparably easy. Firstly, you need to learn to generate imagery that ita€™s bold, clear and long-lasting enough to see. This is a bit like dream-interpretation: the images arena€™t always literal (although they can be) and are more often allegorical or symbolic.

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