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When I got my hands on the new OPI Matte nail polishes, I immediately started swatching them on my fingers.
Every bottle of OPI Matte comes with a little tag that explains the nature of the formula, rules regarding application and suggestions on how to wear it (i.e.
My theory… hand lotion will affect the finish, making it more satin looking and a base coat affects the application (streaking, unevenness, etc). By the following day I already had two chips on my index and ring fingers, by day five, well you can see the disaster they were. Even though original Alpine Snow is used as a french tip shade, next to the matte version it looks almost off white. Gargantuan Green Grape Matte is also very chalky and as much as I love a green, I’m not in love with this. As much as I’m not a pink girl La Paz-itively Hot Matte is my favorite polish in the collection. Lincoln Park After Dark Matte is the same almost black plum that the world has come to know and love. Now after seeing La Paz Matte I had high hopes for Russian Navy Matte, expecting that same slightly satin, shimmer-filled finish. The OPI Matte collection officially goes on sale in July and can be found online at our fave e-tailers and in professional salons like Regis, ULTA, Trade Secret, JCPenney. I know you’ve weighed in on the matte look but what do you think about OPI’s version? Quite honestly, I think holographic textures are the best thing to hit the nail polish industry. I only have about 10 Studio M colors in the store currently, but I will be taking special pre-orders once it opens.

This spring and summer, color meets fashion as OPIa€™s brightest new shades for nails a€?pair upa€? with Paige Premium Denim. This year OPI added a twist by teaming up with Paige Premium Demin to create a line of six shades to match the bright hues of Paige creator Paige Adams-Geller‘s summer palette.
Suzi was joined by Paige Adams-Geller, actress Jessica Lowndes, 90210‘s Adriana, and socialite Nicky Hilton at the Ron Herman boutique where nail techs gave complimentary manicures to shoppers.
Created to compliment the denim, shoppers that bought a pair of jeans that day went home with a bottle of the matching lacquer. No Room for the Blues is a mid-tone sky blue that is just a tad darker than Just Groovy (summer 2007) and Misa Right Here Now, No More Later. Over the Taupe is described as a mushroom and I see that but it reminds me of watered down hot chocolate. I know the site says 7-10 days to the US but is that business days or does it include weekends? I want to order but am afraid of it being seized by customs and being stuck there for months or something. From Caribbean beaches to African safaris to the North Fork coastline, the essie Resort palettes always promise us a colorful adventure.
I have mass swatches to show you guys this week and next - Claire's holo neons, Essie Summer, China Glaze, Massini neons, Orly Tiki, Color Club neon, SH Tracy Reese Spring, Zoya!
Read on to check out the polishes and pics from the launch party hosted by the Ron Herman boutique in West Hollywood. I can’t help thinking that when I hear about an event like the Bright Pair launch that occurred a couple weeks ago. However, if you missed out on Osaka its first time round, don’t make that mistake again.

Okay, probably my favorite one (: I think its because of the fact that you take good pictures and we have the same nail length and shape. I still get excited about seeing new colors and products, but it takes a lot to make me truly giddy, and Deborah Lippmann has done it. OPI is carried at professional salons including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Dillarda€™s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and Ulta. Inspired by the opulent silks, saturated hues and golden desert sands, these four colors are taking us on one vibrant ride. The Spring 2016 Afternoon Delight collection brings exciting new changes to the Deborah Lippmann line. I have everything built, I'm just working on the Terms and Conditions right now, so it should be very, very soon. It probably would have stayed on longer if I had been able to seal off the edges, but my nails were so short it was a bit difficult. Between this, Lippmann Call Me Irresponsible, FP Lavender Highlight and RBL Purple Haze I am SET!
The next time I used RCM gel polish in Simply Stunning (a pale slightly shimmery nude color). This time I had gotten enough practice to really make my coats thin and it worked out fabulous.

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