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Hundreds of studies carried out in over 250 independent universities and medical schools in 33 countries during the past 40 years have validated the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation program in all areas of life. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call us on 0488762577 or submit the form below.
If you have any questions or would like to book into an Introductory Talk, please feel free to call us on 0488762577 or submit the form below. If you have any questions or would like to book into a free TM intro Talk feel free to give us a call or submit the form below. Pat Mickan is a dual Olympic Basketballer, former Chair SA Premiers Council for Women, and an ABC sports commentator.
After many of her co-workers reported positive results from practicing Transcendental Meditation, Abramson decided to begin practicing as a means of coping with her hectic work environment, according to
Slomowitz, who recently wrote “Work Zone Madness: Surviving and Rising Above Workplace Dysfunction,” has been practicing TM since she was a teenager, according to Transcendental Meditation blog. We are executive development advisers who give cutting-edge support to achieve breakthrough results within 3-6 months, as a result our clients experience more profound inner and outer success and fulfillment in a stress-free way. Our advisers work with business leaders from 3-6 months providing them knowledge for complete self-development, which creates transformational performance evolving towards invincible performance. Through supporting our clients in fulfilling this two-fold purpose they more and more become an ideal leader in all aspects of their life and, in terms of business, profit and success become a natural by-product of their inner fulfillment of knowing who they are, what they’re good at and what their higher purpose is.

Consciousness is at the basis of everything, therefore it is our most precious untapped resource. Our approach stands in stark contrast to the methods employed by other helping professionals as we provide an integrative executive support program.
Oz presents the benefits of “quiet time” TM Program in business , with Dr Norman Rosenthal. After experiencing positive effects in her own life, she decided to introduce the practice to her employees.“TM produced tangible, practical benefits in both their professional and personal lives,” says Slomowitz. We improve the top line of inner happiness as the basis for improving the bottom-line of greater profits. To give business leaders more consciousness, more expanded awareness, to spontaneously have more of the right thoughts at the right time to make the best decisions, thereby minimizing negativity and maximizing positivity. By integrating the wholeness of consciousness at the basis of our thinking, we think, speak and behave properly.
This means we work from the deepest aspects of human awareness to most practical aspects of worldly life. By allowing the mind the freedom to be still, the body gains very deep rest, and releases accumulated stress. This gives greater self-sufficiency and creativity to achieve higher performance along with greater inner happiness in their personal and professional life.

Our executive development program offers leaders greater clarity and peace-of-mind, allowing them to make more spontaneous holistically correct decisions.
When we practice Transcendental Meditation we contact the most expansive level of our own self, deep below the surface, and just like an iceberg we find our own greater Self submerged in that ocean of silence. Any wrong behavior comes from lack of consciousness which negatively affects cash flow leading to a business becoming non-existent. Better decision-making automatically leads to greater fortune both in the short and long term as well as having life supporting affects on the immediate and far-distant environment.
Free introduction talks & MeetupsLearn more about what meditation is and speak to teachers first hand FREE TALKSWho are The Meditation Trust?Accessible and affordable The Meditation Trust was established as a Registered Charity in 2000. Selfish and greedy behavior leads to a business becoming non-existent.  This is the importance of brain development through raising consciousness rather than just intellectual development through processing information. Our unique executive support program is transformational and lasting because it is based on knowledge of consciousness. By turning our attention to consciousness we can operate more spontaneously in accord with our own unique self or laws of nature that give us the ability to create lasting good fortune for ourselves and others based on who we are, what we are good at and what our purpose is.

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