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In December of 2013, Heather Serody decided she didn’t like where her life was going, and she committed to making a change.
Six months in, and happy with her physical progress, she realized, “…the unhappiness that sometimes remains is no longer with how I look and physically feel, but instead stems from how I choose to think about my world. Her inspiration to try the TM technique came from a quote from Jerry Seinfeld – “You know how three times a year you wake up and you go, ‘Boy, that was a really good sleep?’ Imagine feeling like that every day.
After learning at her local TM center, she wrote, “I was able to easily practice the technique.
A little over a month later, Heather has more to say on the TM technique, which she has been practicing regularly. The Transcendental Meditation technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment.
Transcendental Meditation is a simple, natural technique practiced 20 minutes twice each day. What are the latest news stories published in the world media, involving Transcendental Meditation (TM)? The days when meditation was seen as an ascetic withdrawal from the ‘marketplace of life’ are long gone. Though Candy Waters is nonverbal, her paintings speak out for people with autism, making us notice their talent and potential. New findings by a team of Croatian psychologists suggest TM practice could be helpful in treating different kinds of anxiety disorders. There is still time* to complete your online application for the International Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course in Bali. Here is a selection of, arguably, the ten most useful videos on the Transcendental Meditation technique. We all long for lasting friendships, happy marriages and nourishing parent-child relations.
Why would Oprah Winfrey pay out of her own pocket for her employees to learn Transcendental Meditation (TM)?
David Lynch Foundation has released a new video which captures the story of Melvin Brown, US Army veteran. Aryal is Certified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation and President of  TM Teacher’s Association.
This fear reflects the arguably most persistent misunderstanding about meditation in the West – the idea that meditation leads to a complete withdrawal from society.
It is of course true that Transcendental Meditation – a simple, effortless mediation technique practiced twice a day for 20 minutes – brings the practitioner into a more harmonious, relaxed and stable state of well-being. However, this very real and thoroughly researched outcome does not come at the price of emotional and social coldness.
In the way of a little empirical study, here are life stories of two women – of Alice Leahy, 70, from Ireland, and Aziza Hussein, 91, from Egypt.
Dozens file into the centre where they can get breakfast, a shower, a change of clothes and help with practical issues such as welfare applications or medication. This setting in a suburb of Dublin opens a recent report on the life of Alice Leahy, a woman who is a co-founder of a voluntary organization, Trust, providing food and assistance to those in need.
She says that one of the main reasons which has allowed her to keep on going – Alice Leahy, though already 70, is ‘not even thinking’ of retirement – is her daily routine of 40 minute walks and sessions of Transcendental Meditation.
A feature story published on the occasion in Dina Ezzat AhramOnline says: “Aziza Hussein might be now losing a little bit of her energy, but not much else is lost on this elegant lady who has dedicated her life to championing the cause of civil society.
Born to a wealthy family, Aziza has championed civil liberties and non-sectarianism for all her long life.
Relying on her ’dedicated practice’ of Transcendental Meditation definitely helps Aziza to keep her bearings in the complex political situtation. Meditation is the key to mental peace, particularly, for those leading busy stressful lives. Meditation helps in controlling various factors leading to heart diseases such as stress, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. Researches have established that when middle-aged men and women practice some particular meditation techniques, there is increased secretion of DHEA hormones, which help maintain youthfulness.

The main issues generally noticed among the elderly such as insomnia, depression, amnesia, anxiety, dissatisfaction and feeling of loneliness, can be alleviated through practice of regular meditation. Begin meditation by sitting down on the floor keeping your back straight, or use a chair, but, take care to keep your spine and head erect, for better concentration, as body and mind are connected to each other.
Focus on something soft such as your own breathe, or a soft candle flame, or your favourite idol. TM is to be practised fifteen to twenty minutes twice daily while sitting comfortably in a chair. According to the TM organisation the mantras comprise meaningless sounds specifically chosen to have a soothing effect upon the individual’s nervous system.
The TM movement has referenced many medical and sociological studies (see the Pro-TM link for specific results and references) to strengthen the scientific acceptability of its claims, although critics have questioned the independence and methodological fitness of many of the studies. The more recent interpretations of TM’s significance mostly examine its health claims, such as reduced blood pressure and better concentration.
Critics of TM assert that transcendental meditation consists simply of standard meditation as practised by many religions, and that absolutely no basis exists for anyone to claim that they invented it or spread it. An organization called ex-TM exists for people who formerly practised transcendental meditation. She writes, “…I feel like my mind is now my ally instead of a frenemy that I don’t always trust,” and “After afternoon meditation I have more energy and am less apt to veer from my daily goals of eating healthy and getting in my hour a day of activity.
Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical condition. That meditation is a technique which helps to find personal well-being and wisdom – yet does so by isolating one from the worries of the everyday world. As the level of stress goes down, positive body-mind effects flow naturally from the practice. The exact opposite is true: experience shows that more bliss and confidence lead to more engaged, compassionate and empathic position towards other beings. A practitioner of mediation has not only more and physical strength to take on social responsibilities – he or she has, as the natural state of consciousness stabilizes and strengthens, also more innate reason to do so. These two outstanding ladies have been practicing Transcendental Meditation for decades while being involved in more than the average share of social activism in their respective communities.
She graduated from the American University in Cairo in the late 1940s and has since engaged in civil work with a special attention dedicated to matters related to women’s rights, especially the much-challenged reproductive rights and rights of children. The example shown here by Aziza Hussein is especially valuable in the midst of all the upheavals and conflicts which are so relentlessly shaking the Egyptian society at the moment. As a telling proof of her continuing vitality and sharp intellect, Aziza has just released her autobiography. The present events make her sad and hopeful at the same time – fearful of escalating bloodshed, yet seeing the unique window of opportunity for establishing new democratic foundations for the Egyptian society. With age, there is decreased production of melatonin hormone, which helps in gaining a good nights sleep. Apart from improving concentration, it improves their grasping power, keeps them focussed in studies, makes them more determined, and improves communication skills. However, as we increase the time limit for meditation, we can see that slowly we begin to concentrate completely on meditation. Forcing the mind to remain focused on one object of perception is against the nature of the mind. In essence, the TM technique comprises the silent mental repetition of a simple sound known as a mantra, allowing the repetition to become quieter and quieter, until it disappears and one is left conscious, but without thoughts. The assumption is that it is possible to purify the physiology completely, and that that is the goal of human life, equal to gaining enlightenment. Examining the full list of mantras issued by sources disassociated from the TM movement over the years shows that each mantra names one of the Hindu gods.
The primary argument for TM being a religion is that it involves spirituality, and the primary argument for TM not being a religion is that it does not involve faith.
The organisation has attempted to keep the precise method for choosing a mantra a secret, but ex-TM teachers have stated that mantra choice simply depends on the age of person at the time of initiation.
More recent research has documented certain harmful effects in a minority of long-term practitioners, including troubling physical tics, emotional volatility and inability to concentrate.

Proponents also assume that in daily existence, humans of flesh and blood do not stand as close to this higher consciousness as they could do. In these areas its supporters can view TM as simply the most effective form of waking relaxation. Many cult researchers consider TM a cult, according to them one of the largest of the present day.
This organization has the general agenda of denouncing transcendental meditation as a dangerous cult. She entered 2014 with a new perspective, and a goal to begin and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. That the meditator transcends in the sense of achieving individual bliss and cultivating a certain numbness to the pain of others. But if you make time, it can make one person feel better and feel like a human being.” Alice says.
There are some special meditation techniques that particularly help in improving melatonin secretion in the body. The type of meditational practice to be adopted by students who are introverts or extroverts are different. Meditation is an effective treatment for all mental illness, including depression and anxiety, and brings in positive flow of energy into the body. However, having said this, ultimately you can adopt what makes you feel more comfortable, as some people find closing eyes more effective during meditation.
Today, there are TM-centers and facilities all around the world, and over five million people have learned the technique. According to Selye, the physical changes during TM are the opposite of the body’s reaction to stress. They assert that if a student repeats the initiation at a later age at a different TM centre without mentioning the former initiation, the student will receive a different mantra. The more basic claims of lowering blood pressure, decreasing cholesterol and strengthening the immune system do seem to be more robustly confirmed. Some of the contemporary proponents of meditation claim that it can lead to reductions in stress, hostility, illusions and attachments, and can help in treating mental illness. To improve memory and retention, the ?Gayathri mantra and the Om mantra? is quite popular in India. The technique involves allowing the mind to be aware of thoughts, but remaining uninvolved on the level of meaning.
Since 1990, Maharishi co-ordinates his global activities from the town of Vlodrop in the municipality of Roerdalen in Holland. However, the TM organization maintains that TM does not constitute a religion and that its practice remains compatible with all faiths.
Hans Selye has examined the changes measured in TM-practitioners, and found that the therapeutic effect was clearest in conditions caused by wrong ways of adapting and reacting to stress. On the other hand, evidence exists that meditation can lead to more mental problems in psychiatric patients. He focussed on western science both to show theoretical parallels with his thinking and practical verification of the results of TM. This means bodily activity, and therefore also mental activity in the form of thoughts: the outward stroke of meditation. This leans on a belief that it is desirable to act well, and undesirable to act badly, in line with arguments proposed by Plato’s Socrates in Meno and in The Republic. Then I found this video where Jerry further elucidates the benefits of TM, and the whole thing really blew my mind. The main emphasis was on relaxation, relief from stress, and improved personal effectiveness. Through the Transcendental Meditation and Consciousness Based Education System, we need to strengthen the pillars of Ideal Society as well as our developed and prosperous country.” Any one can contact him for the free introductory classes in New Baneshwor area.

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